october moore

Photographed by Chad Moore, Vogue, October 2016.

Meet Maggie Rogers, the Pharrell Williams-approved producer:

“Maggie Rogers had not written music for nearly three years when, in a cascade of creativity this past March, it took her fifteen minutes to produce a song called “Alaska.” Four days later, Rogers, then a senior at NYU, played the track—which combines the confessional lyricism of folk music with a trotting electronic rhythm—in a master class hosted by Pharrell Williams. “Wow. I have zero, zero, zero notes for that,” Williams said afterward, almost teary-eyed. “It’s singular… . And that is such a special quality.” The video went viral.”

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pink: I could not be more excited right now. My single comes out today “what About Us” and my new album “Beautiful Trauma” comes out October 13th. I’m certifiably, insanely proud of this album. It’s been a while, and I’m grateful for all the years we’ve had. Looking forward to the next chapter with you.

The Battles of Tours was not a war of nations, but rather a battle of civilizations between Islam and Christian Europe. The Muslims had been conquering the remains of the Roman and Persian empires and were heading toward modern day France to continue their expansion. The Frankish King Charles (“The Hammer”) Martel wasn’t about to let that happen, so he gathered his forces at Tours and defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of Moorish Spain, led his Army northward.

Most modern historians believe that Martel’s victory at Tours shaped the course of Western Europe. Had the Franks fallen to the Moors, there was no other power in existence at the time capable of containing Islam’s spread, meaning there would have been no Charlemagne (Martel’s grandson) or Holy Roman Empire. Christianity and Europe as we know it today may have hinged on that one battle.

In addition to changing the course of Western civilization, Martel’s brilliant strategic military mind and his ability to coordinate cavalry and infantry enabled him to beat the much larger Islamic army. The Battle of Tours marked the first time a European force of heavy infantry defeated a Moorish cavalry army, and established the Franks as the premier military power in Europe for years to come.

2016: Kieron and Emmett [Kimmett]

As it’s New Year’s Eve, I thought it would be the perfect time to look back at all the amazing Kimmett moments we got in 2016. They went wild this year. Maybe they’re missing each other more than ever, because it sure felt like it going by all the tweets and shoutouts that we got. I may have missed a few here (that’s just how much interaction there was), but hopefully this is a mostly full list of all the Kieron/Emmett goodness that 2016 brought us, however “small” it may seem.

8th March: Kieron likes a tweet mentioning the Brendan tache parallels.

20th March: Kieron mentions Emmett on his Gaydio show.

12th April: Kieron confirms that Brendan’s his favourite of Ste’s love interests. 

26th April: Emmett makes a phone call to Kieron in a special backstage video.

26th April: Kieron responds to the video.

29th April: Kieron answers a question about what it was like working with Emmett.

10th May: Kieron talks about how Emmett’s involvement in the backstage video came about.

19th May: Kieron talks about a possible Brendan return.

19th May: Kieron likes a tweet of Emmett’s about The Fall.

25th May: Kieron likes a tweet about a Stendan fan going to Dublin.

28th May: Emmett retweets a fan mentioning Kimmett’s best partnership win at the BSAs.

3rd June: Kieron likes a tweet about Stendan being a supercouple. 

11th July: Emmett likes a picture of a half naked Kieron.

19th July: Kieron mentions the love locks in Dublin.

30th July: Kieron likes a tweet about all the Stendan mentions in Doing The Dishes.

17th August: Kieron calls Brendan the true love of Ste’s life and says he most wants Brendan to come back if he could choose anyone.

12th September: Kieron tweets Emmett telling him that he can smell his aftershave, and Emmett responds.

18th October: Kieron likes a tweet about Stendan being voted one of the greatest couples of all time.

19th October: Kieron likes a tweet referencing how it’s been six years since Stendan’s first kiss.

19th October: Cameron Moore suggests that Kieron constantly mentions Brendan/Emmett at work.

23rd October: Kieron says that “Steven Brady Hay” is his character’s name.

28th October: Emmett likes a tweet with a screenshot of a Kimmett gifset.

12th December: Emmett likes the video of Kieron announcing he’s going to be a dad.

18th December: Kieron likes a tweet about how it’s been four years since Stendan in Dublin.

A happy New Year to the amazing Stendan fandom, and I hope 2017 brings us even more incredible shippy moments.