5 obvious ways to be happy, with side-effects
  1. Mindlessly spend your money. Feel rich for a while until you realize you have nothing left inside your wallet.
  2. Be single. No curfew, no one to tell you what to do and what not to do. Come back to stalls thrice and freely fit all the clothes you like. No one will get impatient. No one will carry your things nor drive you home though. (KIDDING! I’m capable of carrying my own things and there are cabs everywhere.)
  3. Tell jokes. 5-second fame is gratifying but sometimes, only you think it’s funny. Your friends will CERTAINLY humiliate you.
  4. Party! Dance like there’s no tomorrow and enjoy the open bar! Lose control and be afflicted by embarrassing memories, drunk/funny photos, and a grand hangover the next day.
  5. Tumblr. Discover new things, stalk worthy blogs, and fail at time management. 

Happy Sunday!