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Chris half naked and dancing in my country, Portugal ;) It’s not an Italian film.

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Evening :-) Does anyone know if the rumours that he is going to be a dad are true?? Jan :-)

I believe that so far the only person who has ‘confirmed’ it is the bloke who delivered Chris’ furniture… I don’t see any reason for him to lie but as with all things internet, you can never be 100% sure.

I guess we’ll have to wait for Chris to confirm it himself. 

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Evening :-) Do you know if it is officially confirmed that Christopher Eccleston is going to be a dad, and with whom? Thanks, Jan :-)

Hello! I doubt that he’ll ever officially confirm it. Maybe if it comes up during an interview, he’ll talk about it…

As far as I know the only source for this possible rumour is that delivery guy on twitter… no news about the lucky lady either. ;)

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I just re-watched this last week. Have you seen The lookout? JGL is very good in that too.

No I have not, but that’s good to hear since that is next on my list to watch.