Name: Omni

Scientific Name: Anipotent (Anthrōpos + Pluripotent)

Common name: Pluris

Description: The Pluris is a species made completely of genetic material that it uses to morph its body into any humanoid race and gender at will. This allows them to automatically and immediately adapt to any environment that they choose to live in. This change appears purely by choice at any given point. Pluris have very little reason to remain in their original form, therefore finding them proves to be a laborious task.

However, each Pluris has a distinct birthmark printed somewhere on their body. This mark appears as a constant through each physical change the creature takes.

The material making up the beings original form is capable of molding into permanent limbs and organs when removed from the Pluris body and genetically manipulated to suit whatever is needed. This same material can also be placed in potions to allow the user to temporarily borrow the Pluris’ shape-shifting ability.

Pluris are strictly genderless. As such, they reproduce asexually, believed to be purely at choice at the end of their life span. There is not enough sufficient data on their reproduction habits to confirm or deny this suspicion.

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*inhales deeply*
So what if there were Kiwi Ritos.

new oc wh o o ps. for the first time in forever i make a Zelda OC hahahhhhh.
Eder has very low conifdence in himself. He can’t fly. He has weak/thin arms. He was bullied as a kid and used to be called ‘the ugly duckling’. His favorite color is navy/blue. Eder wishes he could fly but unfortunately….he’s afraid of heights. His archery skills are not the best either…

New gal w h o op s. Artemis is an insomniac. She tries to take naps. She tries. Artemis is a member of the Tribe of Darkness. She is a music conductor and conducts/controls an entire orchestra with her magic. As she conducts, her movements are very expressive and after a bit she’d form a hologram/projection of sorts to show a story to go with the music.


A height chart that I made for my Wizard101 OCs. 

From left to right:

Evan Iceflame/Thaumaturge/6′4″

Gavin Thunderglade/Diviner/6′0″

Talon Dawnbreaker/Conjurer/5′10″

Victoria Starshade/Diviner/5′9″ (with heels)

Lex Redleaf/Pyromancer/5′8″ (looks taller because of hair poof)

Aaron Shadowrider/Necromancer/5′7″

Ellie Lifeblood/ Theugist/5′4″


new boyo. debating on whether to make an OC or a SPM FC hhhhhhh
if they were SPM charas Xavier probs experimented on twins and wh a m.
their names Vaen and Vaca are pronounced as ‘Vein’ and ‘Baka’ ahahahhhh

They have a sibling love/hate with eachother. Sometimes they talk at the same time together, other times it’s them finishing eachother’s sentences or just them getting angry and arguing amongst one another and cutting eachother off and it usually ends up with one punching the other in the face ahahahhh

they’d probs fite for dominance if they have contradicting ideas like if one wants to go left and the other wants to go right. just. one wanting to do this and the other wants to do that and they both just f i gh t and yell at eachother ahahhhhh

he has arrived my guys.

i made a new boi w h oo p s. he a blood succer.
works at a hostpital with Mercie( @flipsidesworst )
He also asks for bloodbags at least once a day but then he eventually kinda goes feral because he hu ng e r s and goes on a blood succing spree and cause peeps to faint from blood loss
animal blood and regular food tastes like shit.
thinks dresses and skirts and feminine shit is f a bu l ou s
thinks pink is lovely and beautiful
is sassy and talks shit with somewhat close friends
doesn’t tell peeps he a vamp. keeps it as a secret that he’d tell to close friends probably
is also a Frenchfry

Going to work on the 3k+ project, but I need some help

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- Ebbs

PS. I expect to have this finished after 3.5k qwq //that’s a long while from now. I just expect to be drawing a lot of ponies- several times as well .w.” I need to do this in my spare time too, since I can’t do it everyday ))