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DEH Halloween Headcannons

Evan has never really seen the appeal of the holiday. Sure, as a kid he liked the candy and making his costume with Heidi, but he’s not into celebrating things that scare us. There’s enough real stuff to be freaked out about, you don’t need to add zombies and evil clowns to that.

Connor and Zoe fucking love Halloween. As kids they bonded over eating to much candy and dressing up as superheroes, and as teenagers it’s one of the few things they can still see eye to eye on.

Connor likes to do gore makeup and Halloween is the only excuse for him to deck himself out intense fake wounds. He’ll never admit it but he also just loves the idea of putting on a costume and becoming someone else. He finds it freeing.

Zoe is the Halloween party queen. Every year she decks their house out with decorations ranging from cute to terrifying (most of which she’s been collecting over the years). They don’t usually get a lot of party attendees so when Evan, Jared, and Alana agree to come the hype is real.

Alana is the best at keeping her cool during horror movies. Jump scares don’t effect her, and she finds the psychological creepy bits fascinating.

Jared rules joke costumes. This is the one time a year that people actually think he’s funny and he definitely lets it go to his head.

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"bro, she gave me head in the car over here" "no way dude" "hell yeh". It doesn't have to include the smut if you don't want but just like a convo between Shawn and friends about how good she treats him and vise versa and he's all gloating and blushing (so excited for this blurb night btw omg) x

a/n: lil nsfw 

You blow a bubble out of the mint bubble gum you’d popped into your mouth upon getting out of the car, and then another one at the front door just for good measure. 

Shawn had watched you do so with a smug grin on his face, skin glowing in a natural highlight - cheeks blushed a deep red from the events earlier. 

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the best vines
  1. i wont hesitate bitch
  2. oh my god they were roommates
  3. who is she
  4. “and i brought u murr” “thank u” “murr-der” “judas no”
  5. its finals week
  6. “i’m the sand guardian”
  7. the college freshmen
  8. look at this graph
  9. “the restauraunts full and theres a dinner a rush but we wanna be seated immediately” “done and done let me pull the table out of my ass”
  10. all of Jus Reign’s vines

A/N: I’m behind again, I know. Had to study a little for my Spanish class. Hopefully, this will make up for it. Careful. It’s gonna be dirty. ;-)

30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 1028
Warnings: smut, inappropriate use of candy *cough*

19th October: ALL OF THE CANDY! | feat. Harley Quinn

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