6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime

I was tagged by @fandom-in-reverse to write a list of 6 movies I can watch anytime.

1.) The Pit & The Pendulum (He looks good AND I like the plot so this is prolly my fave.)
2.) The Tomb Of Ligeia (I watch this more for the looks, hehe!)
3.) Resident Evil: Extinction (Tied with the final one, actually.) 
4.) The Lost Boys (I wanna live in that movie.)
5.) Arthur 2: On The Rocks (I love Dudley Moore.)
6.) Spider-Man 2 (Why I had the username OckGal for the last 10+ years, lol!)

I tag @thevortexofourminds, @tranimation, @tormented-or-insane and @thepalatine (if you guys wanna do it).