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Spring Day

Originally posted by hey-seoul-sistah

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Notes: sub!jungkook, sensory deprivement, just a bunch of kinky shit basically, dirty talk kinda

Words: 1,841

Spring break had just started and thankfully your professors had not given you that much homework. You had planned to catch up on some dramas and maybe watch some anime with your boyfriend, but he probably wanted to spend the break playing video games and drawing.

One afternoon though, you found yourself very bored. Your boyfriend Jungkook had taken more shifts at his part time job for spring break. You had finished a whole show in two days with sleeping somewhere in the middle of that. Since you were bored you decided to surf the interwebs.

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Sleepy Kitty

Genre: Fluff

By: Admin Podo


Words: 795

Summary: Your cat hybrid boyfriend comes over to watch movies but you can’t handle horror, or actually anything scary…

It was cold and you were so tired of being cold. You could feel it in your bones you imagined. Since you were now on winter break you were so ready to hibernate. Your boyfriend Min Yoongi empathized deeply and your dates were all going to be inside this break. Today you guys had decided to watch movies: he was bringing some that he liked and you had some set out on the coffee table.

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