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6 October, 2016, Novosibirsk. 36-year-old Natalia Konovich was viciously stabbed 10 times by a man wearing mask. Natalia was 5 months pregnant. She was taken to a hospital, but it was impossible to save her life. A few hours later Natalia’s 58-year-old father Vladimir tried to kill her 66-year-old former father in law, Konstantin Konovich (second picture), by beating him with a steel armature. Right after that Konstantin Konovich was arrested. He was unhappy that his son, Natalia ex-husband, gave her and their son his apartment after the divorce. Konstantin needed the apartment back, but Natalia refused to return the gift. Then Konstantin found two men that agreed to kill Natalia for money and Lexus. On 9 November, 2017, Konstantin Konovich was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment. The killer and his accomplice received 17 and 12 years sentences.

A Chance in Hell (Biadore) - Chapter 6 - Heather

In which Kim becomes a confidante and Adore learns that there’s more to Bianca than she could have imagined.

Content advice: sending nudes/sexting, mild BDSM mention (spanking)

A/N: This took a “what in the kinky bullshit” turn, but that’s what happens when you write drunk and edit sober I suppose.  Also I may or may not have borrowed a small plot detail from another fanfiction that I really enjoy and was one of the first ones in this fandom that I came across - miss you Squeaky ;;;

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My Headcannons About Doctor Spencer Reid.

I know I’ve reblogged someone else’s Ralves headcannons before that clash with some of these but these are my personal headcannons about everyone’s favourite genius Pretty Boy;

•Spencer was premature and is a testube baby that was conceived in Manchester (England) then born in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) to Diana and William Reid; he was born in the early hours of the morning on the 15th of September in 1981 (making him a Virgo) with minor breathing difficulties. He had been due in late October. (Spencer would be 36 at the time this is posted)

•Spencer actually has an IQ of 249 but he pretends that it’s 187 so he seems slightly more normal; nobody knows this.

•Even though he is clean, and has been for years, the FBI still makes Spencer take weekly drug tests just to be sure and Spencer still goes to monthly meetings with the Beltway Clean Cops to support his fellow drug addicts.

•Spencer is openly Trigender (Male, Female & Neither; only uses male pronouns though) but because he was given a unisex name he always goes by Spencer, he is also openly Pansexual (he prefers men).

•Spencer likes dominant and overprotective people who always give him tight hugs from behind and small, soft kisses to the tip of his nose, his temples, the back of his hands, the top of his head and his forehead.

•Spencer loves spooning in bed after making love and is always the Little Spoon, even if he is taller than his Big Spoon; if he is taller than the Big Spoon he will curl up and hug his knees to his chest to seem smaller, he will also suck his thumb.

•If sleeping alone, Spencer lies on his tummy and sprawls out like a starfish.

•Spencer has Aspergers Syndrome and carries around a black Tangle stress toy as well as a white Fidget Cube; the noise made by the Tangle always irritates Rossi when he hears it but Rossi keeps quiet about this as he knows that the Tangle makes Spencer happy.

•Spencer is 100% submissive and prefers to be dominated in the bedroom or lead around and given orders at work but if you upset him, abuse your title to do something evil or say something mean about someone he cares about he WILL tear you a new one without raising a hand or his voice.

•Spencer doesn’t try to initiate things or plan dates because he worries he will mess up; he is a major romantic though and will give you roses on Valentine’s Day.

•Spencer is 100% against one night stands and will only sleep with you if you two have had six or more successful dates.

•Spencer will wait seven months before moving on from a breakup; he has been in five previous relationships, 3 with women and 2 with men. He is currently single.

•Spencer totally has a crush on Luke Alves and Rossi & the girls all know this; Rossi teases him about it but the girls try to give him advice on how to ask Luke out.

•Spencer has a pet rock called Albert that he keeps in his messenger bag at all times whenever he leaves home; Albert is a small grey rock that has large googly eyes, an orange wig and wears a burgundy bow-tie.

•Spencer can’t sleep at night without a nightlight, his lavender scented Doctor Who blanket (that Garcia made him for his 25th birthday) and Albert; if he doesn’t have even just one of these things he will be plagued by horrific night terrors and will refuse to sleep until he passes out from exhaustion. If he manages to stay up all night he will have four cups of coffee before getting ready for the day.

•Spencer keeps a diary, but it’s mostly full of drawings instead of actual diary entries.

•Spencer always sings in the shower; mostly it’s songs like Hallelujah, Jar Of Hearts and Bleeding In Love that he sings in hotel bathrooms or the FBI gym’s shower room but he does sing the odd death metal song when he is home alone.

•Diana was readmitted into Bennington as Spencer can’t cope with looking after her due to his PTSS; Diana understands this and tells him it’s okay but Spencer still feels guilty about it.

•Spencer has a thing for everything lavender; the colour, the scent and the taste.

•Spencer likes his hair long and ends up putting it in a bun most of the time when it grows long enough.

•Spencer stays in contact with Elle and they always call to talk about Soap Operas, literature and their most recent dates when Spencer isn’t on a case.

