Stronger (Deluxe) Tracklisting:

  1. Mr. Know It All
  2. Stronger
  3. Dark Side
  4. Honestly
  5. You Love Me
  6. Einstein
  7. Standing In Front Of You
  8. I Forgive You
  9. Hello
  10. The War Is Over
  11. Let Me Down
  12. You Can’t Win
  13. Breaking Your Own Heart
  14. Don’t You Wanna Stay (w/ Jason Aldean)
  15. Alone
  16. Don’t Be A Girl About it
  17. The Sun Will Rise


  1. Hello (Smoakstack Session)
  2. The War Is Over (Smoakstack Session)
  3. You Love Me (Smoakstack Session)
  4. The Sun Will Rise (Smoakstack Session)
  5. If I Can’t Have You (Smoakstack Session)
  6. If I Can’t Make You Love Me (Smoakstack Session)

Hey hey Sterek Fans! Happy August 1st!! Do you know what today is? Today is the day that we announce our 2016 Sterek Week Schedule!! Without further ado, here’s the theme schedule for this year’s Super Sized Sterek Week, in honor of Teen Wolf’s fifth anniversary and last season!

Monday October 24th- Scene Stealer: Take a scene, any scene, from any show/book/movie, and Sterek it! Does Stiles fall down a rabbit hole into Wonderland? Maybe he goes to the underworld to rescue his True Love TM from Hades? Does Derek pick up Captain America’s sheild to save The Winter Soldier? Or sharpen his claws on Negan’s bat? Maybe someone can fix that Penny Dreadful finale’, if you’ve ever thought “Hey this scene would have been SO much better with Sterek..” then this is the theme for you!

Tuesday October 25th- Kids: Do you love the pitter patter of little feet? Then we have some good news, this day’s theme is kids! Deaged!Sterek? Hot Single Dad AU? Magic Baby Asquisition? Babysitting? Or my personal favorite- the next generation of little Stilinski-Hale babies! However kids come into the picture, bring it on, who doesn’t love good ol’ heartwarming baby fluff?

Wensday October 26th- Myths and Legends, Fairytales and Folklore: From The Loch Ness Monster to The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, from Little Red Riding Hood to Black Shuck, history has a seemingly endless supply of myths, legends, fairytales, and folklore, it’s what Teen Wolf is based on after all, now is your chance to introduce an old story into the new world, add a new mythological branch into the Teen Wolf canon with magic folk and cryptid creatures, or rewrite a classic story ranging from the ever popular Cinderella to the lesser known legend of The Wild Hunt, let your imagination and old stories combine to create something new!

Thursday October 27th- Magic!Stiles/Were!Stiles: Wolves and foxes and witches oh my! How many times have we wished Stiles was something other than human? Heck how many times has Teen Wolf alluded to that it’s self? My answer is: Alot, now is your chance to change the game! Stiles could be anything you want- a druid, an emissary, a witch? A wolf, a fox, a raven? Your choice! As long as he ISN’T human, you can create anything you want with our favorite not-so-human sidekick!

Friday October 28th- Teen Wolf 5th Anniversary Celebration! Canon divergent from any of the 5 seasons: Teen Wolf is celebrating it’s FIFTH year anniversary this year! WOW!! And sadly, season six will also be the very last season, aww :( Alot has changed from the first season where Scott was a newbie wolf, Derek was the world’s grumpiest antihero, and Stiles had a buzzcut, and if you’ve ever wished Teen Wolf went in another direction, now is your chance to reimagine it! Hate that Allison died? Wish that Laura had lived? Bring them back from the grave! What would season five have been like if Derek had stayed- or if he had stayed human? What if season four had ended the way we thought it would with canon!Sterek and magic!Stiles? What if Stiles had run away at the end of 5A to find Derek? With season six on the horizon, now is the perfect chance to revisit past seasons and alter the storyline however you want!

Saturday October 29th- Wolf!Derek: You know what the COOLEST thing is about werewolves in this series? That there are so many different KINDS! You have your basic beta form, an Alpha form, a monster/demon wolf form, a full wolf form, and even what appears to be chimera wolves, that’s … that’s alot of werewolves… and now it’s your chance to give Derek his time to shine in any wolf form you want, show us your favorite! Full-wolf!Derek? Beta!Derek? Alpha!Derek? FERAL!Derek? *wiggles eyebrows* As long as his eyes are glowing and his fangs are showing you can use the Teen Wolf mythology however you want, just make sure Derek shifts atleast partly at atleast some point in your work, heck you don’t even have to stick with the Teen Wolf mythology if you don’t want to, maybe it’s an AU and he’s been turned into a wolf by a fairy godmother or becomes a wolf spirit or hey, maybe it’s A/B/O, who doesn’t love a good shifted A/B/O? Make his eyebrows dissappear and give us everyone’s favorite lycanthrope please!

Sunday October 30th- Lyrics and Quotes: Take any line for inspiration- The best thing about Sterek, in my opinion, is that they’re so versatile with how many quotes can apply to them, I’m going to be honest and say my favorite fan creations are consistantly fan videos and graphics with lyrics and quotes on there, because there’s just something poetic about Sterek laying on a bed of Halsey lyrics to me, but don’t let that limit you, as long as you use a song or quote for INSPIRATION you can create anything you want- however you want! From the dark sides of love like Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” and Richard Siken’s “Crush” to the light and beautifull like Tangled’s “I See The Light” and Cinderella’s “Have courage, and be kind” there’s absolutely no limit to quotes out there and you can use as many as you want to inspire the Stereky love!

Monday October 31st- Halloween: Our last day this year is my personal favorite day of every year: Halloween!! From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, let your love for Sterek rule the night! The best part of Halloween themes is that you can use the actual holiday as Halloween for your theme- picking out costumes, trick or treating, and carving pumpkins, or you can just use what Halloween REPRESENTS- the celebration of all things magic, haunted, and living in the shadows, or hey, you can always combine it! You could also mix Halloween mythologies and modern day Halloween, maybe something special happens to werewolves on Halloween, maybe the Hales have always had a history of Halloween parties and some wicked pixies take over, maybe Stiles goes to the woods as Little Red Riding Hood and his Big Bad Wolf is waiting there for him… this may be the end of Sterek Week this year, but mark my words, as long as there is Halloween, there will be Sterek Week!