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Heeeeey, are you smilling? If not, then you should :) you have a great smile! Well regardless of that, I just wanted to say that you're reeeaaaally adorable x) ^.< heheh

such a sweet anon!! who are you?! haha well regardless, thank you :D <3

Tanks for telling me today cindeeee! lolol I am SO having your babies xD hahaha <3 <3 <3


Snowy snowy snowy Maine. #hyperlapse #octoninja #vacationtime

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I am really sorry for leaving without you on friday</3 I was on my rag and you know how I get when I am on my rag -.- lolololol jk BUT there is a legit reason why I did it and what not. So I hope you can accept my apology :) if not, then screw you! Jk i'll make sure to make it up to you :) how about makeup sex? You know you want it ;) lolololol<3

G’awwww why you gray faced? lol Of course I accept your beautiful apology and that make-up sex ;) hahah you know I can never be mad at jew <3 <3 <3 what’s been goin on though daw? /x

Day 9: Pet peeves

-Old people that think they have right to do what they please jut cause they are old.
-Kids that think they are so gangstas
-Being woken up
-Seeing someone that has the same shirt as me
-Being hungry all the time
-People touching my hair (touch your fucking pubes if you have to, but not my hair)
-People that ask me if my septum or industrial hurted
-And people who wont shut the fuck about themselves, may I give an example? Mary.