Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all the fish and support and for making my time here a great one. Much love from this end, and hope you’ll keep following my artistic journey throughout the new year and the years to come!

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(trying to reach 800 followers on FB before 12 am as my first New Year resolution!) didn’t quite make it but I was close XD


In just a few more days, I’m going to be leaving for 10 awesome days of my most favorite summer music festival – WARPED TOUR! So, I guess it’s about time I get to packing.

This week, I’m going to let you all take a look at a couple of my favorite (and super cheap) outfits that I’ll be wearing while I’m out! 

And, BONUS: a special CONTEST for all of you stylish people attending Vans Warped Tour from July 20th-30th – and a little something for those of you who are not. 

Details under the cut. ;)

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My shirt came in! I was a bit hesitant to post this since I really don’t show my stomach to anyone.. but this counts as a WIP so I have time to get my abs before I wear this cosplay in August! ^_^ motivated octoling!!
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Sup pups, my name is Marie Tracy and I’m about to make this segment your closet’s new BFF.

Style Fresh is going to be here for you in your time of need – from “how do I make my 3 year old band merch look like I didn’t buy it 3 years ago” to “bless me oh eyeliner goddess, this venue isn’t air conditioned” –  I promise, you will get some answers!

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