One Character Per Episode: Kieren Walker → 1x01

You didn’t want to be noticed. You thought you were strange for some reason so you walked around quiet as a mouse. But I knew what would do it. I made you a hardcore metal mix CD. Mum went mad when she saw how many songs I’d put with swear words, but I knew it’d do the trick. // I just wanted to disappear, Jem. When I heard about Rick -

We are proud to announce a new color for our Ragnarok series… Wolverine Brown! A color that bridges the gap between FDE and traditional Coyote Brown. FDE is very bright and green. Coyote Brown is bright and orange. Neither color blend well with regular clothes, and Coyote Brown Is very high contrast against Multicam.

So… we thought it would be good to develop a color that works more effectively with Multicam, gear, and regular clothing. Wolverine Brown is what we came up with and all of our Ragnaroks are available in this new shade.

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