So, I had to work during the game. Thank god we have two televisions. But just now, a customer asked me if I was a Giants fan (apparently he missed my SF hat on my head, fucking idiot. . ), and when I replied yes, he scoffed and taunted me with HA! Sucks for you! 

So I asked him if he was a Cardinals fan, he said that he didn’t really watch baseball. Like really? I’m okay with competitive people, because I’m just like them. I love my team no matter what. Pissed me the fuck off. I fucking went off on him. I said, Listen, I’d understand if you were a Cardinals fan, HELL! I’d even be okay with you being a Dodgers fan. But don’t you dare talk shit about my team when you don’t even know anything about the game. Even though they didn’t get much runs, they were still running shit around tonight. Don’t you dare undermine my team with a glimpse of a baseball game since god knows how long it’s been for you. They are fucking hard-working team that plays for the ‘other guy,’ and just downright incredible people. 

I’m not gonna lie, the loss made me want to punch him. I would have too if Sandoval didn’t hit that homerun. That man better kiss Panda’s ass for interrupting my strains of anger. blehh. TOMORROW! I’m still proud of my boys. Props to Pence and Sanoval for the beautiful HRs that keeps me going. 

And I’m just happy that Lacey’s bringing me cookies tomorrow to soothe my heartache.