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insp: Why Did You Kiss Me? by dance_tillyouredead

so dancetyd​ is making my dreams come true by writing this clexa Mummy!AU and I got so excited I made some character portraits of this badass quartet of ladies out to save the world from evil cursed mummies enjoy

Art and culture are themselves time-traveling, planes of existence where the past, present, and future shift seamlessly in and out. And for those of us from communities with historic collective trauma, we must understand that each of us is already science fiction walking around on two legs. Our ancestors dreamed us up and then bent reality to create us.
—  Walidah Imarisha, Octavia’s Brood

can we talk about bellamy blake who loved books more than anything, who thought stories and books was the only way to escape reality and were his safe place, who was the best student in the arc, who probably wanted to become a teacher and had dreams of rising above his station, who probably had a big goofy smile on his face everytime someone gave him a new book and slept with a book beside his bed everynight, can we talk about how he had to give all that up out of love for his sister, can we talked about how he was forced to work to provide for his family and set his dreams aside, can we talk about how he never complained about it cause it meant his sister was happy and safe and fed, can we talk about how bellamy blake has the biggest heart in the whole world and is ready to give up everything for the people he loves? 

Mark is Bellamy

OK but actually:

I was legitimately mad at everybody who was mad at Mark, because like…as a parent? If I was stuck somewhere with my gravely wounded kid and someone told me they were going to come save him and then suddenly they couldn’t…and that meant I couldn’t save my kid…who I would die for? I would be so angry?

And that was just for one 45 minute (accounting for commercials) episode. Bellamy’s been struggling with the need to save Octavia for 4 seasons now. He’s been Mark for FOUR Seasons and that doesn’t include the 16 years prior to them arriving on the ground. Bellamy had to listen to a father’s desperate struggle to save his son, and he wasn’t just emotionally affected because he was letting down Mark and Paul. Bellamy was devastated and angry because his inability to save them, means he can’t save Octavia.  

Personally, as a Bellamy fan, I’ve been wishing for the moment when he would finally realize that he has to let Octavia go if she is ever going to be a whole person, independent of him or anyone else. We’ve seen him attempt to do this several times over the Seasons, in 1*13 when he asks Lincoln to take Octavia, in 2*05 when he gives Octavia the backpack with the “You done?”, in 3*04 when he says “You’ll always fit in with me.” But in every single one of these instances, the moment danger presents itself, Bellamy snatches back those words, that small bit of “letting go” he’s trying to reach and tries to shelter Octavia in the only way he knows how, putting her back in, what for Octavia, would certainly be a cage. 

 This episode we are getting what I’ve wanted for so long. Bellamy has finally reached a point where Octavia is lost to him, it’s no longer within his power to save Octavia. To determine whether she lives or dies.  He has no choice but to let her go. But how does he do that? How does he stop protecting his child, because that’s what Octavia is to him, and that’s why Bellamy feels so hopeless to me at the end of the episode.

He’s realized what he needs to do, but he doesn’t know how to do it and it’s killing him inside. Who is he if his not Octavia’s big brother? Who is he if he isn’t living to protect her?

I expect we will get that final release moment in 4*09 (The Big Battle) where Bellamy realizes that Octavia is going to go marching off to fight and he will finally find the strength to let her go without conditions. 

Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. 

It will open up brand new possibilities for Bellamy and hopefully encourage the start of a new, less dependent Octavia as well.

His voice cuts through the air, the camp fire smoke blowing off to the side and they’re standing across from each other. Octavia squints her eyes, knives poised in her favoured attack stance and Alistair pulls up his shield, the griffon wings framing his face in such a way she’s momentarily distracted.

From eternalshiva‘s hot drabble, part of her amazing Alistair/Inquisitor Octavia series.

anonymous asked:

A lot of people r saying ilian was forced into having sex with Octavia like Murphy was with Ontari. Do u think that is true?

Didn’t look like it to me. He was clearly able to overpower her. She asked him to make her feel something. Seems like he agreed.

Are we now equating consensual sex for reasons the audience doesn’t like to chains and death threats?

I think maybe people should rethink that. 

I think we should also pay attention to what people are saying and think about where their ideas are coming from, their perspectives, their biases, and test out the theories with not just our own ideas, but also what actually happened in the story. People have a tendency to interpret things in a way that supports their previous theories. I’m pretty sure this one is based in Octavia hate. They hate her, so they look for more ways to make her evil. 

Was that a beautiful love scene? No it was not. Was it rape? That’s reaching. And concerning.

Octavia Ramble

Accountability is a huge part of The 100, and I always seem to come back to the seeming lack of it in Octavia’s story because it’s so jarring in comparison to the other mains. Actions always have ramifications, are clearly linked, even if it’s a season later. The mains suffer and change because of it.

I think a big part of a character being held accountable is the surrounding characters. And Octavia isolates herself. She rejects the Sky People absolutely because of her childhood, blaming them all for the ark even if they also suffered. She rejects her brother despite him desperately trying to give her what she wants because he represents captivity to her as much as the Sky People do. Octavia thought she wanted to be a grounder, but really she wanted what she believed, maybe needed them to represent: freedom. That wasn’t who the grounders are however, and she ultimately rejected them as well. She even rejected The 100, unable to separate the delinquents from the Sky People despite what they went through together.

So she’s alone, and it seems like so much of Octavia’s isolation comes down to rejection, to choice, which is tragic considering it wasn’t her choice to live under the floor (Lincoln being the exception, the person Octavia did accept and felt she belonged with, but was separated from through death and not choice).

Octavia chooses not to belong to any clan, furiously and frequently with disdain. And it’s her isolation that prevents condemnation of her actions because there’s no one to do so. Now? She’s stuck. She can’t avoid people or the ramifications of what she does to them. I think simply because of proximity and position she is going to be held accountable. I don’t know if it will be just for what she does in the bunker or what she did before Praimfaya, but it will be interesting to see how a character who’s managed to avoid and deafen herself to others will react to being unable to do so. Possibly. Maybe. I don’t really know. How long until season 5?

[Note: I don’t watch/read interviews and only occasionally see some gifsets of them so it’s likely I’ve missed some kind of clarification from JR or Marie. But I see a lot about how Octavia’s story is poor writing and I’m not up for interpretations that settle on the writers are stupid considering how much I squee over the depth of the rest of the show.]


I asked you guys to wait until Monday for my 4x11 Speculation, because I needed time to watch the other 11s, well I’ve finally done that and can now provide you with my spec!

Unlike the 10s there aren’t really a lot of really obvious consistent themes across these episodes, but, watching them the way I did, back to back, I was able to piece together a certain…trajectory for several characters, namely, Jasper, Monty, Raven, Clarke and Bellamy. I’m going to break this speculation into segments by character, with speculations bolded and italicized, here goes:


I suspect that radiation poisoning is going to begin to make an appearance at Arkadia and I think that this will cause Jasper to have a change of heart (at least in regards to the lives of others). In both 2x11 and 3x11 the focus of Jasper’s story line is his inability to save his friends from harm. See the following exchanges:

2x11 (Coup de Grace):

Jasper: “All right. Listen up. There’s gonna be questions, but there’s no time. We’re getting out of here. So pack your stuff.”

Fox: “What are you talking about?”

Miller: “What, they’re just letting us go?”

Jasper: “Yes, right now before they change their minds”

3x11 (Nevermore):

Clarke: “I had to save our people.”

Jasper:  “I was going to save everyone.”

Clarke: “I wish you could’ve.”

Jasper: “Shove your regret up your ass.”


Raven: “Let’s protect Jasper. Jasper’s so sensitive. Jasper’s lost someone. Everyone cater to his feelings. We’ve all lost someone. You don’t see us falling apart. You don’t see us getting wasted, being useless…”

 Jasper: “No. You took a pill to take your pain away. You gave up your memories.”

 Raven: “But then why should we expect anything more? You used to get high off people’s medicine. Being a selfish loser was your only move.”

Jasper: “Please stop.”

 Raven: “That’s all we see when we look at you… a coward, a waste of breath. Why do you even bother living? You’re weak, pathetic. You can’t save me. You can’t even save yourself. You couldn’t save what’s her name.”

In all of these instances, Jasper inability to save the people he cares for is front and center. All Jasper has wanted to be since 1x01 was a hero and so far he hasn’t been able to reach that goal. 

As it is likely this is the episode that Jasper dies in, I suspect that we will see him sacrifice himself to save the people stuck at Arkadia and finally Jasper will have been able to save everyone, just as he’s been trying to do for 2 Seasons now, probably by getting the others out of Arkadia.


