october is going to be great


Kyuhyun: I try to listen to all types of music. I listen to ballad all four seasons, but I also really like hip hop. When it’s really hot, I don’t want to listen to ballads but when it gets cold, I want to. Last year, I released an album in October, but it was too hot, so I didn’t want to listen to my own song… I think songs go with the seasons. I think I have to release during autumn and winter.

MC: Who do you think you’ll pass on that title to?

Kyuhyun: I don’t think I am a prince… Not sure, but I think Onew is similar to me. Not after me, but he is great on his own. If we go to EXO, it’s Chen.

Vampire hunter/Vampire AU Rhack..!

Woo! Glad I got to finish this before Halloween ended haha. I wish I could color this too but I just don’t have the time. :’( October has been an especially busy month for me.

This drawing is a small thank-you gift to all the rhack fan-artists and fanfic writers who shared amazing stories, artworks, and ideas with everyone else.

Since I’ve understood the charm of Borderlands and rhack beginning of this year (2016), going through your works after a tough day has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had (and still continues to be! :D 

Thank you for being awesome and I hope you all have a great Halloween!!


{19.01.2017 - 03/100 of productivity}
Today I got a lot done and finished everything earlier than I planned yaaay!🙌🏻 but I have to admit, I wish I had done more😫 this year is going to be super busy for me since I have a major exam to do around october/november, and every bit of time is precious but yeah. Here are some lit(erature) notes and homework, also got to study a bit of bio and math, and finish some physics notes🙌🏻 Also, this is my current read “Revival” by the one and the only Stephen King✨ Have a great day😙


Happy 27th birthday Jack!

There is so much I’d like to tell you but I’ll keep it short. Since October 18th, you’ve changed my life. You make me look more positive at the world, you made me smile when now one else could and you helped me making the right choices. There are so many people out there who are still here because of you and I think that’s amazing. You give me reasons to smile and keep on going every single day and I can’t thank you enough for that. I hope you have a great day!

- June (◕‿◕✿)

o n e  d a y

                                                              - October 31st, 1971 -

      Lily couldn’t fall asleep, her eyes were still shining from all the beautiful things she has seen tonight. Her first wizard Halloween… She was going to remember it for years. A huge smile covered her face as she recreated, in secret, every minute of the night. The ghosts. The feast. The joy. The laugh. Tomorrow she’ll write it all to her parents. Finally, she drifted to sleep, exhaustion taking over even with her best attempts to fight it.

                                                              - October 31st, 1972 -

      Lily was angry when she went to bed. Everything was ruined. Her favorite day of the year. Ruined. For some idiots’ amusement. Who could think that an explosion of pumpkin juice in the Great Hall was a good idea? Who? The Marauders of course. Potter of course. They earned their detention all right. Stupid boys and stupid Potter and stupid Potter’s comments about her needing to have fun for once. She would have had fun if not covered in pumpkin juice. Stupid Potter. Sleep took her as she cursed his name once more.

                                                              - October 31st, 1973 -

        If Lily could have stayed in Hogsmeade forever she would have. This first trip to the small village had been almost as good as the first time her feet walked the Hogwarts’ ground. She first went to Honeydukes with Marlene who heard about it from her cousins and dreamed to go since she was five. The girls hadn’t been disappointed a bit. Then they simply walked through the streets of Hogsmeade and stopped at each shop that seemed interesting. Then Lily joined Severus at the Three Broomsticks. They talked for hours before moving back to the castle. It had been so simple but so great. Lily couldn’t wait for the next trip there. That night all the girls of the dormitory talked and talked about how great the place was while eating all the sweets they bought. The excitement slowly quieted down and the girls felt asleep one by one. Lily probably was the last one to but the last thought she remembered was how lucky she was to live in this amazing world, like the ones she had dreamed about when she was little. She was smiling when she fell asleep.

                                                              - October 31st, 1974 -

        They didn’t exactly know how, but all the fourth years Gryffindors found themselves in the common room after the feast that night. They all get along well and they all loved Halloween so it seemed natural to continue their celebration. Even if it only involved some sweets from Honeydukes and tales of ridiculous but so funny stories. James was in the middle of telling one and he talked with his hands, all his body was animated. He was laughing before telling the good parts and his laugh was infectious. The boys were laughing at him and the girls were laughing fondly. Lily was somewhat mesmerized by the boy. She couldn’t look away from him, the way he really got into his story, the way his hands moved telling the story on their own way too, the way his eyes were bright, with laugh in them, the way his lips moved perfectly when he talked. Lily was in her own world for a moment and when she went to bed, she dreamed about his eyes and lips.

