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February 2. So Colourful.
Every week my students get to write at least two things they are grateful for. Even though we go through a lot of difficulties, make it a habit to look for the blessings of each day… You’ll be surprised to know there are so many things to be thankful for. #fmsphotoaday #FMS_colourful #Gratitude #OCSI #Bibleteacher #Okinawa (at Okinawa Christian School International)


In case anybody is wondering what I’m working on. I’ve been busy with this monster (I had to split it into two, but I really wanted as many of them as I could put in the same piece)

This is a family tree of my Uzumaki OCs in a fanfic continuity where Uzumaki are reincarnators (essentially lots of OCSIs who always reincarnate in Uzumaki clan), starting with the first man named Kaito who married a grand-daughter of Ashura.

I have a lot of lore and what-not that I won’t be posting here…maybe some other time or when I make a blog specifically for these guys.

Main things to know about all of this for the interested, Uzumaki are pirates and masters of sea battle, Uzumaki adopt prolifically into their clan (based on skill mostly), huge mental chakra from reincarnation = evening out with huge physical chakra –> becomes clan trait, sealing invented to keep secrets and block past-life memories so as not to ‘spiral into insanity’, Uzumaki fix things by being good problem-solvers

I love Uzumaki, they’re such a nice blank-slate even with all the bread-crumbs we got, I just had to do something and once I got started…well.

feel free to ask questions if want, I’ll make a blog some time, when i have more than just a few lines on each character (or maybe earlier since there are over 50 characters…I don’t know if I’m worse with Naruto than I am with One Piece)

ugh….tumblr-quality ! readable version on DA

part 1

part 2


Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto
Original characters and plot points/story ideas belong to Nera Granić