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You didn’t want to be noticed. You thought you were strange for some reason so you walked around quiet as a mouse. But I knew what would do it. I made you a hardcore metal mix CD. Mum went mad when she saw how many songs I’d put with swear words, but I knew it’d do the trick. // I just wanted to disappear, Jem. When I heard about Rick -

A U.S. Army infantryman, assigned to 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, rides in the gunner position of a Stryker armored vehicle during a parade welcoming the Soldiers to the city of Brasov, Romania, May 14, 2015 during the unit’s Cavalry March, part of ‪‎Operation Atlantic Resolve. Operation Calvary March was a two-day, 400 kilometer movement across Romania, from Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base to the Cincu Training Center, involving nearly 100 combat vehicles and more than 300 Soldiers.

U.S. Army photo by Sgt. William A. Tanner



Multiple distributed ISR assets report a TRANSIENT NEAR EXTRASOLAR EVENT. Event duration ZERO POINT THREE SECONDS. Event footprint includes sterile neutrino scattering and gravity waves. Omnibus analysis detects deep structure information content (nine sigma) and internal teleonomy.

No hypothesis on event mechanism (FLAG ACAUSAL). Bootstrap simulation suggests event is DIRECTED and INIMICABLE (convergent q-Bayes/Monte Carlo probability approaches 1).

No hypothesis on deep structure encoding (TCC/NP-HARD).

Source blueshift suggests IMMINENT SOLAR ENTRY.

Promote event to SKYSHOCK: OCP: EXTINCTION. Activate VOLUSPA. Activate YUGA. Cauterize public sources to SECURE ISIS and harden for defensive action.

I am invoking CARRHAE WHITE and assuming control of solar defenses.



For the fairy tail fans out there, particularly for the zeref x Mavis fans, I found their song.

La tournée Startup Weekend Maroc continue … L’étape Finale à Laâyoune !

#Entrepreneurship : La tournée Startup Weekend Maroc continue … L’étape Finale à Laâyoune ! -

Après 11 éditions (Khouribga, Agadir, Safi, Rabat, Youssoufia, El Jadida, Casablanca, Fès, Tanger, Oujda et Meknès) qui, rappelons-le, ont rassemblé plus de 2.000 jeunes et mobilisé plus de 110 mentors, la caravane « Startup Weekend Maroc » organisée par StartUp Maroc en partenariat avec OCP Entrepreneurship Networkfait escale à Laâyoune, les 29, 30 et 31 mai pour la clôture. Cette dernière…

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Sahrawi Arabs: Hillary 'sold her soul'

Hillary Clinton

A group of former miners who once worked for a state-owned Western Sahara company that paid $1 million-plus for a lavish Clinton Foundation affair say the Democratic presidential frontrunner “sold her soul” for all the questionable cash donations that have come to light in recent weeks.

The Sahrawi Arab miners, interviewed by Politico in Laayoune, Western Sahara, used to work for a subsidiary of OCP, the Moroccan government-owned phosphate company that provided more than $1 million for a two-day gathering of Clinton Foundation operatives. The mission of the meeting, which was described as a lavish affair, was to discuss the foundation’s campaign with the Moroccan government to improve Middle Easterners’ and North Africans’ lives.

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Bill Clinton reportedly opened the affair with a nod at OCP and King Mohamed VI and “Morocco’s longstanding friendship to my family and to the United States,” Politico said, citing the miners’ statements.

But the miners now say their lives haven’t been that great.

OCP pushed them to retire early and cut back their pensions, and now they’re fighting to survive financially, they said, Politico reported. Meanwhile, the company keeps hiring ethnic Moroccans for the senior level positions, they accuse. And they see politics at play, decrying what they perceive as the “arbitrary and prolonged detention” and the “physical and verbal abuse” the U.S. State Department finds Moroccan officials put on Sahrawis who fight for indendence in Western Sahara, which is controlled by Morocco, Politico reported.

They fault Hillary Clinton for some of that Moroccan backlash, and say her presidency would only make matter worse.

“Hillary Clinton sold her soul when they accepted that money,” said one of the former miners, Mohamed Lahwaimed, Politico reported. “And now we are concerned that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency of the United States of America, she will take the side of Moroccans even more.”

Another, Lahbib Salhi, said: “All the tainted money that Morocco has gathered from taking away our rights has been used to bribe the Clinton Foundation and the international community.”

Clinton has seen her presidential campaign stalled because of accusations the foundation she’s affiliated with accepted millions of dollars in donations from overseas sources, in order to gain influence with her while she served as secretary of state.


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“A joint investigation by ABC News and Yahoo published Wednesday accuses the Clinton Foundation’s Global Initiative of “being hosted this week at a five-star luxury hotel in Morocco by one of the world’s most controversial mining companies.” According to the report, the Moroccan government-owned mining company Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) has been criticized for “serious human rights violations” by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice. The company reportedly operates in Western Sahara, disputed territory the Moroccan government seized after Spain withdrew in 1975.”