Olivia and Dhani Harrison at the Concert for George, Royal Albert Hall, 29 November 2002 (in screen caps from the concert film, and an image that’s copyright REX).

“That was the most excruciating song. It was obviously very emotional for me to see [Dhani] up there paying tribute to his dad. And listening to George’s words - ‘Beware of sadness/ It can hit you, it can hurt you, make you sore/ And what is more, that is not what you are here for’ - feeling so incredibly sad and trying not to be sad - taking George’s advice.” - Olivia Harrison, Rolling Stone, 9 October 2003 [x]

* * *

“[Olivia] began to speak, said about three or four words and then faulted… actually choking back, before she was able to say the next word ‘George’. She continued, stopping once more to choke back again.
From memory, her speech went something like this…….:
‘Hi. This film is really for… George… There were a lot of people to thank: All the musicians, George’s loved and trusted friends, people involved in making the movie, a new friend - the editor of the film, and my old family friend and co-producer Jon Kamen. Above all - and above all of us - we have George to thank for the music he left us. He taught us the importance of friendship. This concert was a labor of love - each gave their best and there is a sense of achievement, but with humility. So, once again, George, here it is and we hope you like it.’” - Diane Machin (webmaster of the now-offline stuck-inside-a-cloud.net) about attending the Gala Premiere of Concert for George, London, 8 October 2003 [x]