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The dance and the departure! 

Luna almost ended up on the couch on her own wedding night. Why are you trying to crash your own wedding, you silly pony? …And giving your MiL even MORE fuel.

ONE MORE PAGE! And then they can disappear on their honeymoon for a month or however long it is before I feel like drawing them again.

OC’s at the dance in no particular order:

Golden Notes and Harmonic Waters

Solidsnapper and Sunlit

Spellbound and Willow Wisp

Blue Glacier


Dank Nugs (Oh how I wish I could justify coloring the whole thing just for his horribly gaudy suit)

Sun Daze

and the nameless piggy being chased by Silpone.

So I made a thing for a Tshirt design challenge on WeLoveFine to celebrate our favourite friendships. My favourite outside of the Mane 6 has to be the classic opposite attract friendship that is Vinyl and Octavia. I know its not amazing but I’ve worked hard on it over the last week. If it ends up being approved I’ll pop a link up where if anyone would like to, can rate it!


The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording Season 1 Episode Negative 1

@the-pinkest-dragon as Vinyl Scratch
@wubcake-va as Octavia Philharmonica
IMShadow007 as Princess Celestia
Arkham as Narrator
@jonfawkes-art as Credit narrator and artist
and Nevel V. Yashgi as Licked Envelope

Written, Directed and Audio edited by: @xemileahx
Proof reading/listening by: JoshTheMango, Golden Pickaxe and JonFawkes

Based on “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes” by @coreywwilliams and “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recordings” by @talesofadrunkenjamjar and @midnightmagicproductions-blog