october snow storm

About to get snowed in…

I just got home from a book club meeting. I took my copy of the Book of Mythicality to a book club with a bunch of ladies, most of which are older than me. If I ever had any credibility as a serious grown-up (let’s face it: I never had any to begin with), it’s now officially gone for good. But I provoked quite a few laughs, which is a good thing. 😆

Some of the less-old ladies wrote down their names, but none of them had ever heard of R&L, and my mom was there to comment that she doesn’t get my fascination with them at all (she used the recent episode where they made packing peanut butter as an example of their weird sense of humour). But everyone looked at the book, and hopefully some of them check the GMM videos. And our librarian, who’s technically in charge of our club, understood my explanation about how Rhett and Link are my guaranteed dose of positivity even on a bad day.

A dose of positivity is required in the current weather conditions, too. We have the first winter storm of this season ahead, and the first snowflakes were falling as I drove home. The weather forecasts say there will be 10 cm of snow tonight, and the wind is pretty strong. I think I’ll have to accept my faith, make some hot chocolate and hope the power stays on. And prepare to see a white scenery from my window in the morning.


After 4 and a half days of no power in Cheshire, it’s finally back. Try going that long with no Facebook, Tumblr or anything of that nature. And on top of that..no heat or lights in the house. I tried being a pioneer for a few days and failed because it is literally impossible to sleep in the freezing cold. My 10 huge fish froze to death and our gecko nearly died as well. All of are food melted or went bad, and we sat around 24/7 because the schools around here had no power, and were running off a generator for the people who came there for shelter. Besides all that, I think I gained a good 10 pounds from eating out for dinner every night and then sitting around. Thank god it is finally back ;)


Nearly 100% of this town was powerless on Halloween so that was basically ruined. So the town then decided to have everyone who wanted to trick or treat go to the towns playground/pool/skate park area and park their cars and trick or treat to each car. Personally I thought that was a cute idea, but it still did kind of suck.

yesterday's train of thought.

1. Oh, it’s snowing. In October… Well, this is unacceptable. 

2. It feels like the holidays and it’s not even Halloween yet. Oh well, time to make a Christmas playlist.

3. I really need some snow boots. And some sweatpants. And a few sweaters would be nice.

4. Well, now that the power’s out, I guess I’d better study. 

5. This whole studying-without-the-distraction-of-the-internet/TV thing is rather productive…

6. Note to self: Buy hot chocolate next time at supermarket.