Going Nowhere (Laurnah Bridge)
Fifth Harmony
Going Nowhere (Laurnah Bridge)

‘If you’re waiting for me, you gon’ be waiting all night
If you’re gonna play games you’re gonna lose, you’ll be sorry if you say goodbye’


It's not a fuckin' henna. Dinah most likely got a real tattoo.

People are saying its a henna. No son, it’s a tattoo. She got tatted up. Again, good for her. She got something represented her, her family, her culture, her people & I’m proud of her. In a place that I’m getting mines done at too. 

I don’t know if it’s real because the picture is in black & white. I wish it was in color but I believe it’s real & I love it. I love that she is always reppin’ her culture 24/7. She it hold it down for us Polynesians. 


I wasn’t going to write this because your birthday’s over but then I remembered how late your birthday posts for other people always are and how you use the “It’s still your birthday somewhere in the world” line so I figured, why not?

SO. IT’S STILL JUNE 22ND SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD! I guess I’ll start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I can’t believe you’re 18. I still remember watching 15-year-old you on TV when you auditioned for xfactor. I’m so proud of that 15 year old girl who not only wanted to follow and live her dream, but who wanted to be able to support her family and who wanted to become successful so that Polynesian girls could have someone like them to look up to. All of those things became possible when you stepped onto that Xfactor stage and started singing. I’m so proud of the 18-year-old you that we see now who has achieved all of those things. I’m proud of the 18 year old girl who is now living her dream; you’re so incredibly talented. You can do things with your voice that I didn’t even think were POSSIBLE; you never fail to amaze me. You have such a great energy and you give it your all every single show. I’m proud of the 17 year old girl we got to watch win her first VMA. You held it up to the camera and said “Mom look what happened!” Your family means so much to you and I can tell that you mean the world to them. I admire how selfless you are; how you saved up all of the money that you earned to buy Christmas presents for all of your siblings. You’re such a great big sister. You have the biggest heart and it shows in everything you do. I am proud of the girl who worked and worked and continues to work for her success. You made it. I’m so proud of the girl who is a role model for so many. You understand how important representation is. You understand how much it can mean to someone to see and have someone like them to look up to. You are now that person for so many Polynesian girls. PS. I can’t imagine anyone better for the role of Princess Moana.

There are so many things that I admire about you. You’re so free-spirited and fun and vibrant. You give off this happy, enthusiastic energy that’s contagious. You really do bring the party everywhere you go. I admire the carefree way in which you live. You’ve helped me realize that sometimes life doesn’t have to be that serious. You just live your life and you pull pranks and you sing to strangers in airports and snapchat at award shows and idk you’re just always yourself and you don’t care who’s watching and i love love love that about you. Good vibes radiate off of you; I feel like being around you puts people at ease and makes them enjoy themselves and enjoy life a little more. I admire your loyalty. You pretend to find everyone annoying and you’ll gently bully your bandmates but the minute something happens to one of them, you’re the first person there to defend them. You would go to the ends of the EARTH defending and taking care of the people you care about. I admire your ability to cheer people up and to make them laugh. You’re so naturally funny, you don’t even try. I don’t think there’s anyone in the WORLD who has made me smile and laugh these past few years as much as you have. And this is so lame but honestly, watching your snapchat stories or even just reading through your tweets can instantly brighten my day. You make people happy. You positively affect the lives of each person you meet. You make every person you meet feel special and feel loved.

Some of the things you’ve said to me are things that I hold closest to my heart. I cannot put into words how special you’ve made me feel these past couple of years. Your face lights up and you shout my name everytime I walk into a meet and greet. It’s so nice knowing that the person I’m so excited about seeing is excited to see me too. You always remember my name, (even though the last time you were one letter off and called me Ninarose), you have a nickname for me and call me your little mufasa, I don’t see you that often but you noticed when seeing me for the first time in 6 MONTHS that my hair got blonder, you told me that you’d think of me every time you wore the Lion King sweater I gave you and an entire year later, you brought it up and told me that you still have it and wear it all the time back at home, you went into the gift bags to search for it and then gave me a shoutout during soundcheck the day I gave it to you. All of these moments added up together are only equal a couple of minutes in my life, but these couple of minutes mean so so much to me. You’ve done everything you possibly could to make those couple of minutes count for me. There’s not one person I know who has had one bad thing to say after meeting you and the girls. You truly do everything you can to make every fan feel special. I’ve walked out of every meet and greet feeling nothing but loved. You are so special and I’m so lucky to have been able to have met you and to have had the experiences with you that I have. You’ve given me memories that will last a lifetime. I know I’m just a fan, but you’ve always treated me like a friend. And everytime I see you it feels like reuiniting with a friend who I don’t get to see very often. Every time you’ve worn the necklace I gave to you and everytime you’ve excitedly shouted my name when seeing me, and every hug, and everytime you’ve left your lipstick mark on my cheek and every random DM telling me you miss me has all made me feel so special.  You have no idea how much that all has meant to me. I love you Dinah. You are such an incredible human being. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

-Ninarosa @dinahismufasa

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