october horror films 2011


October Horror Films 2011 | Day 24 | The Ward (dir. John Carpenter; FilmNation Entertainment/Premiere Picture/Echo Lake Entertainment/A Bigger Boat/Modern VideoFilm/North by Northwest Entertainment 2010)

Brief review:  On Monday, we watched John Carpenter’s latest film, The Ward. This film begins with a teenage girl named Kristen (Amber Heard) running.  She stops at a farmhouse, which she burns down.  The police catch up to her while the house is in flames and they take her to a psychiatric hospital, where she shares a ward with four other girls that are all about the same age. The girls all see a ghost in their ward, and they start disappearing.

I enjoyed this film.  It kept me guessing and wondering whether Kristen was actually crazy or not.  I didn’t see the end coming, either.  I recommend The Ward to fans of John Carpenter, Amber Heard, and psychological horror.