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Funny Horror for October!

Do you like to watch exclusively horror movies for the month of October, but the idea of watching a slasher movie right now makes you sad? Have 10 random movie recommendations!

1. Shaun of the Dead - Classic Funny Horror, ‘nuf said.

2. Zombieland - When I saw this in the theatre I was laughing almost constantly. Zombie comedy that I actually like more than SotD (sorry)

3. Tucker and Dale vs Evil - This only had a limited release in theatres so I didn’t “discover” it until it had been out for a while (it came out in 2010, I probably saw it in 2014 or 2015?) but man is it good. Alan Tudyk’s performance alone makes it worth the watch.

4. Cabin In The Woods - I somehow missed this one in theatres but saw it as soon as it was available on DVD. A love letter/spoof of classic slasher films like Evil Dead. Some genuinely scary bits though, so be aware.

5. What We Do In The Shadows - another one I missed in theatres but caught on DVD, this Mocumentary about Vampires living in New Zealand is hilarious, and I just heard it is getting a sequel about the Werwolves!

6. Hocus Pocus - maybe it is purely nostalgia, but I love all the cheesy jokes and horrible 90’s fashions in this one. I still dream of having a black cat and naming it Thackeray Binx. It holds the honor of being the one that I watch on Halloween every year.

7. Final Girls - another parody of a classic trope, this movie is about a girl and her friends who end up trapped in a Camp Slasher movie that the main character’s now-dead mom starred in. It is funny and sadly sweet too.

8. The Mummy - you know how you have that movie that you have seen so many times you didn’t realize you could quote the whole thing. This is that movie. More adventure than horror, but it has enough horror elements that it qualifies to me.

9. Warm Bodies - okay this one isn’t really funny, but it doesn’t really fit with the scary horror movies either. Ultimately it really is a teen love story movie, but with Shakespeare and Zombies. The book is amazing, and I was really happy with the transfer to screen, which is very rare.

10. Deep Blue Sea - this one probably isn’t meant to be funny, but it is so bad I laugh every time I watch it. Slasher movie, but with sharks!


Still startled, your hands pressed flat against what you could only assume was a chest and you shoved back in an effort to put distance between you and whoever you’d smacked into but before you could make a stab at backtracking, a hasty grip fastened around your shoulders; taut enough to keep your feet from moving.

Even through the obscurity between you, you felt yourself starting settle into a manner of comfortability because the presence, even if it was unexpected, was familiar… It might have been gruff and short-tempered, what with him puffing out a frustrated snort after you gracelessly collided into him at full speed, but it was safe… And it was definitely Harry.

“I’m so sorry. I just… Cisco and his stupid October-Fest movie nights…” You started quickly, the darkness that surrounded you making you feel the need to whisper. It didn’t matter if it was juvenile or immature, the thought of something lurking over your shoulder, because there was just something about having your back exposed to the blackened corridors of the lab that gave rise to your instinct to bolt for the nearest light… “He made me watch some ghost thing and then the lights… I don’t know why I just… I know that stuff doesn’t actually exist but… It was so dark and… I didn’t mean to-”

“Stop.” He rasped.

Your mouth snapped to a close and suddenly, Harrison seemed much closer than what you’d originally thought, causing your fingers to instinctively curl into the fabric of his shirt and tilt your head back to get a beat on his dark outline. But he was right there… His hands gliding down your arms and wrapping around your elbows before tipping his chin to find you in the dark. It wasn’t until a hot burst of air ghosted across your chin that your lips parted; the realization that he was just a breath away causing you to tilt forward.

You weren’t sure who moved first but before you could really register what was happening, you’d found yourself propped on the balls of your feet with Harrison’s hands sliding an unhurried path toward your neck; his lips hovering just inches away from your mouth. Pressing closer still, you heard him draw in a slow breath and quickly closed your eyes before leaning into his warm touch as his hands smoothed across your cheeks.

You could blame the dark for playing tricks on your emotions but the truth was, you had a little thing for Harrison and judging by the way he was touching you in the safety of the dark - the way he was barely brushing his lips down the slope of your nose, he might have felt the same. But moments before you could finally kiss him - finally give in to his touch, a flash of gold lightning zipped passed, causing you to wrench apart before Barry skidded to a halt and flicked the beam of a flashlight in your direction.

“Hey, guys…”

“Allen.” Harrison greeted, his voice a bit higher than his normal pitch as he nodded toward Barry, crossed his arms and braved a quick-thinking glance in your direction. 

“Sorry about the lights.” Barry said, passing Harrison an extra flashlight and jerking his thumb over his shoulder. “Cisco and I were trying to beef up the treadmill but I think we nailed a breaker instead… Hope you guys didn’t have to grope around too much.”

“Nobody groped anything.” You snapped awkwardly, causing Barry to narrow his eyes and Wells to lift an eyebrow. “Sorry… I didn’t mean for that to sound…” You shook your head and bit your lip, your eyes settling on Harrison’s now furrowed features before taking a step back and muttering out another quick, “Sorry.”

And with that you were hurrying passed them and scurrying for the cortex, all while trying to ignore your nervous jitters along with Barry’s confused inquiry, “What’s her deal?”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine the Electricity going out in the Lab and Bumping into Harrison in the Dark*

(1) Request: Halloween request?! (Because I’m trash… And OCTOBER!) Imagine the electricity going out after you just watched a scary movie and bumping into Harrison in the dark. I’m down for fluff… ;)

(2) @thefastarrow: Please do though, I’d LOVE to see your interpretation!! DOOOOOO. Only if YOU want to, of course

A/N: I decided to go ahead and do this request for thefastarrow, even though I originally declined it, because she insisted… So, here’s my interpretation of the prompt and if you CLICK HERE you can find hers.  Please do check her interpretation out because it is AMAZING! GO NOW!!! (I’m not yelling at you… I’m sorry if that seemed pushy. I love your hair today.)

Le Films, L’Artical. (October Edition)

Greetings, Bri here!! Welcome to the first official film list of Meet Cute Mag named “Le Films, L’Article” which can be translated to “ The Film, The Review” .

Le Films represents the movies that I will recommend to watch during each month, while L’ Article represents the review that I will conduct after watching said film. 

As for the movies they can be found on either Netflix or Hulu. To be more specific, both The Village and The Road can be found on Netflix. While The Silence of the Lambs currently streams on Hulu. Don’t fear if you have neither of these streaming services, I encourage you to check out your local library for these resources.

October Watching/ Reviewing Schedule:

                                   8-13th  The Village.

                              15-20th- The Silence of The Lambs.

                                          22-27th. The Road

I will notify the blog whenever I began, and end the film. So, please feel free to watch along. See you then!



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Halloween II (2009)

This movie was not what I expected, and I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I guess I’m in the minority on that. I thought all the dream sequence stuff was really cool. I should have written this right after watching it, instead of waiting a few hours, because I had a lot I wanted to say. Maybe some other time.


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Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

I never saw what all the hate was for this movie. It’s kinda cheesy in parts, but it’s exactly what I would expect from this kind of movie. Honestly, I wish this had been the direction they had headed in with this franchise, just various scary stories focusing around the holiday. I know I’m in the minority on that one though, which is of course why Mike Myers came back from the dead in part IV. If you haven’t seen this, you should check it out, and ignore that the title says “Halloween” if you have to. It’s a fun movie.

I also have to give a quick shout out to Tom Atkins and his awesome character Dr. Dan. Tom Atkins is an underrated treasure of the 80’s.