                                                              - October 31st, 1975 -

         Lily wasn’t sure how the Marauders managed to bring butterbeer and firewhiskey back into the castle but she couldn’t care any less. The Gryffindors threw an after-feast Halloween party this year and she was having fun. She probably had drunk a little too much butterbeer but it was fifth year and she was a prefect and teachers already drowned them into homework. She could have a night off. Just one night off. She felt more than she saw James approached her. All right, Evans? And she swore she could hear his smirk in his voice. Peachy. And she giggled. And she saw James’ smirk turned into a real, bright smile. She was very warm suddenly and when she locked her eyes on his, she smiled back, all teeth.

                                                              - October 31st, 1976 -

      The feast had ended and Lily was trying to make her cries unnoticed. Hiding in an empty classroom she was hoping nobody would come. But of course her wishes couldn’t be respected. Of course one James Potter would find her and come to her. She tried to wipe her tears but she reazlized that it was useless, he had already noticed she was crying. Never in her life she heard him speak with such a gentle and soft voice. Are you okay, Lily? Do you need anything? Please tell me how I can help you. He had settle down next to her and made an awkward attempt to confort her rubbing his thumb on her shoulder. She leaned her head on his shoulder, whispering through her tears that Severus Snape was a real idiot. He didn’t respond and she was glad. He just hugged her on the side and let her cry. They finally went back to the dormitories. Before climbing the stairs, Lily pressed her lips against his cheek, a silent thank you.

                                                              - October 31st, 1977 -

      Her heart was racing and she couldn’t sleep. She still had butterflies in her stomach, she was both nervous and perfectly peaceful. The novelty of everything still affected her. She took a deep breath to calm her heart, she repositionned herself so she was in a more confortable position. The blanket was lift then and James joined her on the bed. She shifted, they were both on their side, looking at each other. James wore a small and calm smile and he was looking at her with such adoring eyes that all nervousness left Lily’s body. She leaned, still a bit unsure, and pecked his lips. James’ hand immediately cupped her cheek to keep her there a little longer and she sighed against his lips. Everything was still very new but everything was wompletely worth it. She opened her eyes when the kiss ended and smiled at James. He whispered a soft ‘goodnight Lily’, she rested her head on his chest and his hand found her waist. She never slept as well as that night.

                                                              - October 31st, 1978 -

      Before Lily could fall asleep, James was knocking on her window. Of course she let him in. It was her last night in her childhood room. It was her last night in her house, her home, for she was to leave the next morning, finally beginning auror training. But she got used to sleep in James’ arms and she had missed it. When he showed up at her window, she opened it in hurry and kissed him immediately. She told him to be quiet, her parents were sleeping in the room next to hers. They just went to bed, side by side, legs tangled, holding hands, starring into each other’s eyes. They smiled as they drifted to sleep.

                                                              - October 31st, 1979 -

      Lily didn’t fall asleep. She didn’t try to. She was waiting for James. She was waiting. She paced, looking at the clock every few minutes, worry only increasing with each of them passing. She cried too. Because she was afraid. Because she was tired. Because she just wanted to hold him in her arms, make sure he was okay and with her. He came back at 6 am the next day, looking more exhausted than Lily has ever seen him. She threw herself in his arms and tightened her embrace as much as she could. He ran a hand through her hair, softly murmuring words of reassurance. They fell into the sofa and spent a day there just hugging each other, glad to be okay.

                                                              - October 31st, 1980 -

      Lily found sleep in a minute that night. It was cold and her blanket was warm. Her husband next to her was sleeping already when she went to bed. It was both his warmth and his soft snoring that drew her to sleep. She was asleep in a minute, fully aware that their little boy was going to wake them up in a few hours. Already far into torpor, she snuggled up to James, his arms instinctively wrapped aroung her and put her closer. She signed in contentment. Life was hard but life was also beautiful. She was happy.

                                                              - October 31st, 1981 -

         She saw a green light that night and she didn’t exactly fall asleep. Lily just fell, like her husband before her.

Whipped Shea Butter Sale

Hey everyone.

So my donation post got almost 1000 notes but few donations (though I am VERY grateful for the ones I got!). 

I’m still struggling to find work and have managed to hold off all major bills until October 28th. I need to raise $671 by the 28th to make it to November. 

I’ve decided to sell my whipped shea butter creme now and I hope yall will purchase some! 

My SB creme is a great multi-tasker! You can use the same mixture for your hair and body! A little goes a long way! 

Ingredients I use:

*unrefined shea butter

*unrefined coconut oil

*extra virgin olive oil

*avocado oil

*grapeseed oil 

*castor oil

*aloe vera gel


*various essential oils

I also have a SHIMMER option! 

These are 3 oz but I can go up to 34 oz currently. 

Prices start at $4.50 and US shipping is $6 (for packages under 1 lb).

You can inbox me your order here or at kanesbabygirl2004@yahoo.com. 

You can pay through Paypal (kanesbabygirl2004@yahoo.com) or through the Donate button on my page. 

