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I miss the days in this fandom when we all made fun of Flarke, laughed at the cute Jonty scenes, had sassy Bellamy Blake and doctor Clarke Griffin, where Lincoln left Octavia flowers and Raven blew shit up. I just miss when they were all in the forest kicking ass and being The 100.   

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What are your favorite kabby fanfics?

Hey, nonny! This took me forever to answer, and I’m really sorry about that. I have a lot of favorite fics, so I’ll limit this list to my top ten favorites. This only features fics on AO3, but I know there are plenty of amazing ones to be found on Tumblr that I can’t locate right now (or can’t locate on AO3). If you want, you can check out my fic rec tag to find some that are Tumblr-bound! 

In no particular order, here are the ones to which I return over and over again:

1. The Life You Make in the Ruins by @kane-and-griffin - this is the fic that got me started writing fanfiction. Honestly, this was a life-changing experience for me, and I have reread it at LEAST five or six times. It’s beautiful. Modern AU where Jake and Callie die in a car crash and Marcus and Abby are left to raise their kids; Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia. 

2. A Flower in Autumn by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - OH MY GOD, I can’t even describe the amount of feelings I have regarding this fic. I’mma start crying, no joke. Period/regency era AU isn’t usually my thing, but this is beautifully written, perfectly in-character (Alice’s Abby Griffin could literally have walked off the show and into this fic, and as Abby trash, this delights me) and the romance is dazzling. 

3. Through the Wire by noblydonedonnadoble - another of my earlier reads in the Kabby fandom that stuck with me for over a year. The writing strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama, and it rises above the simple “fake dating AU” trope. Of course, I’m trash for fake dating AU, so…I was destined to love this. Modern/fake dating AU where Abby needs a date for her brother’s wedding, and Marcus Kane is the solution to that problem.

4. Everyone Can See It by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - look, I’m just trash for everything Alice writes. But this I especially love because it shows other people’s perspectives on Marcus and Abby’s relationship, something I haven’t often seen in this fandom. Not to mention that, as before, every character is perfectly translated from screen to page. While it’s not completed, the status doesn’t affect the rest of the piece because they’re a series of interconnected one-shots. It’s amazing.

5. I Need You So Much Closer by @skaihefamarcus - if you want good smut, this is some Grade A smut. I recommend everything of Kate’s, even though there are a few things of hers that I think live only on Tumblr? If you search her blog, you can probably find them. Written for a Valentine’s exchange, this fic takes place after Marcus returns from Polis in S4. AU in which Marcus and Abby are actually reunited instead of remaining separated forever, and Abby is…well, really happy to see him. *wink*

6. Haiplana by @kane-and-griffin - the fic that makes everyone’s rec lists, and for good reason. I mean, it has everything. Abby wearing a gorgeous grounder dress? Check. Actual interaction between Marcus and Lexa, of which we were so horribly deprived on the show? Check. Epic, sizzling sexual tension? CHECK. Canon-compliant S3 oneshot where Abby and Marcus attend a grounder feast in Polis. 

7. Wonderwall by @fandammit - I LOVE. THIS FIC. Well really I love anything Lelanie writes, but this fic especially. It does a spectacular job of not only building an entire modern AU backstory between Marcus and Abby, but in explaining why they hated each other, slowly brings them back together. Not to mention that Lelanie is literally #writergoals and I constantly have to restrain myself from yelling at her to explain her witchcraft secrets for writing so beautifully. :P Modern AU where Marcus and Abby meet at their high school reunion. 

8. Femme Aux Phlox by @brittanias - another amazingly well-written fic that made me cry. An amazing storyline (better than what we got on the show, tbh) and utterly, amazingly beautiful. Canon-compliant S3 fic that addresses Abby losing the Chancellorship and what that does to their relationship. Hint: Abby needs somewhere to live, and Marcus Kane’s door is open. 

9. There Will Be Time by @shefollowedfires - another beautiful canon-compliant fic. Emily’s characterization is on-point, and the language she uses is just beautiful. I swear, I’m a little jealous of the precision of her words and the loveliness of her writing. (Also, she’s one of the coolest people on the planet and makes lovely gifsets. Besides the point). Canon-compliant, Marcus and Abby find a cute little cottage in the woods and have some much-needed alone time.

