october 16 1973

In response to American aid to Israel, on October 16, 1973, OPEC raised the posted price of oil by 70%, to $ 5.11 a barrel. The following day, oil ministers agreed to the embargo, a cut in production by five percent from September’s output and to continue to cut production in five percent increments until their economic and political objectives were met.

When King Faisal cut off oil supplies in October 1973 he said “We and our ancestors survived on dates and milk and we will return to them again.”

Kissinger arrived to meet King Faisal with the intention of threatening that if the oil embargo was not lifted, the US would use force to ensure the flow of oil. After all, Kissinger has said that “” Oil is much too important a commodity to be left in the hands of the Arabs. “

Henry Kissinger said in his memoirs that when he met King Faisal in Jeddah he was sad, so he made a joke and told King Faisal, "My Plane ran out of oil, so will your majesty order it to get supplied with oil and we are ready to pay at International rates? ”
He continued in his memoir saying that King Faisal did not laugh and raised his head and looked at him and said: “And I am an old man who wishes to pray in Al-Aqsa before I die, so will you help me in my wish? ”

It is reputed that when Kissinger asked King Faisal about his demands, he answered:

“The demise of Israel.”

On 25 March 1975, King Faisal was shot point-blank and killed by his half-brother’s son, Faisal bin Musaid, who had just come back from the United States. The murder occurred at a majlis (literally “a place for sitting”), an event where the king or leader opens up his residence to the citizens to enter and petition the king.

Photo King Faisal and Henry Kissinger


Gene Krupa (January 15, 1909 – October 16, 1973) having a good time.

Now you know why Moon the Loon called him the greatest of all time.