welcome to my first ever botm!  (・∀・✿)    

[i know i’m super late… sorry!]


  • must be following this ass cheek
  • reblogs only please!
  • for every like this gets human!cas steps on a lego D:
  • looking at ( any -->) fandom blogs!
  • but keep in mind, SPN blogs will have a higher chance
  • must reach 30 notes (please don’t make me look like a buffoon) 
  • rebloggable until October 4th!
  • winner chosen by me (polls are no bueno) on October 5th!

what i’m looking for

  • pretty theme
  • well developed tagging system
  • wonderful posts
  • cutie patootie with a kind heart


  • a +follow from me if not already
  • a link on my updates tab and in my navigation page
  • promos for whatever ya want whenever ya want ‘em
  • help with polls and things (if needed)
  • pretty much anything i can give you can get
  • also my love and affection
  • and a freshly baked apple pie
  • mmmm love me some pie

Alright lovelies i guess that’s it! Have a happy month of horror!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧*・゜゚aaaand GO!!

Hello my darlings! welcome to my first ever BOTM!! 


  • must be following this weirdo
  • reblog to enter
  • must reach 30 notes
  • deadline: October 29th, 10pm

What I’ll be looking for:

  • a pretty, clean, and easy to navigate theme
  • a good URL
  • tagging
  • nice posts
  • you have to be like 97% supernatural
  • someone who is kind to their followers


  • +follow if not already
  • like 10 promos during the month of November
  • a link on my blog
  • a forever link on my page of fame
  • help with anything
  • fic recs? idk, i could write you something. I can’t guarantee it’ll be quality writing at all…
  • i’m good at finding things. I can find resources for you if you ask:)

bonus information

  • there will not be a poll (not a big fan of polls)
  • there will be 2-3 runners up
  • the runners up will each get 5 promos
  • and some cookies as well as a link on my page.
  • I will choose the winners and announce them on October 30, 10pm

I think that’s it  :) get to reblogging!