10. We Had It Good There For Awhile by @kane-and-griffin - I have never seen The West Wing, but that didn’t stop me from reading this at 4 a.m. the night it was posted and then crying my eyes out over it. You really don’t have to know the show to read and love it - I mean, it probably helps if you know the background - but it’s by no means necessary to appreciate the amazingness of this storyline. West Wing/Political AU where Abby is the White House Press Secretary and Marcus is the White House Communications Director.

…so, there you go! Emily’s long, rambly list of favorite fics. Hope I helped you out, nonny! Like I said, these are only the ones I’ve bookmarked/read a thousand times on AO3, and I know there are many awesome ones here that are in my tag or I forgot to mention. All the writers in this fandom are extremely talented, and I’m thankful and honored to be part of it. 

Adventure (PART 1): The 100 (Bellamy Blake)

|||Bellamy has to ask Octavia for information about you so that he can ask you out just right|||

WARNINGS: language? Minor smut.

A/N: Bellamy is shy about admitting his love for the Y/N.


“Hey O, I need a favour.” 

Octavia looked up from her work. “Of course Bell, what do you need?”

Bellamy looked over at you, sitting down by a campfire, and then looked back at Octavia. “What do you know about Y/N?” 

Octavia laughed. “You have a crush on her, don’t you?” 

Bellamy went red. “No! I mean- well…” 

His sister chuckled. “She loves flowers and starry nights. Also, she will never pass up an opportunity to go on an adventure.” 

Bellamy chuckled. “Thanks, O.”

“No problem.”


You saw the first flower just before bed time. It was full and blue and sat just outside your tent where you were about to crash for the night. The next one was a few feet from the first, only it was a bundle of at least seven tiny, yellow, forget-me-nots. You suddenly saw the trail of assorted flowers leading from your tent to the gate and then outside the camp. You were intrigued. You followed the trail to a tree. Looking around you found no one. Curious as to why you were now standing outside the camp in front of a random tree. Turning back you noticed an arrow carved into the trunk, pointing left. You immediately followed.

After following the instructions found yourself standing on a cliff over looking more forest, only the sky above you was perfectly clear, revealing the milky way and countless other constellations. You stared upwards, mouth open in awe until the snapping of a twig and a man’s voice pulled your attention away. It was Bellamy Blake. Damn he was hot.

“Hey Y/N.” He said with an awkward smile.

“Bellamy did-” You looked up again. “Did you do this?”

He nodded, pulling a bouquet of beautiful flowers from behind his back. All of a sudden you found it hard to breathe. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful sky, all brought to you by a beautiful man. “I thought you might like them.” He said, stepping forward and bashfully lowering his eyes. 

Smiling, you nodded your head and walked towards Bellamy. You both stopped within inches of each other. You looked into his eyes as he pushed the bundle of flowers towards you. “Why-” You looked at the bouquet. “Why did you do this?” You asked.

Bellamy lowered his eyes to his boots. “Because you deserve something special.” His voice was so soft you almost didn’t hear him.

“I-” You stammered. “I what?”

Bellamy raised his eyes to yours. “Listen Y/N.” He said. “I really like you,” Flames of happiness lapped at your lungs. “I just didn’t know how to say it and- and I was really worried about making you feel awkward so I-” 

Just because your hands acted before your brain did doesn’t mean kissing Bellamy wasn’t the best decision you had ever made. His lips were soft against yours and his hands were warm on the small of your back. 

He pulled away with a look of astonishment on his face. “Did- I- You just kissed me.” 

You chuckled. “I did.” Taking his hand you pulled him into the middle of the cliff ridge and sat down. “How did you know flowers, stars, and adventures were my favourite?” You asked as you laid down on a blanket Bellamy had laid out. 

“Octavia was a huge help.” He said jokingly as he joined you by your side. 

You realized how cold it was when you shivered. Bellamy noticed this and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his warm chest, but he did so you could both take in the gorgeous sky that unraveled above you. A star shot across the sky. You gasped.

Bellamy chuckled. “What did you wish for?” He asked with a smile. 

“That we could stay here forever.” You said softly.

Bellamy chuckled thinking it was a joke but fell silent when you didn’t laugh with him. “You meant that?” He asked, eyes wide.

You nodded and Bellamy continued to look at you, expecting you to burst into laughter, but when you didn’t he pulled you closer and kissed you. Bellamy was clearly less dazed this time because he ran one hand up and down the back of your neck while keeping the other one on the small of your back, keeping your hips press against his. You took both of his hands and moved them to your ass where he squeezed at his own leisure. You wrapped one leg around his side and rolled so that you were on top of him. His hands traveled up your shirt. You frowned as he pulled away.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked concerned. You nodded and his hands returned to your waist. Bellamy suddenly rolled so that he was on top of you. “This way you can look at the stars.” Your lungs felt like they were going to explode. This man was perfection. 

His hands made their way to your bra. Once he took it off he fondled your breasts. You took off his shirt and he did the same for you. Next pants, panties, and boxers. Bellamy was tentative. He made sure to be gentle throughout everything but still gave you immense pleasure. Once you had both hit and rode out your climaxes you lay next to each other studying each other’s eyes. You lay silent until Bellamy spoke.

“Do have you have any idea how much I love you?” You flinched at the word ‘love’ and Bellamy realized what he had said. “I- Uh. Sorry I-”

You kissed him. “I love you too Bell.” An ecstatic smile pushed its way across Bellamy’s face. You matched it, and together you slept in the warmth of each other’s arms, the beauty of the stars, and the shelter of the forest.


WOAH! This imagine was so fun to write and I seriously hope you all got the same pleasure out of it. Love you all! PLEASE REQUEST! Peace out girl scouts!

-Emma (my-little-wolfies)

Shadowy Corners

Part 2 / 2

Bellamy X Reader

Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: blood, mentioning of death
Word Count: 3067
A/N: After all this time… It’s here! Finally! Thanks to @maccira, because without you it would have been literaly impossible. 
Request:   I wanted to send in a request where you get nearly killed by a panther while walking through the woods. Lincoln & Octavia find you then near death & carry you back to camp where Bellamy breaks down in tears at the sight of you. Clarke tells all then that you won’t make it and then all your friends like Raven,Finn,Octavia,Lincoln,Monty & Jasper sit by your side and Bellamy holds your head on his lap. Like a wonder you fight your way back to life and recover with help of your loved ones

Read Part 1 here!

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What would Octaven trying to hide their relationship from the other delinquents look like?

Hope this was what you wanted!

  • *violently pulls the other into their tent*
  • fights that end with screaming in each others faces and slamming each other into walls and everyone is just standing there like….should we leave?
  • Everyone gets drunk one night and do a “what your favorite thing about someone in the circle” and Octavia mutters “Raven’s mole shaped like a love heart” by accident and Finn just looks at her sideways
  • secret butt pinches
  • Raven ‘jokingly’ slapping Octavia’s ass with her wrench
  • Raven is a giggle monster in bed and Bellamy and Finn walk past her tent one night like…wait a minute
  • “Hey Octavia can you give me a hand with this screw?”
  • “Hey Raven wanna go get wet at the waterfall?”
  • Monty walking into Raven’s radio space and just sees two pairs of legs tangled together behind her old satellite
  • Raven wears her hair down one day and Jasper won’t stop bothering her about it till she throws a rock at him and screams “THEY’RE HICKEYS ALRIGHT, FUCK!”
  • Octavia brings Raven a new flower every day
  • they have their own special frequency for dirty talk whenever Octavia goes on missions with the others
  • Monty stumbles across it one day and quickly shuts it off before anyone can hear
  • Clarke keeps wondering why Monty flushes bright pink every time he sees Octavia and Raven talking
  • Octavia has a nasty fight with Bellamy one night so Raven shoves herself in between them, gives him her best death glare, grabs Octavia’s hand and drags her away
  • “Octavia, your shirt wasn’t inside out ten minutes ago.”
  • “Raven, aren’t  those O’s shoes?”

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send me in a “what would _____ involve?

