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I have the WORST dark circles, they are not puffy, but instead deep set, and I have had them since I was a kid. They are so bad you can see them through my makeup, any nonprobmamatic product recommendations from you or your followers? I am desperate

Well, the first thing I should point out is that product recommendation works best when you give your skin type! For example, I use Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Concealer and I have oily skin but I have heard from people with dry skin don’t enjoy this product as much.

Some recommendations:

  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. They have a bit of a peach/salmon color for color correcting in itself)
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal is a really nice and cheap option! And they have color correcting concealers as well. Honestly, I would go with this one if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money!

Another thing is color correcting! Color correcting will help so much in neutralizing your dark circles so you don’t cake concealer or foundation under your eye. I don’t know if you are familiar with the right way to color correct but Jackie Aina has a really good video that shows how to color correct according to your skin color [LINK TO VIDEO]

Color correcting has gotten pretty popular lately so you can get palettes for color correcting that are both high end and low end. I used to use the NYX Color Correcting Palette and it worked great for me. Kaya Empire on YouTube ( @kartari on Tumblr) also did a video on Color Theory and explained how to use each color [LINK TO VIDEO].

Followers, any other recommendations? I’m not huge on concealer myself because I mostly use full coverage foundation so I haven’t tried a lot.

-mod S


Supernatural - Angels Falling (8x23) 

‘’Expel all Angels from Heaven, just as God cast out Lucifer.’’

Castiel, My Little Angel ☜♥☞


Modern day Pokémon Trainer looks.


When you’re Supernatural and SU trash.

This scene always reminded me of these two for some reason and so I finally drew it :)

Inspired by this scene xx

Please do not repost without my permission :p


I edited this wrap dress from the Showtime expansion pack to remove the undershirt from the top and the sparkles on the skirt and add a pregnancy morph with properly slotted animations. Small changes, but I think this style works well as a maternity outfit. :)

Monstera Apparel: “Names” Acc. Jacket

First things first, by all means I don’t pretend to offend people that are suffering/have suffered from mental health issues themselves or have relatives/friends that have, mental health is something that needs to be taken seriously and the “Names” acc. jacket is just a jacket based on real life clothing that I wanted for my game.

  • Credit goes to @sims4-marigold for the mesh that you need to download (x)
  • No custom thumbnail
  • Only available in black (I tried to do more recolors but didn’t like how they turned out), 7 different swatches (psycho, f*ckboy, baby, daddy, a**hole, depressed, antisocial, all without the * obviously)
  • Tag @gershologram/#gershologram if you use, thanks in advance ^^

Download (mediafire-no adfly)

Shoulder touches

From the first touch

To the many in between

To the last

It started with Cas and ended with Dean.