If You Honestly Believe....

that JRoth never panned for Bellarke to happen then I just….I feel sorry for you….because its extremely obvious that he has been.

Listen clearly:

No man compares his male lead to himself and his female lead to his wife without intending to make them a romantic couple somewhere down the line. 

No man says things like Bellamy is the heart and Clarke is the head (two things that do not and cannot function properly in biological terms without one another) without intending to make it romantic.

No man spends a deliberate amount of filming time, including editing musical scores, reshoots and hiring extras, without intending to make it romantic.


I’m sorry, guys, but you’re wrong.


Inktober Day 29

Please take a look at my  Inktober Day 28 drawing for a better context of this drawing.

Image 1 -Escape from the perfume department.

Ronnie: You boys are so Overly Dramatic!
Its just perfume!

Inktober Day 27 - A few hours earlier….
Image 2- Lincoln, Clyde and Ronnie are watching a 3D movie together inside the theater. Lincoln is sharing the popcorn. Ronnie is drinking the Soda. Clyde is texting.

Ive actually ran out of ink to finish day 27 drawing which was why I didnt upload it on the 27th of October. It explains where they were at earlier.