Another Octavirate illustration, this time for “Simple Tricks and Nonsense”, a small supplement full of incredibly low-level spells and “cantrips” that can prove surprisingly useful!

This illo is for “Calrith’s Cantrip Cannon”, which allows a character to launch multiple level-0 spells simultaneously. I think I ended up naming the spellslinger “Eman”. She shows up in several illustrations throughout the book, so I thought “Maybe she should have a name”.

Maybe I should draw her some more, now that I can draw better. At least, I feel I do.

More Octavirate illo work, this time for the “Lethal Lexicon”, a parody of the old Monster Manual. Say hello to the Militant Ape of Vega, not to be confused with the Militant Vegan Ape, which is also in the book.

Yorks, I love drawing wacky Fifties shit. And apes. Mix em up? AWESOME. Obvious inspiration from Robot Monster, but hey, that’s a glorious movie.


Let’s talk about the Lethal Lexicon

I love old monster manuals. Especially the first Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual and Fiend Folio. Back when Octavirate was primarily a d20 publisher, one of the books we put out for digital distribution was the Lethal Lexicon, a parody/homage creature collection in two volumes, with 60 new monsters. 

I did everything I could to match the look of the 1st-ed MM, right down to font choices and art style. The creatures, while goofy, were still usable as foes and we kept up the Octavirate variant-rules-and-settings tradition with an appendix on how to adapt the creatures to other d20 rule sets.

It had tons of fun creatures, including endangered dragons, historically inaccurate dinosaurs and hordes of beasts strange and parodical.  I’ve captioned each of the above pictures with the name of the creature involved. See if you can guess what they are before checking!

Part 1 and Part 2 are available for $4.50 each through rpgnow.com

Or, you can get both Lethal Lexicons plus every other Octavirate RPG release (Including ExorSystems Inc) for $25, as I’m trying to raise enough money to get my car fixed and, consequently, get my life back.