october 2011

Louis’ hand.

I forgot about this angle of the dancing video from October 2011, and I am having a hard time surviving right now.

Harry guzzling champagne while Louis’ hand rests gently on his hip.

And here’s where Louis comes up behind Harry. You can see him reach out and put his hand on the small of Harry’s back…

And finally, the conga line lead by James Corden with Louis behind Harry, a steady hand on Harry’s hip…

17-18 October 2011

I just want to make it very clear that Louis and Harry went to the Ed Sheeran show at the Academy 2 in Manchester together and I don’t think Eleanor was there.

This is hilarious because Eleanor went to the University of Manchester at the time and the show was ON CAMPUS.

But she did not go.

Harry and Louis went.

It was standing room general admission only. No private boxes. They could have stood on stage, but they were pictured near the toilets and bar:

They went to this show because it was the only time they had 2 days in a row off and Ed was within reasonable driving distance of London. He played London on this Fall UK tour on 3 October 2011, but the band was in Milan for Bring 1D to Me that day.

They had the 17th and 18th off. The show was the night of the 17th. They went up, saw Ed, and weren’t seen again until the next evening at 9:30 PM when they picked up milkshakes near their flat.

It’s especially funny to me that Eleanor appears not have been there because Harry and Louis went back up to Manchester on Saturday, the 22nd, so Louis and Eleanor could take the train to Doncaster and get their pictures taken in front of Jay’s house (Jay invited fans to come, even). 

You’d think a pretty cool concert date at your girlfriend’s uni would be more believable, but this was  a Harry & Louis date, and one I think they had planned for at least a few weeks since they managed to squeeze it in like they did.

TIMELINE: October 2011 (An Addendum)

In putting together my November timeline, I was cross-checking myself by looking at old Elounor blogs (the things I do lol) and came across these pictures which were taken October 1st, just before the boys left for their Bring Me to 1D tour and about 2 weeks after the Sun article announcing Eleanor as Louis’ girlfriend. Clearly they are not candids. Definitely a pre-arranged pap shoot in a park (remind you of anything?). 

To me, this might be the most damning sequence of events to suggest Elounor is fake. I don’t know how you reconcile the obvious media push and arranged pictures from the end of September with the way Louis talked (and didn’t talk) about her throughout October and November. 

October 1

October 2

October 3

October 4-November 25

Louis when asked if he’s seeing someone/single/has a girlfriend:

  • Doesn’t answer
  • Lets Liam or Niall answer for him
  • Says he’s seeing someone; When pressed, concedes it’s an openly gay radio producer
  • Says he is seeing someone but it is very casual
  • Finally says out loud he has a girlfriend on November 25 (but only after management set it up so he couldn’t avoid it…he avoided it twice earlier in the day)

Louis volunteering information about Harry:

  • Says he gave Harry lovebites
  • Says Harry hit him around the face with his penis in Louis’ sleep
  • October 6th shopping/tea/dinner/milkshake date
  • Takes pictures with Harry & Lux
  • Holds a sleepy Harry in his arms 
  • Has dinner with Harry again
  • Goes to see Ed in Manchester with Harry
  • Dances with Harry at a party
  • Goes to Milkshake City for another late night shake with Harry
  • Is uncomfortably jealous of Harry & Caroline
  • Tweets album cover with Harry’s picture; Calls it “my love’s face” and says “#welivetogetherdealwithit”
  • Talks about getting into bed with Harry
  • Tells everyone he lives together with Harry

For more on October (and September), see my timelines here. November and December should be up within the week. 

Scooter & Lap Pictures: Where, What, When, How

I’ve often wondered when and how the scooter and lap pictures were “found” online. 

We know the pictures are from 3 October 2011 in Milan, Italy. They were there for Bring Me to 1D.

That picture and this picture are from the same day:

I believe they were posted by an Italian magazine that was following them around for the day. They were posted the same day and several Italian 1D blogs picked the pictures up. 

Here is another picture from that day. Brace yourselves. Harry’s hand placement is a doozy.

And if you don’t know, this was the night before: