Okay, so I made some shoops of @therobotmonster‘s Eternal Galaxy figure designs, mainly the first-wave bodies and the original rideable-monster design, to pitch to him as new “waves.”

They were rejected due to the fact that they were more gonzo than the more straight-up high fantasy designs he was lookin for, but he did like ‘em and said I could share ‘em!

Aside from Trent’s original figure designs, I only used public domain pictures, and pics I took myself for these. I’m particularly proud of turning the ¾ths profile of the Harryhausen cyclops into a p/ passable front view for one of the heads, and for making a Hatsune Miku-expy out of a public domain pic of a statue of the robot from Metropolis, as well as using the Sobekor from Trent’s own old Octavirate Games work!

But the original figs are pretty cool too! There’s a lady Death Adder and a lady Baltard in there! And if you want to support him, his Patreon’s doing something directly related to the Eternal Galaxy line this month, so go check it out, n donate maybe if you’re in a financial position to!

Unfortunately, I am not in a financial position to donate, given I’m trying to get my own Patreon off the ground, and if you want more photo-editing projects like this, feel free tothrow a few bucks its way too!

In fact, I actually had an idea for one I may be doing soon…