Daddy saw the watch I was wearing last Sunday. He liked how light and thin it was so he bought one himself. He’ll be heading back home tomorrow. I will miss eating out and not caring how much it would cost and of course, I’ll miss having him around. But anyway… Thank you, Daddy! :) stay healthy and cool. B-)

New Year’s resolution is getting old and I almost never accomplish them (LOL) so I’m going to do my best in everything and I’m letting things fall where they must instead.

I will be going through some changes this year and I’m thrilled! Dentistry proper and turning 18 will be great and at the same time scary.

2011 had its highs and lows but it was definitely better than 2010. I’m glad to have met a lot of new friends. I’m thankful I was given another chance to dance again and I’m grateful my grandpa had a successful bypass operation.

I have two major hopes for 2012 but I’ll tell you when I achieve them because I don’t want to jinx ‘em. Haha.

New beginning. New hopes. New dreams. Yup. 2012, I’m ready for ya!


Sister: can’t you please please please make padala the cam? like put it in a hard box filled with bubble wrap or those pellets or some shizz

Me: I dunno where to get those. I’m too busy to do that this week. Ate’s too… UGH. She can’t follow simple rules sometimes

Sister: :))) i’ll pay you if you do it o_o

Me: How much? HAHA

Sister: depende kung magkano ginastos mo

Me: :>

Sister: ohh and if you want i can make you… cookies. i like cookies. COOKIE GOOOD

Talkin' to my Dad

I called my dad today about my doubled electricity bill. I thought they were going to get angry but he said a lot of funny stuff instead >:)

Part I

Dad: You should try turning on the air con at 9PM muna. Let’s observe for another month.

Me: Oh okay, I will.

Dad: Or maybe try turning it on at 3AM and then turn it off at 6AM na lang para tipid talaga. Mag guard ka na lang sa Starbucks ng 6PM hanggang 3AM. Oh diba?? May kita ka pa! Pwede na yun.


Part II

Me: Papa, I want Oreo here. Pwede ipadala mo dito?

Dad: Okay. Ask mo muna ‘yung guard diyan kung pwede mag dala ng pet. Tapos tanungin mo kung pwede rin ang kambing. Pati manok. Para bawas gastos diba? Kung may kambing ka, di ka na magbuy ng milk. Un na lang. Utusan mo si yaya every morning na magkuha ng milk sa kambing. Tapos manok. Ilagay mo lang sa box. Oh, eh di may itlog ka na! Makakasave ka talaga niyan.


Dad: How long do you walk papuntang school nga anak?

Me: 5 minutes, or 3 minutes pa.

Dad: Ohh. So if you walk it takes you 3-5 minutes ha.. so if you crawl..? It would take you 30 minutes siguro noh?