•Spencer has a tendency to fall asleep in moving vehicles (including the jet) if nobody talks to him.

•Spencer actually hates coffee, he prefers tea when he can choose it, but it’s the only thing that keeps him awake at work so he disguises the taste of it with lots of sugar; only Emily knows this.

•Spencer knows where Hotch and Jack are now living and tends to go over there for Sunday dinner when there isn’t a case; Hotch allows this as he knows Spencer needs a steady male parental figure and he loves the idea of being Spencer’s father. Hotch also knows that Jack adores spending time with Spencer and that his son sees the genius as a older brother more than an uncle.

•Spencer has a therapist for his PTSS called Bruce and meets with him every Monday morning before work.

•Spencer’s car was originally his mother’s and it’s the only car he’s comfortable driving in; the car was christined Dante by Diana when she first bought it and Spencer doesn’t have the heart to change the name or get a new car.

•Spencer loves to babysit for Hotch, Derek and JJ whenever the opportunity arises; he’s secretly training Jack and Henry to become ninja magician T Rexes with Light Sabers and plans to do the same with Michael and Hank once they are older.

•Derek and Spencer always hang out together on Saturday’s when there isn’t a case; they tend to catch each over up on things that have happened and Derek tries to teach Spencer self defence techniques while Spencer tries to teach Derek Latin.

•Spencer is terrified of birds and has Ptrenophobia; he kept this hidden from Gideon as he knew that Gideon adored birds. Rossi knows this and is trying to help Spencer get over his fear…- His attempts are never successful.

•Spencer adores Halloween, but he secretly loves Christmas more and is obsessed with iced mince pies ever since he once tried them at a Christmas lecture on Mental Illness in Glasgow (Scotland) one year.

•Spencer likes to go to jazz clubs over nightclubs, bookstores over grocery stores, coffee shops over pubs and prefers speed dating over online dating.

•Spencer is great at baking desserts, but heaven forbid he try to cook dinner or make a sandwich.

•Spencer was conceived in February, this could mean he was a late Valentine’s present (in a way).

The fanart used here doesn’t belong to me but I can’t find the creators, if you know who they are please let me know so I can credit them! Thanks!

May add more later on, but this is everything for now.

Let me know if you spot any spelling mistakes etc. please so I can go back and fix them, thanks!

Edit 1;

•Spencer is obsessed with chicken nuggets to the point that Hotch and JJ blame him for Jack and Henry’s obsession with chicken nuggets.

•Spencer always ends up in the toy aisle when he goes shopping and ends up buying lots of toys that are for him and when anyone asks him “Who are they all for?” he says it’s for his godsons but we all know that really they are for him.

Edit 2;

 •Spencer’s full name is Spencer Walter Albert Reid.

•Spencer is secretly working towards his medical degree in his free time.

 •Spencer is allergic to peanuts, certain animal fur, homophobes, racists, transphobes, ageists, sexists and ableists.

 •Spencer is scared of flying, but, if he’s with the team or his mom he feels safe.

Edit 3;

•Spencer loves watching Fox’s Lucifer and The Walking Dead as well as BBC’S Sherlock and Doctor Who. He also enjoys watching Star Trek and the Batman movies.

•Spencer tends to forget to return library books unless the Librarian reminds him to hand them in.

•Spencer once struck Strauss in the forehead while practicing his Physics Magic at work; Strauss was not impressed but the team was.

The Week Ahead: September 25 - October 1, 2017

In a nutshell, Monday and Tuesday are going to majorly suck; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will still suck but not so much; Saturday and Sunday will be much better. We’re all extremely impatient. Initially it’s because our goals seem too far away, and will take a lot of work to achieve. But then, it’s because we and others wasted all that time whining when there was work to be done! What is happening is that our faith in the future is being tested. Optimism has to learn how to work with being realistic, and vice versa.

Void of Course Moons

Sunday, September 24, 07:33 UTC (Scorpio) - Monday, September 25, 04:01 UTC (Sagittarius)

Wednesday, September 27, 11:08 UTC (Sagittarius) - 16:24 UTC (Capricorn)

Saturday, September 30, 00:14 UTC (Capricorn) - 04:40 UTC (Aquarius)

Lunar Phases

Thursday, September 28, 02:54 - First Quarter, 5:11 Capricorn

Retrograde/Direct Etc.

Thursday, September 28,19:36 UTC - transiting Pluto stations direct


Saturday, September 30, 00:42 UTC - transiting Mercury enters Libra


Monday, September 25:

  • 14:35 UTC - Mercury/Virgo square Saturn/Sagittarius, 21:57

Tuesday, September 26:

  • 13:13 UTC - Saturn/Sagittarius trine North Node/Leo, sextile South Node/Aquarius, 22:00
  • 13:30 UTC - Mars/Virgo trine Pallas Rx/Taurus, 13:25

Wednesday, September 27:

  • 14:17 UTC - Sun/Libra conjunct Vesta/Libra, 4:39
  • 14:36 UTC - Jupiter/Libra (27:15) sesquare Neptune Rx/Pisces (12:15) - ties in with Jupiter opposite Uranus tomorrow
  • 22:12 UTC - Mercury/Virgo opposite Chiron Rx/Pisces, 26:09

