octavia blue

  • me: i love them
  • person: aren't they the crazy one
  • me: such perfection
  • person: they just killed 20 people for fun
  • me: my baby
  • person: they're older than you
  • me: ...
  • person: ...
  • me: ....
  • person: ...
  • me: my precious cinnamon roll

get to know me meme [1/10] female characters → octavia blake (the 100)
“I don’t need protecting. I have been locked up one way or another all my life. I am done following orders. I need to have fun, Bell. I need to just do something crazy just because I can, and no one, including you, is gonna stop me.”

  • Octavia and Clarke are riding alongside each other on horses to Polis. Octavia glances at Clarke a few times, catching nothing but a blank stare ahead from the blonde.
  • Octavia: You're torn.
  • Clarke lifts her eyebrow in realization that she's not wherever her mind took her.
  • Clarke: Is it obvious?
  • Octavia: Is the sky blue?
  • Clarke releases a sarcastic chuckle.
  • Clarke: Not without her, it isn't.
  • Octavia drops her head. She knew for sure how Clarke was feeling considering Lincoln's gone, but Clarke didn't know that yet. Clarke sighed.
  • Clarke: Everything's just kinda black and white now that she's gone.
  • Octavia: Well, I guess it's just best to hold on to hope that someday, we'll see colors again.
  • Clarke: We?

lifeonashell  asked:

prompt: game night with twister

With one hand on the green, and one foot on the blue, Clarke wondered what the hell she was even doing. 

“Just forfeit already, princess,” Bellamy smirked from beneath her. 

Beads of sweat gathered on her forehead, and her limbs ached, yet, she refused to give up so easily, because she would be damned if she let that smug imbecile win. “No,” she puffed. “Octavia spin.”

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octavia season 2 appreciation
day 6: favorite scene involving another character - you did not give up