While I was living in Vancouver, my boyfriend got a boil and didn’t do anything about it since I wasn’t there to assist.

So the next time I visited, it had already gone past the point of having come to a head and had proceeded to become encased in scar tissue, sinking back into his skin.

Naturally, my voice became elevated and I made him go to the hospital, where they sliced and drained it and told him he should have come in sooner. *eye roll*

What would he do without me?

Why is it that there are signs at the Doctor’s office that say, “if you do not arrive when you are scheduled, there will be a $__ cancellation fee.”

However, if you arrive on time, you have to wait to be called in and then wait some more until the doctor is ready to see you and most of the time, they don’t even apologize or acknowledge the fact that you’ve been waiting so long.

I went to the optometrist and I waited a whole hour before my doctor finally decided he’d consult me. The entire meeting took less than 5 minutes. -__-