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30 day Drawing Challenge [~Magic Themed~]

Alright so Inktober is coming up and I wanted to try it out, but despite my searching, I could not easily find a Magical themed Drawing challenge! (I’m sure they are out there, they just havent been tagged recently) So I figured rather than do another challenge I’d just be creative, solve my own problem, and make my own! Here you go:

Day 1: Draw yourself as a Wizard!

Day 2: Draw yourself as a Witch!

Day 3: Draw your familiar!

Day 4: Draw a Arcane Grimoire

Day 5: Draw a secret Library

Day 6: Draw a Magical Conduit (ie a Staff, or Wand, or Cudgel!)

Day 7: Draw a spell!

Day 8: Draw a summoning ritual!

Day 9: Draw an OC in Magical Attire!

Day 10: Draw a Magical Date!

Day 11: Draw a Wizarding Classroom

Day 12: Draw an old Wizened magic user

Day 13: Draw a shaman!

Day 14: Draw a Demon

Day 15: Draw a Magical Forest

Day 16: Draw a fae creature

Day 17: Draw a magical duel or Battle!

Day 18: Draw Magic summoned from Nature!

Day 19: Draw Magic summoned from Within!

Day 20: Draw some Original Runes on a rock, scroll or book!

Day 21: Draw your ideal type of Magic or Element

Day 22: Draw your magical Workshop!

Day 23: Draw an unusual or rare magic

Day 24: Draw Magical Scenery

Day 24: Draw a magical Castle

Day 25: Draw a Vehicle that uses Magic as a Source Power

Day 26: Draw two children playing together with magic

Day 27: Draw your favorite Magical User

Day 28: Draw an OC helping a stranger, using Magic!

Day 29: Draw a powerful elemental!

Day 30: Draw a magical halloween party celebrating your completion!!!!!!


I did it!! I made a list!! I wanted to do something different this year so I could focus on character design, so I chose witches!! I chose a word to represent which kinda witch to draw that day!! If your down to join me please share!! I’ll be showing off my favorites each day!! Only wanna do it for certain days? Sure! There are no rules!! Just tag me, I’d love to see what everyone else does!! And share away! Tag me #inktoberand #witchtacular I’ll be doing as many videos I can on my YouTube, making prints as I go, and creating a zin!! I’ll still be doing some fun halloween things on the side so don’t worry! Also a BIG thanks to@jakeparker for creating inktober!! A super talented guy who changed my life with this 31 day art challenge!And so it begins!!!🎃🎃🎃🍁🍂🖋 

Day 1 - Pumpkin Spice Latte

yeah, I’m late as usual, but here’s my entry for @huxloween day 1 – a sort of modern AU where Ben is a barista and Hux a college student…? Idk.

I’ll try to do the whole challenge but since I’m not a consistent artist, I can’t promise anything. But I’ll try. 

Gee! this is all I can draw about this theme. So hard to create “original” monsters and new magical girl outfits all at once @_@ There are about 3 sketches left to be inked, still all told, it would make … 6 drawings out of 31 days of october ? HAH ! x’D 

Visiting a Haunted House with Sirius Would Include...

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-First of all, Halloween is fucking tomorrow omgg

-So you would never ever go to a haunted house

-But your stupid boyfriend Sirius is a daredevil

-At breakfast, he said that he really wanted to see if he can handle “Muggle horror”

-So, he turned to you, grinning mischievously

-“What are you smili-oh no. No.” you said, catching on. “I am not stepping foot in one of those places from hell.”

-“Oh come on please babe! You watch some horror movies!”

-“Sirius haunted houses are different, you’re actually living the freaking movie.”

-“Y/NNNN” he pleads, giving you puppy eyes (PUPPY eyes HAHAH get it) and kissing your neck softly


-His lips trail farther, kissing your favorite spot

-“Fuck. FINE.” You reluctantly give in

-“Hahaha no one can resist a little Padfoot love.”

-“Now kiss me again you idiot.”

-So the days passed by and October the 31st was drawing nearer

-And finally, the dreaded day arrived

-Sirius woke you up, grinning ear to ear

-When he saw your worried expression, he’d comfort you

-“It’s gonna be okay love, I’ll be by your side the whole time.”

-You’d walk in the haunted house clinging onto his arm

-He’d lower it and take your hand firmly in his

-At the first jump scare, you scream hysterically

-But he’s there to hug you

-And slowly the disgusting ghosts and monsters get old

-And you start to have fun

-You’d cry from laughing too much when Sirius almost pees himself when someone dressed as a zombie grabs him from behind

-“Hey it’s different, I didn’t see it coming!” he’d laugh

-“Yeaaah sure just keep pretending you weren’t terrified.”

-“Thanks for doing this with me Y/N, I know you didn’t want to.”

-“Anything for you love. And this whole thing was definitely worth it, I wish I got those last 30 seconds on video.” You smirk

-“Shut up.”

-And at the exit, he turns you around, and kisses you

-3 witches pop out and cameras flash

-The picture was supposed to show you guys your scared expression at the end of the haunted house

-But once the picture develops, you take a look, and see they captured your kiss with Sirius perfectly

-You both take a copy of the photo, Sirius slipping his into his pocket

-“I’m going to keep this picture for the rest of my life.” You say, kissing his cheek

-“I’m gonna keep you for the rest of my life.” He replies.

-(I think I just killed myself with this fluffiness)

-the rest of the gang joins you guys

-“So Y/N, how’d it go?” James asks

-“Oh I was fine. SIRIUS however-

-“I didn’t see it coming, he was behind me!” he shouts as you all throw your heads back in laughter

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