octavia spence

Plot: Emma Stone plays Skeeter, a young woman who decides to write an article about Southern Maids in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi.   Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer play two of the maids and Spencer went on to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. 

Review:  The plot summary seems very short but what really makes the movie is the characters.  I went into this film thinking I wouldn’t like it but I came out surprised! There were some scenes I didn’t like and Bryce Dallas Howard came off a little too cartoonishly evil sometimes but overall the movie worked.  Speaking of long movies, this one came in at 2 hours and 18 minutes but it didn’t feel long.  The story was engrossing and the time flew by.  Emma Stone gives a good performance although she is supposed to be quite ugly.  Come'on hollywood!  Some of the best parts were the little moments.  One of the best scenes to me was when Viola Davis and Spencer are given 40 dollars and they act like they are rich.  It was small scenes like this that gave the movie depth and helped to show the difference between the races.  A good movie. 

Trivia:  Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard have both played Gwen Stacy in a spiderman movie.  


#Blogoscars 2012: 10 γυναικείες ματιές γεμάτες νόημα. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role η κατηγορία, και έχουμε 10 γυναίκες να τις πιεις στο ποτήρι. Καλά όχι ακριβώς, αλλά οι ερμηνείες τους ήταν μια και μια και κέρδισαν επάξια θέση στη λίστα των φετινών blogoscars. Here we go…

10. Marion Cotillard “Midnight in Paris”

9. Rachel Blake “Sleeping Beauty”

8. Ariane Labed “Άλπεις”

7. Octavia Spence “The Help”

6. Yasmine Paige “Submarine”

5. Melissa McCarthy “Bridesmaids”

4. Carey Mulligan “Shame”

3. Elle Fanning “Super 8”

2. Jessica Chastain “The Help”

1. Mélanie Laurent “Beginners”

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