Didn't Add to the Book Today

BUT I wrote 3 pages of a comic book, so that  makes up for it, to me. I’ve never actually done that before, and it was a challenge, imagining something so visual and then trying to describe it with words while not being too convoluted.

… what am I talking about? That describes like anytime I try to write.

Hey yo dawg, here’s a quick narrative octolet(EDIT well, it was gonna be an octolet… but then I got lazy and went on Facebook or something and just posted 5 lines sooo it’s a bit unfinished, also this parenthesis and colon is going to make a sadface):

I walk up to the cave in the rain

Using my crimson sword as a cain

Ready to make the beast feel sharp pain

As by my hand it is truly slain.

Then all through the realm will know my name.