In Episode 1x11, Monty has discovered that the Navigation System on the Exodus ship was tampered with by an unknown signal. He wants to figure out what’s happening with the signal, but Raven decides that they need the parts more than they need to figure out what happened. Raven also disconnects the radio that they were using to communicate with the Ark, even though Monty asks her not to, as it’s the only way they have to communicate with the Ark and his parents.  At the end of this episode Monty is captured by the Mountain Men.

In Episode 2x11, Monty does not have a huge role as he spends most of the episode trapped in a cage, watching Harper be bled, before he is ultimately rescued by Jasper and President Wallace. 

In Episode 3x11, Monty is integral to the plot of saving Raven, it is his idea to go to the Dropship and retrieve a pulse generator to help finish Raven’s EMP design. He takes Octavia with him and uses this opportunity to try to convince her to stay with the Delinquents. After retrieving the pulse generator, Monty walks outside to discover Octavia has disappeared and his mother has arrived. He realizes that she is chipped and is forced to shoot her when she almost kills Octavia. He realizes, after Raven is successfully revived that he could have saved his mother.

Monty’s story line for the 11′s seems to follow a relatively stable path. In each 11 episode he loses/almost loses someone he cares for and his life is endangered/he is captured.  In 1x11, he loses contact with the Ark (and therefore his parents and is unsure if they are alive or not), he is then kidnapped by the Mountain Men at the end of this episode. In 2x11, he is forced to watch Harper (who later becomes his girlfriend) be drilled for bone marrow (it is heavily implied that she is too weak for more drilling and would have died on the table if Wallace had not come in when he did) while he is held prisoner in a cage. In 3x11, he is forced to shoot and kill his mother when she attempts to kill Octavia, after she has already attacked him. 

In my opinion, this only adds more weight to the “Jasper dies in 4x11″ theory. We know, from the promo, that Monty is dressed in a HAZMAT suit, so it’s likely radiation has reached Arkadia, putting Monty’s life in danger. Monty has two people he cares about deeply in Arkadia in 4x11 (Jasper and Harper) and I believe it’s more likely Jasper dies than Harper. 


In 1x11, Raven is splitting gun powder so as to increase the number of bullets they have. Finn accuses her of keeping busy, to which Raven responds:

“I’m not keeping busy, Finn. I’m keeping us alive.”

She assures Finn that she’s over everything that’s happened between them, but when she sees Finn and Clarke leave to go on a hunting mission together, she decides that she no longer wants to hang around Arkadia. Bellamy walks in on Raven getting ready to leave and they have the following exchange:

Bellamy: “Where you going?”

 Raven: “The hell out of here.”

 Bellamy: “No way. You’re not leaving.”

 Raven: “Really? And what makes you think you can tell me what to do? Aren’t you a janitor?”

Bellamy: “Where you gonna go?”

 Raven: “Into these damn woods. Don’t worry about it. I’ll find someplace safe.”

 Bellamy: “Just wait. Don’t be an idiot. You go alone, and you’re dead or worse.”

 Raven: “So what’s your plan, sit here until you run out of bullets?” 

Bellamy: “Yeah. Or until you come up with something better. Come on, Raven. You came down here in a pod you rebuilt yourself. You made a bomb out of a tin can. What else you got in that head of yours?”

Raven: “Radios. We can’t defend ourselves if we can’t communicate. If we can build radios, walkie-talkies- Then we can fight as a team. We’d have a chance, at least.”

 Bellamy: “See? We need you. You may be a huge pain in the ass, but you’re smart.”

Raven gets to work on building the walkies, disconnecting the radio to Ark station in the process. However, when she learns that Clarke and Finn are not back when the rest of the hunting parties return, she takes drastic action to make herself feel better. She approaches Bellamy for sex, which ultimately does not assuage her pain. Unfortunately, she soon realizes that Clarke and Finn have been kidnapped. 

In 2x11 Raven serves three important functions. The first thing she does in the episode is rig up the airlock so that Emerson can be held there without dying of radiation poisoning. The next time we see her, she is working on replicating the frequency of a tone generator as a defense against the Reapers. She’s also tinkering with the radio a bit. She and Clarke also have a revealing discussion this episode:

Clarke: “It’s over.”

Raven: “No. You don’t get to give up, Clarke. You killed Finn, and I didn’t give up. I’m building a damn tone generator. You do your job.”

Clarke: “What is my job?”

Raven: “I don’t know, to come up with something.” 

In 3x11 the episode is very Raven centric, although most of the action revolves around others trying to save her. Raven has already completed the EMP design that will save her, they just need to find a power source. When ALIE realizes that it is likely that Raven will be disconnected, she tells Raven to kill herself. Luckily the others manage to utilize the EMP in enough time to save her but not before we hear this:

Raven: “No. You lied! You lied! No. No. Please don’t. The EMP will give me brain damage. You know it will. Please don’t do this.”

Raven’s story line across the 11s seems to revolve around her relationship to others and her ability to create. In each 11 episode Raven designs something that saves someone (1x11-the walkie-talkies, 2x11-the tone generators and the radiation proof air lock and in 3x11-the EMP that saves her), there’s also a lot of work with radio frequencies across these episodes (creating walkie-talkies and discovering Mt. Weather’s frequency in 1x11, using Mt. Weather tech to recreate the tone generators in 2x11 and uses an EMP to save herself in 3x11). She also attempts to leave the others in 2/3 of the 11′s (1x11-attempts to leave the Dropship, she likely would have died out there alone, 3x11-attempts to commit suicide (under ALIE’s influence).

Based on the above, I think Raven’s plot for 4x11 will have her either getting ready to go into space or actually making the launch, I think that while she is preparing to launch/in space, she discovers some form of technology (probably one that uses wave frequencies) that will be useful in either saving herself or saving the others. My best guess is that she actually does go into space, she discovers the still existing satellites that Mt. Weather was using to tamper with the Exodus ship as well as the radio communications in Season 2, and realizes they can be used for something and then she crash lands back on Earth (into the water-just as she discussed with Murphy and Luna in the beginning of this Season).


In Season 1, Clarke is kidnapped by Grounders in this episode, along with Finn. They are taken to a Grounder camp by Anya, who demands that Clarke save her second, Tris, or Finn dies. Clarke does her best to save the girl, including attempting to set up a blood transfusion, using Finn’s blood, but Tris ultimately dies. Finn is taken to be killed and Clarke, in an attempt to escape, kills the Grounder warrior (Trikru) who was standing guard over her, before being caught in a Grounder trap. 

In Season 2, Clarke is returning to Arkadia from the Grounder camp. Emerson and another sniper have her in their sights. Clarke is in a hurry to get home, to make sure she doesn’t miss Bellamy radioing in, she’s also bucking against Abby’s (the current Chancellor) attempts at leadership:

Abby: “Clarke…”

Clarke: “Mom, I need to get back to that radio to see if Bellamy has made contact.”

Abby: “Listen to me. I know you don’t think you need my protection anymore, but you do. You have to trust that I know what’s right for us.”

Emerson’s sniper takes his shot, but misses, hitting a Trikru warrior instead and Clarke, Octavia and the others discover that Clarke and L/xa are targets. They return to Arkadia, where Clarke is still ultimately focused on Bellamy:

Clarke: “Anything from Bellamy?”

Raven: “No.”

Clarke: “Then why aren’t you at the radio?”

Raven: “Octavia just took my place. How about you back off?”

The Trikru warrior dies, but Jackson and the others manage to give Emerson a transfusion of Arkadian blood, that helps to save his life. 

Jackson and Abby realize they’ve already begun bleeding the 47 and Clarke, who hasn’t heard from Bellamy, begins to lose hope. However, just when she’s about to throw in the towel, Bellamy manages to radio in and Clarke leaves the radio call with renewed hope. This is also the episode where Clarke officially declares herself as “in charge” and Kane sides with her over Abby:

Clarke: “You may be the Chancellor but I’m in charge.”

Kane: “The Grounders trust Clarke.”- The irony.

We also get this great line at the end of the episode:

Clarke: ““Bellamy is the key to everything, Octavia. If he dies, we die.”

In Season 3, Clarke lies to Niylah to ensure safety for her people while they try to save Raven. Jasper spends much of the episode challenging Clarke’s authority.  Clarke has a breakdown in this episode as well, after Raven’s taunting reaching critical levels. She and Bellamy also have a moment where she checks over his bandages:

Clarke: “You’ll recover.”

Bellamy: “Will I? What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy?”

Clarke: “Maybe there are no good guys.”

The consistencies I’ve found across the 11′s for Clarke are:

Clarke steps into a leadership position that others are not happy with her taking (Abby v. Clarke in 2x11 and Jasper v. Clarke in 3x11). 

