oct 21st

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August Halloween Challenge: 31 Days of Halloween Fun Facts

Fun Fact 10/31: Halloween isn’t the only day for spookiness or sweets in October. Try celebrating some of the lesser-known holidays and daily observances listed below this year if one day of Halloween just isn’t enough.

Oct. 9th: Curious Events Day
Oct. 11th: Face Your Fears Day
Oct. 21st: Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
Oct. 26th: Howl at the Moon Day
Oct. 27th: Black Cat Day
Oct. 28th: Frankenstein Friday
Oct. 30th: National Candy Corn Day

Oz's timeline:

+-1865: The Wizard arrives in Oz.

+-1870: Fiyero is born, Elphaba is born.

+-1871: Glinda is born, Boq is born, Nessarose is born, Melena dies.

+-1888: The construction of the Yellow Brick Road Begins.

+-1889: Dorothy is born.

+-1890: First year at Shiz.

+-1891: Elphaba and Fiyero fall in love with each other.

+-1892: Elphaba and Glinda go to the Emerald City, Elphaba becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, Frexppar dies, Nessarose becomes governess of Munchikinland and Wicked Witch of the East.

+-1893: Glinda starts working to The Wizard, Fiyero joins the Gale Force.

+-1897: Dorothy’s parents dies.

Oct 20th 1900: Glinda makes a surprise engagement party for Fiyero.

Oct 21st 1900: Elphaba goes back to Munchkinland, Boq becomes the Tin Man and Nessa is able to walk.

Oct 22nd 1900: Elphaba confronts the Wizard, Fiyero and Elphaba run together.

Oct 23rd 1900: Morrible sends the cyclone, Dorothy arrives, Nessa dies, Glinda sends Dorothy to the Emerald City, Glinda and Elphaba fight, Fiyero is arrested and Elphaba turns him into a Scarecrow.

Oct 24th 1900: Dorothy finds Fiyero.

Oct 25th 1900: Dorothy and Fiyero find Boq and the Coward Lion.

Oct 29th 1900: Dororhy arrives at the Emerald City, they are sent to kill Elphaba by the Wizard.

Oct 30th 1900: Elphaba sends Chistery to kidnap Dorothy. Fiyero, Boq and the Coward Lion arrive at Kiamo Ko, Fiyero tells Elphaba the plan.

Oct 31st 1900: Glinda arrives at Kiamo Ko, Chistery brings fake letter saying Fiyero is dead, Elphaba and Glinda are friends again, Dorothy “melts” Elphaba, Glinda announces Elphaba’s death, Glinda and the Wizard find out he is Elphaba’s father, Morrible is arrested.

Nov 1st 1900: Dorothy arrives with the others back at the Emerald Palace, the Wizard Gifts all of them, Dorothy and the Wizard go home.

Nov 4th 1900: Glinda takes the throne of Oz, Fiyero arrives back at Kiamo Ko and he and Elphaba run away together.


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EKT, Jadyn & Ari having fun BTS of shooting episode 3.11 Wreck the Halls

source: Kat’s snapchat story (larrynenamommy) from Oct 21st, 2016

video HERE (shared by: a-beautiful-mind-wf001)


JK Flesh - Nothing is Free / Fearless / Hide & Seek / Posthuman @ LUFF, Lausanne, CH, Oct 21st 2016


Woman sees “Nordic” aliens in UFO. Oct. 21st 1954


Dorian Grey and the Cursed Object

3:40 21st Oct

good news! they got the needle out and it looks like they did it via that huge new scar on his throat instead of having to go through his sternum like they were worried about.

he’s no longer in the ICU so I could go see him and give him kisses. he was very smoochy with mebut also very growly at the vet nurse who I am told had just flushed his chest with saline again.

They’re flushing saline through the infected area every 6 hours at the moment and have a drain in, they’ve got him on fluids, antibiotics and painkillers and the tube in his nose is oxygen from ICU which they won’t take out till he is discharged in case he needs it again.

the vet said that he’s doing well, really well. and if he eats and everything goes well he might be able to come home tomorrow night. I’ll check that the drain will come out before he comes home tho because even if he joins Bus in the cone zone and can’t get at his drain, the others still can and probably will.
Like how they try to lick off each other’s flea treatments and immediately regret it every single time.

I’m getting a call this afternoon with a quote on his stay so far and an estimate of how much the end result will be.

I left him some of his favourite food and my partners pillowcase in his cat bed so he can feel more at home. he gave it many smooches. they said if he pees on it we won’t get it back but w.e it’s just a pillowcase. (I should probably tell my partner I stole it tho)

thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to funding this life saving operation I love you all so much, please cross your fingers and toe beans for us that he heals up well and can come home soon!