Thursday, September 28:

  • 04:25 UTC - Jupiter/Libra opposite Uranus Rx/Aries, 27:22
  • 18:09 UTC - Sun/Libra square Juno/Capricorn, 5:48

Saturday, September 30:

  • 00:11 UTC - Venus/Virgo opposite Neptune Rx/Pisces, 12:11
  • 02:17 UTC - Venus/Virgo (12:18) sesquare Uranus Rx/Aries (27:18)
  • 11:05 UTC - Juno/Capricorn square Vesta/Libra, 6:06
  • 13:43 UTC - Venus/Virgo trine Pallas Rx/Taurus, 12:53

Sunday, October 1:

  • 23:36 UTC - Mars/Virgo trine Pluto/Capricorn,16:51

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Some exceptional places to visit on Earth. Part 2

26 Italie: Santa Maria Island ~ The Monastery of Santa Maria dell'Isola was built on a rocky cliff near the beach in Tropea, Italy.

France 27: The Gardens of Marqueyssac ~ Marqueyssac gardens - Belvedere of the Dordogne are in the town of Vézac in a historic park of 22 hectares.

28. Philippinnes : Labassin Waterfall Restaurant ~ This restaurant in the Philippines offers its guests to eat their feet in the water. An artificial waterfall was built for the occasion.

29 Iran: The Mosquée Nasir-ol-Molk ~ The mosque Nasir-ol -Molk is a Shiite mosque in the province of Fars in Iran. It was built from 1876 to 1888 and is full of colors.

30 Russia: Pillars Nature Park in Lena ~ These natural stone columns measure several tens of meters high and are formed by a process of erosion.

31. Thaïlande : Le Temple Blanc Wat Rong Khun ~ Wat Rong Khun is a place of worship entirely white south of Chiang Rai in Thailand.

32. Singapour : Le Parc Gardens by the Bay ~ Green space with remarkable biodiversity, built for more than 625 million. This giant park measures 101 hectares and includes three gardens.

33 United States: Kansas City Library ~ A novel architecture for the library of Kansas City, which offers a facade shaped ledgers stored.

34 Ukraine and Russia: Mount Ai-Petri ~ Ai-Petri is a mountain 1,230 meters high located in the region of Yalta in the Crimea.

35 Egypt: The Library of Alexandria ~ The Library of Alexandria was built in 1995 and cost $ 220 million. It was inaugurated in October 2002.

36 France: Le Moulin de l'Abbaye ~ Le Moulin de l'Abbaye is a luxury hotel located in Brantôme-en-Perigord in the Dordogne. It is a luxury of the Perigord.

37 Pérou: Oasis of Huacachina ~ Huacachina is a village in the Ica Region, in southwestern Peru has an oasis. In 1999, only 115 people lived there.

38 Mexico: The Marieta Islands ~ The Marieta Islands are an uninhabited archipelago off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico. It is an old military became protected national park area.

39 Sri Lanka: The lion rock Sigiriya ~ Sigiriya (Lion’s Rock) is a major archaeological site, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

40 Portugal: Le Fort of São João Baptista ~ The Fort of São João Baptista is a seventeenth century fort located on the island of Berlengas in front of the port city of Peniche in central Portugal.

41 Canada: Montreal Botanical Garden ~ The Montreal Botanical Garden is located in Montreal, Quebec and is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. It was created in June 1931.

42 Thailand: Phraya Nakhon Cave ~ A Buddhist temple built in the middle of the cave Phraya Nakhon Thailand is illuminated by the light of heaven.

Australie-Occidentale 43: Le lac rose of Middle Island ~ The Hillier lake on the island of Middle Island has a water pink, the cause remains unexplained. It was discovered in 1802 by a British explorer.

44 South Korea: Jeju-do Island ~ Jeju-do is a province and a sub-tropical island of South Korea oval.

France 45: The Ark Breakthrough Chartreuse ~ Discovered only in 2005, the double arch of the Breakthrough Tour is located in the Alps.

46 Turkmenistan: The Gates of Hell ~ The gate of hell (Door to Hell) is a hotbed of natural gas burning continuously since it was lit by Soviet scientists in 1971.

47 China: The sunken city of Shi Cheng ~ Qiandao Lake is based in the city of Shi Cheng, about 1300 years old, it is immersed for 53 years in the deep waters.

48. Maroc: Le Souk de Fes ~ In the souk of Fez in Morocco is one of the oldest tanneries in the world.

49 U.S.: The Fly Geyser ~ Fly Geyser is a small geyser in Washoe County, Nevada, which gives the impression of a brown ooze greenish color.

50 Belize: Le Grand Bleu Hole ~ The Great Blue Hole is an underwater cenote off the coast of Belize. It is almost circular with a diameter of 300m and 120m deep.

51 Brazil: Mount Roraima ~ The mountain also serves as the triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

Brigitte Bardot photographed by Sydney O'Meara in Hampstead north London for the filming of ‘Agent 38-24-36’.October 25, 1963