I’m still accepting donations if you aren’t interested in my shea butter creme. Regardless, THANK YOU! 

Please reblog and signal boost even if you can’t purchase or donate! 

So Far From Grace [2/6]

So Far From Grace [2/6]
: A raid on a Sandstorm location goes wrong and Kurt blames himself

everyone gets a mean season once in a while
so when the rain comes a little too late
don’t say it’s over it’s only October
and when the pain gets a little too great
just open your eyes I’m right by your side

- The August Empire | October

“You know, when people want to disappear, they usually go a little farther than just the park at the end of their street.”

She had found him almost immediately, twenty minutes after leaving the office, at the park where he had once asked her to meet him. She’d walked quietly, carefully, and found him standing with his back to her, and the rest of the world, staring off into the sunset. If he had heard her approach, he made no move to acknowledge it. But when she spoke, she noticed him shift slightly.

She didn’t say anything else, waiting for him to make the next move. She just stood there, a few feet behind him, and waited.

“How did you find me?” He finally said, turning around slowly. There wasn’t any anger in his voice, or any annoyance. There was just… exhaustion. She gave him a small smile and took a step towards him. She shrugged. “Lucky guess, I suppose,” she said.

But it wasn’t, of course. She knew him. And she knew he would be exactly here.

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New commission prices! Most things increased by a few dollar, but the Icons I’ve lowered the price of and even included a new deal price! 
Pretty much all the money I make off of commissions go to my moving fund as well as money to go meet the most amazing girl everrr @cereusblue in October! So Any help would be great! 
If you can’t afford a commission, maybe consider reblogging to spread the word?

My Divination Box

I have not been on top of my shit nearly as much as I should be. I made my own October tarot challenge and oNLY DID LIKE 4 DAYS OF IT. Great job me. To make up for it, I’m going to do a post about my divination box! 

While I DO have an alter, my divination stuff all over it began to make it feel more like a work table than an alter table. SO I moved all my divination into this lovely box. Plus I wanted my stuff to be all in one, mobile place. Here it is!!!

BAM. Ain’t that nice? It use to be a regular wooden box but I painted it black, sealed it, and then added this piece of art that I cut out of a book (it was a very musty, moldy, water-damaged book that you couldn’t even look at let alone open up without feeling tiny mold spores literally fill up your lungs, so no huge loss, really), then I also sealed THAT. On the underside of the lid is this 

a piece depicting the Goddess Heresy, also from the same book. While I don’t follow any Gods/Goddesses, I really liked this piece because she seems pretty boss. Now let’s look inside!

Do you think I have enough pouches? 

In the star and moon one is where I keep my tarot deck. The bag sort of matches the back of the cards so that’s cool. In the bag with the cards I also keep a piece of amethyst, piece of quartz, a vial of salt, and a vial of sage leaves (that I grew myself!)

In the velvet bag is where I keep what I call my tarot stones. These are all crystals/stones that (I feel) aid in divination and its aftermath. I’ve got amazonite, sodalite, florite, red jasper, quartz, hematite, desert rose selenite, optical calcite (aka icelandic spar), blue calcite, blue sandstone, green calcite, and tiger’s eyes. I’ve also got a lovely wishing stone that has special meaning for me as well as this hella round rock I found. There’s nothing special about that one, I just like it. 

The white pouch was handmade by me! Don’t laugh at it, I tried, okay? It holds my lovely rose quartz runes. They were a birthday gift from a close friend and are pretty important to me even though my rune reading studies are going SO SLOW (I’m not good at runes, quite frankly). 

In the small red pouch are my witches runes! I made these myself! 

Next is my rune casting cloth! This was also made by me (I’m very DIY if you haven’t noticed). It’s literally just sharpie on a handkerchief but I like it. 

Then we have these. My pendulum and my journal. I just finished making the pendulum, it’s my very first one, and it might be my new favorite thing. It’s just a pentacle charm and a small amethyst stone but I already feel so connected to it. I think it’s because the stone use to be part of a bracelet that I wore CONSTANTLY until it broke the other day. So the stone is very connected to my energy. I can’t wait to start using it more. The journal is my divination journal. It’s different from my BOS in that in it I only record my daily tarot drawings and any divination that I do for myself or others. That’s literally its only purpose.  

And then finally we have my two charm bottles. The big one is for protection, the small one is for increased intuition! 

Well there you go! I might abandon this box if I find something a little larger, but for now I’m very happy with it. Do you have a special place for your witchy tools?


Sorry for being so quite lately but I needed to get this thing done!
so enjoy some low quality photos of the thing I worked on the last 6(?) months!

It´s the project for my graphic and communicationdesign diploma and was a done together with a great classmate of mine who did the layout and wrote the whole text (she is a great person I´m so happy that we worked together on this).
The Illustrations are all mine. They were traditonaly painted with aquarell water colours and pencils.