She sets up a blood transfusion in 2 of these episodes, one which fails (Tris/Finn) and one that works (Emerson/unknown donor) and we know Nightblood has been an important part of this Season. 

Clarke has a breakdown due to the weight of leadership and the choices she’s made (With Raven in 2x11 and with Raven again in 3x11)

Predictions based on that: I believe Clarke’s leadership will be contested again in 4x11, I think it’s possible that we might see a blood transfusion used to save others (or perhaps a bone marrow transplant-and as Clarke is the only available Nightblood, it would have to come from her). We know she’s going to have a breakdown thanks to the promo for this episode, and I predict that it will be Bellamy who helps soothe her (as he did in both 2x11 and 3x11).


In 1x11, Bellamy doesn’t have a huge role. He sends groups out hunting in the beginning of the episode, convinces Raven to stay in Arkadia, has sex with Raven later that episode and then goes looking for Clarke and Finn at the end of the episode. 

In 2x11 his plot is much bigger, the episode begins with Bellamy being scrubbed in Mt. Weather, an obviously painful process. He awakens in a cage, next to Echo, who warns him that they take the strong. When Bellamy tells her he can’t understand him, she realizes he is Arkadian and spits on him. When Bellamy realizes they are coming back, he makes a distraction, which save Echo, but they take him to be drained instead. Maya finds Bellamy, whose blood is being used for treatment and begins unhooking him. Unfortunately, she is interrupted by Lovejoy. Maya convinces Lovejoy that Bellamy is dead, and Bellamy manages to get the jump on Lovejoy and, with Echo’s help, kills him. Bellamy realizes there are children in Mt. Weather and when he radios Clarke, tells her that they have to find a plan that doesn’t kill everyone. They also come up with the idea of using the Grounder army inside of Mt. Weather as a Trojan horse. 

In 3x11, Bellamy and Clarke are reunited for the first time since 3x05, they share a pretty dramatic look when they meet again, before Bellamy helps carry Raven into the cave. Bellamy spends a lot of this episode running interference for Clarke and others. He is the one who tells Jasper to take a break when he gets too aggressive with Clarke, he wraps Clarke’s hand after Raven bites it, and volunteers to take her place for a bit with Raven. His role in the massacre is revealed and Bellamy is frustrated and angered to realize that he no longer believes that he made the right decision. Bellamy and Clarke have a second hand wrapping scene (see Clarke’s portion above) and they discuss what it means to be a good guy. 

Predictions for Bellamy’s plot based on the above: 

Obviously a big portion of Bellamy’s plot is discovering what happened to Octavia. We know at some point he is even willing to fight his way out of the bunker to do so. We also know that he is injured doing so (his hands are wrapped in the promo-a parallel to 3x11 perhaps). I’m pretty certain that he and Clarke will have an emotionally charged moment, where he talks to her about what it means to be the good guy. I am cautiously proposing that the episode might end with Clarke leaving the bunker and Bellamy following her out. 

Other Predictions based on previous 11′s:

In 1x11 Kane is trapped on the outside of Earth Monitoring, where Jaha and Sinclair are stuck and dying. He manages to get inside and save them (although he does communicate with them via radio first), and then he crawls through an air duct to reach a Service Bay where he finds Abby, opening the doors using a portable battery. In 2x11, he is desperate to save the people trapped in Mt. Weather and begins to doubt and question Abby’s leadership abilities before ultimately siding with Clarke. He is not present in 3x11. 

Abby’s plot in 2x11 (the only 11 she has a large role in) is all about her concern for Clarke. She spends most of the episode upset by the realization that the Grounders consider Clarke the Arkadian leader, and as a result, Clarke’s life is endangered. 

Octavia spends 1x 11, 2x11 and 3x11, trying to find her place. In 1x11, the boys don’t listen to her advice because she’s a “Grounder Pounder.” in 2x11, she is training under Indra as her second, and in 3x11, she has come to the realization that she is “Not Trikru. Not Skaikru.”

I believe that Kabby’s plot will be about Abby trying to save Kane, while also being concerned about Clarke’s stressful position as a leader and that Octavia’s plot will center around her new role as a possible leader.

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and four makes home - Clarke/Octavia/Lexa/Raven

Four girls falling in love~ this was a great fanfic and the more I read it the more I felt like I trusted the author to write a beautiful story! They dealt with a lot in this fic and i loved how their relationships were developed, both in the ot4 and with all their loved ones outside of it.