A Nightly Dinner Out That’s Like Therapy

At 103, Harry Rosen eats dinner every evening at a fine restaurant, always ordering fish, and often lying to fellow diners curious about his age.

Love, love, love this story.  He dines at New York’s finest restaurant and is still on the prowl for a regular lady companion.  Best line in the story “a recent 6-month fling with a 90 year old woman he met at the synagogue didn’t work out”.  Makes getting old look gooooooooooood.

Too lucky to have this guy as my grandfather. He always tells me that under any circumstance, never question God and teaches me to be God-fearing at all times! One of the best dads I ever encountered! ;)
Thank you for everything, Lolo! My 1 hour and 30 minute-travel was all worth it just to spend your birthday with you!
Francisco still very kickin’ @ 80!
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Alright, mi'hija. Don’t study too hard or you…como se llama…what the term? …brains… hm… Brains will fall OUT. *chuckles at the fact that she has made a figure of speech in English rather than the meaning of the phrase itself* That’s it. Don’t study too hard your brains will fall OUT. *smiles brightly*.
—  my grandmother after I tell her I need to go to school in the morning.