We picked the final book prints today and they turned out so great and are far thicker than I expected! The quality is incredible good and I´m glad we decided to go this expensive solution.

more about the project and my experiences under the cut

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anonymous asked:

sayuri is probably my favourite fic because of the characterization and has definitely influenced my characterizations in my own fic a little, but I love it, so thank you!

thank you, anon!!!!!!! and i mean, i make a great effort to use furudate’s characterizations so i think you’re more than welcome to mine. 

so, i’m going to co-opt this really gracious ask to say a few things about sayuri. because this ask made me feel really good.

first off: i’m not giving sayuri up, that’s not what this is about. it’s not even on hiatus. i am actively working on it. 

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alright so idk about you all but i’ve really missed ikon and i’m super excited for their comeback!!! so i made this post for all incoming stans, and everyone who recently stanned, or anyone who just wants to know more about each member!

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My co worker brought the best St. Patrick’s Day shirt I have seen. Just look at this thing! The CAT is riding a CAT unicorn! Rainbow in the background, cat pointing at you. There is nothing wrong with this shirt!

 We had our first bit of sunshine that I have seen in a long while on Thursday. The weather people said we’ve had all of what can be called 3 sunny days since October. Yeah. We’re in need.

 Life wise? Well, I didn’t do much Thursday, which is why I didn’t post anything. Today, after a busy but doable Friday at work, my sister and I went out to see the King Kong movie. We decided to splurge and go to an IMAX theater with assigned seating. Why not splurge for greatness like King Kong? Well, the movie turned out to be okay, and never really tried all that much. While I don’t plan on watching it again any time soon, I can’t say I regret seeing it.

 Not much to report transition wise. My sister is going with me to therapy on Sunday. Well, not coming in with me, but we’re going to hang out a bit more so there you go. It’ll give me a good excuse to wear/show her my new flats. So comfy! I’ll probably add in a bit of makeup to the mix and have some fun!

 I’m taking tomorrow off work, so the plan is to sleep in, do a load of laundry, take a walk, then hang out with my friend in the afternoon after he pulls some overtime at work. Then it’s Zelda all afternoon, some dinner, Zelda all evening, there you go.

 I do hope you’ve all had a safe St. Patrick’s Day, and may the roads be safe for us all!

 - Lana

Aw, really want to try again with this cosplay  ♡
Had a great time with Misty and others! Photo from October/November 2016.

Misty Cosplayer: @carmenmcs
Photographer: @ancode-unlimited-drawing-works


Autumn has arrived!

Can you believe it? I’m already 19 months old! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. This weekend, me and Mom are going to compete in Obedience again, and I’m really looking forward to it! Speaking of fun stuff, I’ve begun my Search-and-Rescue training! It’s great, I get to run around in the forest and find people to play with! Best sport ever!

  • October 19th, 2016

so I was finally going through all the pictures I’ve been building up since October (sooooo a lot) and I run across a great set of pictures of my cat Bonnie

so dream like

Very Regal

but I think my fave of the bunch has to b be this one 

let it be noted that she is very high up in this pic, so she is looking out over the whole world (or at least the hill side that can be seen from that tree) and decided to stick her tongue out at it. If that isn’t the definitive Mood that I don’t know what is

Looking Forward to the Upcoming Voltron: Legendary Defender Audio Drama!

Hi, everyone! Chelsea here, and today I’m here to talk about something I haven’t spoken about in a while. The upcoming Voltron: Legendary Defender audio drama, “The Ties That Binds.”

For those of you who don’t what it is, The Ties That Bind Us is an upcoming fanmade Voltron audio drama created by @justklance.

It’s set to premiere sometime this year maybe around late October or early November.

I asked Juskla awhile back about when auditions for TTTBU are coming up, and they told me they’re gonna plan auditions during the summer, which is a great time to announce for stuff.

Also, do you guys want to know something?

Back then, I discovered a Sonic the Hedgehog audio drama called “Sonic: Letting Go of Hope” and it’s sequel, “Sonic: Unleashing Hope” created by YouTuber and DeviantArt user, @loor-101. And she did an awesome job making the audio drama!

Her Sonic audio dramas were so beautifully made, the cast did an amazing job, the voice acting was perfect, the soundtrack is majestic, the script was well-written, and the editing of the videos were so good, it’s almost like an audiobook!

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t never have liked Sonic the Hedgehog a lot more than anything else I’ve discovered in my life. (^u^)

And I know @loor-101 might not be familiar with Voltron and stuff like that, but I know she’ll very proud of Juskla when she sees the audio anytime soon.

But I’m pretty sure Juskla can do the same thing as @loor-101 did. It takes a lot of work to do something like this but anything’s possible, no matter how hard it is.

I hope you guys look forward to the upcoming updates on The Ties That Bind Us coming soon from Juskla, until next time, Chelsea’s out!

See you later, guys!