You called me your friend?¿???¿? Pt 2
  • Murphy: ...so I'm the least fucked up out of everyone right now?¿??¿
  • Clarke: yeah
  • Murphy: what about Bellamy?
  • Clarke: he literally murdered a village
  • Murphy: OK what about Octavia then she's still a flower child right
  • Clarke: a flower child who can murder you
  • Murphy: ok but Monty. I must still be worse than-
  • Clarke: he joined Donald Trump
  • Murphy: Goggles?!?!
  • Clarke: literally a suicidal alcoholic with ptsd oh did I forget to mention Monty committed genocide with Bellamy and I and killed Jasper's gf
  • Murphy:
  • Clarke: oh I did forget didn't I haha
But can we talk about the bromance Lexa and Octavia would have had?

Lexa : so you put a ring on it dude?
Octavia : I did bro.
Lexa : dude can I be your bestbro?
Octavia : You’ve always been my bestbro dude no matter what.
Lexa : bro.

Or Lexa wingbroing for her bestbro

Lexa : *at Lincoln* bro do you have a bandaid? Cause Octavia scrapped her knees falling for you.
Octavia: B rO.

Or at their 5 years of bestbroing anniversary while they’re giving each other’s flowers

Octavia : Dude I got you some broses
Lexa : oh man bro same I got you some daffodudes
Octavia : dude its like we can read each other’s mind
Lexa : brO

Real Leaders Wear Flower Crowns

Alright, this one is for my fave sunshine, @smolbellamy because her url always makes me think of pissed off smol Bellamy who is done with everything and then someone puts a flower crown on top of his head. HAPPY VALENTINE’S, BABE! <33

This is exactly what it says on the tin: Bellamy, Clarke and flower crowns.

Set sometime between Day Trip and Unity Day. 

Read on AO3

Clarke isn’t sure what’s going on; all she knows is that in one moment, she could hear Bellamy shouting at someone to pick up the pace, and in the other, their fierce leader was sitting by the fire pit with a flower crown perched on top of his head.

Now, Clarke has seen some shit. In these couple of weeks they’ve been on Earth, she’s killed men, saved lives and also - gotten high, but just when she thought nothing could surprise her, there’s Bellamy.

He looks decidedly unamused, sitting with his arms crossed and staring into the fire as Octavia pouts, adjusting the flower crown on his head until she must find it satisfactory because she lets out a triumphant cheer.

“There! Now you look like a real princess, Bell!”

To repeat, Clarke has seen some weird shit. But this is so way out of any league, so she strides over to the fire, shoots a glare at Jasper who is snickering because Bellamy looks uncomfortable, and clears her throat.

Both of the Blakes’ heads snap towards her and she’d be delighted, the concept of siblings a fascinating one amidst all that only children on the Ark, but their expressions clash.

Where Octavia looks smug, Bellamy just looks disconcerted, a crease forming between his brows.

“Clarke! Get over here!” Octavia calls for her, making grabby motions at Harper until the other girl hands her a crown woven with yellow flowers, as opposed to Bellamy’s purple.

Clarke lets Octavia place it on her head, fuss around the correct placement and only then asks,

“What’s all this?”

"Bell said we need to boost the morale.”

“And flower crowns are a way to do that?”

When Bellamy shoots her a bemused look, Clarke realizes that things have really changed lately. Ever since that trip to the bunker, where an unspoken deal was struck, all it took was a glance in Bellamy’s direction to know whether he agreed with her idea or not.

It would be frightening if it wasn’t the best thing that has happened since they landed.

“Flower crowns are lovely,” Octavia threatens, baring her fangs just a little. “I’ll take yours away if you don’t appreciate them.”

Clarke throws her hands up in mock surrender, plopping down beside Bellamy. “No, no, they’re great.”

They kind of are, really. Bellamy’s is purple, probably fluorescent in the dark and it sort of makes him look like old Earth royalty, the clash of purple in the inky black curls.

He looks nice, Clarke thinks and then immediately stops herself because this is not what she needs right now. Sure, Bellamy is handsome, uncharacteristically beautiful even - with the freckles forming constellations on his cheeks and his nose, dimples that appear whenever he really smiles and it’s odd, how that thought makes something stir in her belly.

