Hosts Jen and Sylvia Soska (the twin sister directors behind American Mary and See No Evil) welcome you to tour Hellevator’s inferno in this cool 360° video. Be sure to click around to explore!

The hallway leads to seven rooms, one for each of the seven deadly sins: greed, sloth, wrath, envy, gluttony, lust, and pride. Watch your step, because there are creatures hiding behind every door.

Executive produced by Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity, Insidious), the horror game show returns to GSN for a second season on Friday, October 7.

Voltron Ship Week Events 2016

In case anybody wants a little calendar for upcoming fandom events. (This is actually more of a reference for me, but I figured I’d share it with all of you guys as well.) I’ll also be tagging the blogs running all the respective events in case you want to go check them out :D Please let me know if I missed any!

Past Events:

Current Events

  • Shatt Week–September 25-October 1 ( @shiromattweek)

Upcoming Events

OUAT Amateur Fantasy Hockey League

Last hockey season, @evil–isnt–born​ and I created a fantasy hockey league for fun and built alternate teams for our draft to pick bad players so we could give ourselves the best ones ssh This time around, we thought it’d be fun to invite other hockey fans in the OUAT fandom into the fold! 

The TL;DR version: the draft starts at 8:30 p.m. EST on Friday, October 7. Join our league and make a team here!

Who’s this fantasy league for? How much hockey do I have to know? 

This is a casual, friendly, low-effort fantasy league. If you’re an amateur or new to the game, this is for you! If you know a bit about hockey and want to get slightly competitive without going crazy with trades or other features of the fantasy league, it’s also for you. Mainly you should know we won’t take it too seriously.

How does fantasy hockey work?

Create a Yahoo account (if you don’t have one like me last year, I made a dummy one) and sign up for our league. Participate in our draft, then play with us throughout the year by watching games and keeping track of your team! There are actual instructions on the league itself for those who are new. Like I said, we did this completely for fun last time so there’s not a ton of pressure. If needed, I can provide a reference for how to pick your players for the draft and things like that.

What do I have to do?

  • Be a participant, in some form, for the draft. We set the date wayy ahead of time and put it at a late-ish time of night so hopefully nobody misses it.
  • Be a fan of the good ol’ hockey game. (and OUAT!)

When do I need to decide?

The draft (unless otherwise posted) is next Friday, October 7 at 8:30 p.m. EST. (Yahoo made me pick the time in PDT so I put 5:30 there, but it’s 8:30 my time.) I’ll post a link when the deadline is approaching, but you’ll definitely be able to get to it any time if you join.

And just because I know you guys might like it: @dreamingundone @zengoalie @somanyfandomssolittletime 

Today’s Outgoing Mail

Today’s mail includes hundreds of postcards for my new solo show that opens two weeks from today.   Are you on the mailing list?  Details below.

Time Travel Photos

Glama Rama Salon & Gallery   

304 Valencia Street (at 14th St.), San Francisco, California

October 11 to November 27, 2016 — Opening Reception  Saturday, October 15, 2016   7:30 pm – 9:30 pm 

My latest series is called Time Travel Photos. My photos are cut, sliced and reconfigured to show both a present and a past.  Each is an image of San Francisco with interwoven photos of unspoiled, natural places in the Bay Area.  I choose locations that are close approximations to how the city looked before the arrival of Europeans.  For additional information and to preview the series see tofuart.com