20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 19: Favourite Episode


Out of all the days in this challenge, this one has proven to be the most difficult. This show provides so many wonderful episodes, yet Dreamscaperers is the one that I favour the most. It’s fun and creative, and beautifully designed. The scenery, from the rain outside to Bill Cipher’s summoning to Grunkle Stan’s mind, is drawn so well. The story is engaging as you want to follow the twins on their journey. It introduces Bill Cipher, the entertaining yet frightening Dorito-shaped dream demon, it’s sentimental and helps develop Dipper and Grunkle Stan’s relationship, and it is hilarious! This is a memorable episode that I could return to time and time again.

Honourable Mention(s): The Inconveniencng, Double Dipper, Fight Fighters, Summerween, Carpet Diem, Gideon Rises, so many others


Did anyone else see that blacklight page of the journal that just says CAN’T SLEEP? Like that’s really freaking creepy.

(side note: If you did catch it, could you get me a screenshot? Thanks, much appreciated)

Then the more I thought about it, I realized that any explanation for writing that is legitimately freaky.

1. The horror of the mysteries/creatures of gravity falls gave the author insomnia. 

2. The author wrote it as a warning to anyone reading the journal, that they would become unable to sleep, due to insomnia, paranoia, or something else. 

3. The author can’t sleep because he is being hunted by someone or something.

4. The author is so desperate to finish the journals quickly, for any myriad of reasons, that he forgoes sleep in order to finish the journal as soon as possible.

5. The author has become so obsessed with writing the journals that they have actually become more important than sleep. The obsession may or may not be justified. 

Basically, the CAN’T SLEEP either shows how dangerous/important/powerful the journals are, or it represents he author’s descent into madness.

MILD SPOILERS FOR INTO THE BUNKER: this whole thing is made even more creepy by Soos’s line “Good luck sleeping tonight!” in episode 2.

the foreshadowing in this show

“Can’t you go one night without searching for aliens, or raising the dead or whatever?”
“I’m not gonna raise the dead.”

is incredible

for every event

“Well, the confetti cannon works!”

every object

“Sorry, Dipper. I got distracted.”

every joke

comes back

I feel like I’m just one puzzle piece away from figuring out everything.

and this is all one episode

in Gravity Falls, nothing comes out of nowhere

because you’ve already seen it


Oh my God I can’t breathe


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 20: I Love Gravity Falls Because

…of everything! This show provides a variety of elements that make it so wonderful. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are likable, the plot is intriguing, the action is stupendous, the jokes are hilarious, the emotions are powerful, and it always leaves you wanting more. The show is full of fun and charm and mystery and I am glad to have discovered this show back in June 2012. I get emotional watching the episodes again and I am becoming a wreck on the arrival of season two.

This challenge has been a blast and now I’m ready to see what else this show has to offer! Heck, who am I kidding? I’ve been ready since August 2, 2013!