Hey guys! So I decided I am going to host a 30 Day Shred Challenge for October because I’ve been meaning to start this workout and I think this will help me stay accountable for it… hopefully! Basically the challenge is just to complete the 30 Day Shred during the month of October. Simple enough. Generally the way 30 DS works is by doing each level for 10 days straight. I will probably be taking at least one rest day a week, but I will post my calendar for it later. Whatever you choose, whether it is with or without rest (which you should probably rest a little), will be your challenge for the month! 

If you want to participate in the challenge, just send me a quick message letting me know as I will be creating a page for it on my blog, and I will add your name to a list or whatever I come up with! Throughout the month you can keep track of your progress every five or ten days, or between levels, whatever you want! Progress can be with pictures or just written stats. You can tag all of your posts pertaining to this challenge with “Oct30DS” and I will be tracking that tag. I might even reblog your posts to the page!

At the end of the month, I will look through the entire tag and everyone who participates to choose a “winner” for the challenge. The winner probably won’t be anything special… just a random participate who completed the entire challenge! This “winner” will be featured on my page. Also, to make things a little easier, create your own tagged page to house each of your posts for this challenge so I can find them easily.

Good luck! Any questions/comments or if you want to participate, message me here! (:

I will be posting more information tomorrow and throughout the month!

Level 2 Start! - October 30 Day Shred Challenge Update

So I have not been completely following the calendar thoroughly, I only completed 5 days of level one, having proper rest days and also doing other workouts in between so I do not lose interest. So technically, I did not really do the challenge “fully” but oh well :)
So today was the first day of level two for me, and I could only get through half the workout because I got extremely nauseous. However I pushed myself, and remembered how much I hate level two. So bring it on.

Here is the calendar for the October 30 Day Shred Challenge I am hosting this month! Sorry it’s out a little late, but you can start using it today since we all start on Level One! 

If you use this calendar, I included rest days because I feel that it’s important to rest. I don’t think this workout is healthy to do for 30 consecutive days, and also life gets in the way so this adds a little wiggle room. If you use all of the rest days provided, you will be doing 8 days of Level One, 9 days of Level Two, and 9 days of Level Three. If you choose to forego the rest days (the ones labeled rest/level ___), you will be doing 9 days of Level One, 10 days of Level Two, and 10 days of Level Three. There is one “mandatory” rest day, which is because I sincerely think it is important to have rest, especially by Level Three, and also it allows you some wiggle room in case you have to miss a day.

Remember the challenge starts today!! Don’t forget to tag each of your challenge posts with “Oct30DS” so I will be able to find them easily at the end of the month to choose a “winner”. Also, it might be easier for me if you create a page on your blog for this specific tag!

If you have any questions, please message me!

Happy shredding!! (:


For those of you who are following me and participating in my October 30 Day Shred Challenge, WE BEGIN TOMORROW, OCTOBER 1. I will hopefully have up a calendar or two that you can follow by tomorrow afternoon/night. 

Also, I am sure not everyone knows what the 30 Day Shred is or do not have access to the videos, so tomorrow I will spend some time typing up a written list of the entire workout, so those of you without the video can still follow along. Level one is posted on YouTube here, but I don’t think Levels Two or Three are. If anyone knows where to find these levels online, please let me know!

So remember starting off tomorrow, post your starting stats and/or a picture if you want! Or if you want to be more private, just write a little post on how Day 1 was! Tag all of your posts for this challenge with “Oct30DS”.

At the end of the month, I will be going through all of the participants info and I will choose a random “winner” to kind of get a little promo and whatever I decide. No physical prizes though d:

If you guys have any questions or anything, please message me here!

Also, for those of you who are participating, please reblog the challenge post to spread the word! People will still be able to join tomorrow (Oct. 1) and the next day (Oct. 2) for a late start!

Thank you all for participating, and good luck!! (:

October 30 Day Shred Challenge: Startiiiiiing NOW!

I’m participating in the October 30 Day Shred Challenge as created by Hotpink-fitness! If you don’t know what the  30 Day Shred is then I suggest you google or youtube the workouts, they are KILLER! Jillian Michaels is the creator and she is fantastic!

So, I didn’t get to start yesterday because I wasn’t home AT ALL! It was a busy day, but I loved every minute of it! Went to help my friend for her wedding dress fitting! She’s getting married in ten days! Crazy!

Yeah, but I just finished my first day of the Oct30ds and I have to say that this time around was much easier than my first time doing the 30ds videos! BUT just because it was easier doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good workout. I say easier, but I mean that I could actually get through it and didn’t take any breaks!

