october november 2012

5 things with beauty vlogger Tess Christine
  • Girls' Life: What’s your personal beauty philosophy?
  • Tess Christine: Never overdo anything. It’s fun to do a look inspired by a celeb, but it’s always important to stay true to what you enjoy. If you really like something, then stick with that.
  • Girls' Life: What’s your favorite place to score your beauty buys?
  • Tess Christine: Lots of places. I really like Target…and Sephora! Sephora lets you try everything out, which is awesome.
  • Girls' Life: What’s your personal style like?
  • Tess Christine: I mix it up a lot. Some days I’m really edgy with leather jackets, some days I’m really girly—or girly with an edgy vibe. I like mixing florals and chiffon with edgy accessories.
  • Girls' Life: What’s your favorite thing about running a vlog?
  • Tess Christine: The viewers. I would never do it without the people who get excited when I post a video.
  • Girls' Life: You’re a celeb on YouTube. Are you one at school, too?
  • Tess Christine: [Being famous on YouTube] is a new concept to people. All of my friends are very supportive and think it’s really cool.
An Experimental Choreographer Who Isn’t Afraid of Failure

“I’m not afraid of failure. It’s O.K.—even at MoMA.”

Choreographer Jérôme Bel spoke to The New York Times about his upcoming projects, one of which—Artist’s Choice: Jérôme Bel/MoMA Dance Company, featuring MoMA staff members as performers—will be on view October 27–31.

[Performance of Jérôme Bel’s “The Show must go on” (2001) at The Museum of Modern Art, 2012. Part of Some sweet day (October 15–November 04, 2012). © 2012 Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photo: Julieta Cervantes]

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US-based Google searches for “move to Canada” reached their highest point in more than 10 years after Super Tuesday

The previous two peaks were in October 2008 and November 2012 — the last two presidential elections.

A closer look at the past week shows search volume peaking after the results came in on Tuesday night, then slowing a bit on Wednesday morning:

Additionally, the Canadian government’s official immigration website apparently received so much traffic that it had to post a warning about slowdowns. Here’s what the site for Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CIC) looked like around midnight. Note the warning about delays on the top:

It’s possible this was scheduled maintenance or some other problem — Vox has reached out to CIC to ask about the cause of the slowdown.

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Watch GL cover girl Bridgit Mendler’s music video for her new song “Ready or Not.” We can’t wait ‘til her album drops in October!