Sam Octigan

Sam is an artist and illustrator based in Melbourne Australia.

Known for working across a range of mediums for a range of audiences, marrying traditional and contemporary techniques, his bold style and visual sense are evident throughout all of his work.

He prioritizes working with both commercial clients on creative projects and creating personal work for exhibitions, events and collaborations with other artists, brands and agencies. Consciously blurring the line between fine artist and creative professional.


Sam Octigan, Recent Work.

Recent paintings by artist Sam Octigan (Previously on Supersonic) for his part in the group exhibition “Dark Times” currently on display at RVCA Corner Gallery and in association with Studio 615 in Melbourne, Australia.  The show also includes artwork, all created in black and white, by artists  Michael DanischewskiMelissa GrisannichSahil Silk RoyDoug Aldrich and Brendan Davies.

Check out the full details of “Dark Timeshere.

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Sam Octigan “What You Can’t Forget.”

Australian artist Sam Ocitgan (Previously on Supersonic) has a solo show, “What You Can’t Forget,” opening April 10th at Just Another Project Space in Melbourne, Australia.  The body of work deals with thoughts about history repeating itself and what justice might really mean.  Keep reading for more work from the show and a glimpse into Octigan’s studio as well as a video:

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