“-really fucking weird.”

Clarke snaps out of it, focusing her attention on Bellamy who is muttering at the ground and kicking a stray pebble in front of his feet.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s a stupid idea anyway,” he mutters again, landing the pebble into the fire.

“Why do you hate happiness, Bellamy?”

He shoots her a glare. “I don’t. I just don’t think purple is my color.”


“I thought this was gonna be one of those ‘I’m a man, men don’t wear flower crowns’ things,” Clarke admits, smiling when she gets a chuckle out of him.

“Everyone wears flower crowns. They are lovely but, you know.”

“Do you want to trade?”

That takes her right back to school on the Ark, where they’d trade crayons and bracelets amongst themselves. Wells made her a friendship bracelet once, a tiny, frail thing she had to carefully put on because it was just two threads and a blue plastic pearl.

It snapped when they threw her into the solitary.

But Bellamy looks at her, a little incredulous, and then nods. The rebel king takes off his purple flower crown carefully, with more gentleness than Clarke would’ve thought he was capable of, and hands it to her.

Yellow looks good on him, too, kind of like sunshine. She places her crown on his head, her hand accidentally brushing his curls and reveling in the softness. She gets the girls who kept running fingers through his hair, she’d wanna do that, too.

“Better?” Clarke asks, only to have Bellamy beaming at her in response. “Yeah, I like this color better, too.”


They don’t get these moments of childishness and innocence on Earth. Bellamy probably didn’t have them on the Ark, either. But they get what they can spare and they treasure it which is why Clarke leans on his shoulder, letting out a weary sigh.

Bellamy tenses up next to her, a moment in which she reconsiders her decision but ultimately chooses to stay until he softens. There’s this begrudging understanding between them now and maybe it can stretch further beyond.

It takes him a second or two to shift, draping an arm over her shoulders and pulling her in just a little closer.

“Long day?”

Clarke hums in confirmation. "Jasper cut his hand preparing the lunch, Fox sprained her ankle and Finn - ”

“Finn is just Finn, huh?”

Yeah, Finn is just Finn, endlessly pulling at her sleeve, shooting puppy dog stares her way, and all Clarke can think about is how Raven doesn’t deserve this.

“How’s your side of the camp?”

“Miller’s got the wall under control, Monty and Raven are working on making more bullets and Octavia is making flower crowns.”

His serious tone of voice is what really cracks her up and Clarke is howling with laughter in a moment of seconds. The Delinquents stop and stare, watching her clap like a seal and choke on laughs as Bellamy watches the scene unfold with a fond gaze.

They’re also the leaders who are wearing flower crowns, so, yeah, it’s no wonder the kids are staring.

She manages to calm down after a second, despite every look in Bellamy’s direction making her laugh even harder, and then she presses out, “Were you jealous? Did you want to be a princess, too?”

“Oh, fuck you,” he shoots back, amused, no real heat to it, and she snuggles into his side again.

Bellamy Blake is warm, smells like smoke and the woods, and she just might not leave this place. Ever.

“For what it’s worth, I think you look cute,” she says after a while. There is a beat of silence and Clarke looks up to see Bellamy ducking his head to hide a smile.

After that, it’s easy to lace their fingers together, the two of them huddled by the fire as the night slowly descends on the camp. They don’t talk about it but Bellamy presses a kiss to the top of her head, brushing a petal or two on his way.

It’s not going to last, this calm in which they can sit together and pretend like they don’t have an entire planet on their mind.

But it’s enough, one sunset leaking orange on the woods, and Octavia grinning when she sees them.

“See? I told you, Bell. First step to getting a princess: you need to become one.”

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Clarke quirked a brow at Lexa in amusement. "Just admit it and I'll stop."

“Admit what?” Lexa’s eyes darted around from Octavia to Raven back to Clarke.

“You gave Raven flowers,” Octavia crossed her arms.

Lexa’s eyes got wide. She looked at Clarke, “That wasn’t your room? Did you not get the knife I left for you?”

Raven pulled the knife out of the back of her pants and handed it to Clarke. Clarke looked at Lexa and held the knife to her chest. “You got me a knife?”