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You're cute as hell 🐙🐙 This octopus will make you happy

omg yes, yes it did 🐙

in fact.. its gonna octopi my thoughts… (ok pls ignore my bad attempts at a joke)

taintedkings​‘ and my Splatoon ocs~ Colin is her Octoling persona and Amir is my Inkling persona. u v u

It’s a shame there’s no male Octolings (that we know of) but Colin’s hair is so fucking cute. <3

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Tako books are now available online! 

Tako (meaning “Octopus” in Japanese) is a book of comic strips about the life and times of our friendly neighborhood cephalopod. These are from a limited edition of 70 books. Each one is 24 pages, with color covers, and a Japanese binding done by hand. 

Etsy Listinghttps://www.etsy.com/listing/242131736

You can also read all the Tako strips online here: http://www.debbiefong.com/portfolio/tako