october 1643

Historical Trivia for 3x10

  • During the first weeks of the regency, Anne, out of gratitude, was disposed to grant all requests from her friends or anyone who professed to have served her in the past. One comment heard on every side was “The queen is so kind.”
  • Anne stopped wearing rouge after Louis’ death.
  • In October of 1643, Anne moved herself and her sons out of the Louvre and into what used to be Richelieu’s palace, which she had remodeled and refurbished, and soon became known as the Palais-Royal.
  • Gaston was exiled to Blois by Cardinal Mazarin in 1652 and stayed there until he died.
  • In 1667, the historical inspiration for d’Artagnan, Charles de Batz-Castelmore, became captain-lieutenant of the Musketeers
  • The man who served as Anne’s First Minister, Cardinal Mazarin, could speak Spanish and was briefly an officer in the papal army.