My arms are SOOO weak! Every time I do a workout that incorporates every part of the body I am reminded that my arms are the weakest parts of my body. Squats? No problem. Crunches/situps? No problem. Pushups, plank, bicep curls? AAAHHHH dead.

What I love about these videos is that you truly see progress from day to day. If you push yourself as hard as you can each workout then the next day will get even better!

Join me in the 30ds challenge! Just message/follow hotpink-fitness and track the tag #oct30ds

My stats!

I have no idea what I weigh. Last time I weighed I was between 225-230.

Height: 5’ 8’’
Natural Waist: 38’’
Hips: 45’’
L/R Thigh: 28’’
L/R Bicep: 15’’
Bust Band size: 40’’

Hope to see improvements!

Honestly guys, those of you who are in my 30 Day Shred Challenge, I am so sorry.

I can never keep up with these things… I thought I’d be a good host this time, but I’m not at all… I am terribly sorry. So much school things have been going on and I’ve just been tired all the time. I hope you all continue on with the challenge, and keep posting! I will still choose a winner at the end, if anyone completes it, but I know I haven’t been the most motivating host /: I can’t even complete it.

Sigh. Maybe during the summer I will host something else and actually stick to it! 

Sorry again!! ):

October 30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 1

I didn’t end up typing my first post for the 30 Day Shred challenge, as I finished pretty late and was busy afterwards, so here I am writing now!

First day was pretty good. I honestly didn’t feel like doing it, like usual, but I did anyways because I was the one who created the challenge and that is the whole point. To do it anyways! So I did it. Level one isn’t extremely challenging for me, but I definitely do feel it! Those last strength moves, the side lunge and front arm raise thing, those are killer. I hate them so much. Haha.

But anyways, I felt good enough after finishing it. Worked up a little sweat!

Here are my starting measurements!

Weight: I don’t own a scale but I’m assuming around 122-123
Height: 5'3"
Small Waist: 25.75"
Low Waist: 31.5"
Hips (underwear line): 34"
Butt: 36.25"
L/R Thigh: 21"
Bicep: 10"

I don’t own a tape measure either so I used a piece of string and a ruler… how dysfunctional. But from past measurements I’ve done with an actual tape measure, those sound pretty accurate! I’ll be using the string and ruler method throughout, just to keep things consistent.

Day one of hotpink-fitness's October 30 Day Shred Challenge!

I have actually done the 30DS before, unfortunately I had to stop at level 3 because of injury, so I never really finished, BUT I really needed to kick start my strength training routine since I have not really been doing much of anything except cleaning so thank Bethany, hotpink-fitness ,for getting a support group together!

My starting stats are:

Weight: 140 lbs (I am not sure, I don’t like to weigh myself because its not accurate for me)

Right Arm: 11", Left: 11"; Right Thigh: 20.5", Left: 20.5"; Waist: 31"; Bust: 36.5"; Chest: 31"; Hips: 40"

The workout went great! I sweated pretty thoroughly, my muscles are fatigued, and I feel pretty good so that’s a start!

anonymous asked:

Hi there! So I saw that you are hosting a 30 day shred challenge tomorrow, and I'm interested in joining! I"m going to start the blogilates calendar as well. My birthday is in November and I really want to push through October to look my best for my birthday, and celebrate like crazy :) So I was wondering, how are you making the challenge? For everyday will there be a set of videos to follow like on blogilates or just a list of the moves to do?

Hi! So this challenge isn’t really a typical “challenge” I guess. Basically it is just to challenge people to complete the 30 Day Shred, which is a workout video. I created a post yesterday giving a little more details about it. The link for the level one is on that post. 

So 30 Day Shred is a workout DVD consisting of three levels of workouts. The idea is that you do each level for ten days, and then move on to the next level. I will be creating a calendar today for the participants to use.

So to answer your question, no. It is not a challenge with a set of videos to follow or the moves. It’s more for people to stay accountable and motivated to complete the entire 30 Day Shred video because I know others, as well as myself, have trouble sticking to it for the entire time. I have never gotten past level one so hopefully this will help me stick to it!

Also, on the post I wrote yesterday, I explained how if you don’t have access to the DVD and because I have only found level one online, I will be writing out the workout so you can still participate in the challenge even if you do not have the video. That will just be a list of moves to do and the number of reps per move, according to what the video does.

Hopefully that explains it well enough! You can just google “30 Day Shred” and the DVD should come up if you are interested in buying it. I know at Walmart you can get it for less than $10.

If you have any other questions, just let me know! (: