I remember back when I had reached that limit where you have enough followers to receive anon hate, people were telling me how I didn’t have to be so rude when answering anon hate, how I could be so much more responsible, and I had an anon repeatedly tell me the same thing; ”you are not an angel”.

The truth is, I am merciless, I am relentless, I am unforgiving. Always have been, always will be. It’s my least flattering trait. I’m a shy, introverted, anxious and depressed girl but I sure know how to hold grudges. At some point I realized I didn’t owe these anons being kind and sweet and gentle as I was faced with their petty, mortal insults.

So this is in light of current debates and discussions from the last couple of days, everything from objectification to homophobia to petty, ignorant plebs. I’m done with being the mature part of the conversation. If you send your ignorant bullshit opinions to me, you’ve stirred the hornets nest and I owe you nothing. If you try to defend and excuse rapist behaviour, objectification, sexualization of minors, sexual harassment and tell victims to just deal with it;

I will show you no mercy, mortals. I will devour you whole.


Wallpaper*  |  Architects Directory 2011
[Arkitekcher - Architecture Directory]

Studio Octopi   (UK)
LHVH Architekten   (Germany)
FourFourSixSix   (UK)
Hurst Song Architekten   (Switzerland)
GH3   (Canada)
Warren Techentin Architects   (USA)
Sami Arquitectos   (Portugal)
Svendborg Architects   (Denmark)
Bourgeois/Lechasseur   (Canada)
Zon-e Arquitectos   (Spain)
Martin Gomez Arquitectos   (Argentina/Uruguay)
Architecture Republic   (Ireland)
KITE Architecture   (Japan)
TAKA   (Ireland)
Anttinen Oiva Architects   (Finland)
Olaf Gipser Architects   (The Netherlands)
Karawitz Architecture  (France)
Pasel.Künzel Architects   (The Netherlands)
VOIS Architects   (Greece)
Moorhead & Moorhead   (USA)