Check the game me & my team made.

Based on the core concept of the ever popular Snake, Octopede brings the 1970s arcade classic to the 21st century. Manic gameplay, polished graphics and high quality SFX makes Octopede stand out amongst the other iterations of this hugely popular video game.

In Octopede, you play as a lone computer program in the desperate search for more megabytes. With more ‘data’ eaten, the computer that you are in becomes more aware of your presence, sending out enemies and obstacles to try and eradicate you. Survival is based on skill and makes the game more competitive and exciting.
Using a large array of weaponry ‘the worm’ can blast through enemies and firewalls, prolonging survival and raising your overall score. The worm’s ability to move in 8 directions gives a new edge to the traditional 4 way moving patterns usually found on other snake games.