ocho masimoto


Ocho Masimoto - “Regenerate, Obliterate”

This beat is me as a person.

Prepare for immersion.

** - Best heard with headphones on - **


“0, 1, 2” - Ocho Masimoto

In a nutshell,…..Mechanized Sex. That about does it.


new track by the JeL collective - - “/firearms”

MuK takes center stage over a re-flipped version of “Accordion” by Madvillain

I sure as fuck hope you’re on something while you watch this….that’s something you won’t regret lol


Me goin’ in over MF DOOM’s “Great Day” Instrumental. 

“Many Masks” Mixtape Coming Soon….


MuK - “Oil Slick”

Beat by Flying Lotus (Raw Cartoons - “Track 11”), vocals by MuK, engineering by me. 

Be warned: you may think you’re leaning or some shit while listening to this. 


Enflamed, Masi with that Charizard spit,

Leave ya bulbasaur on the floor kickin and screamin

I’m dragon beamin, with the rays from the sun 

Of 69th two times, victory bells ring as the man lingers

His eyes light up,

Like Cloud Strife’s bike engine ignites when his goal is in sight

Like two feet in front to back, 

Don’t stop chasin what you want til it’s got

Get that shit back like territories

DTF U P in CTF I only play with the best

Ninja like that nigga Tesshu,

Needles in the neck to those who blew him off like prostitutes,

With that chrome dome for you homes

Blown through your home left you with that chrome in your dome

Have your teeth talking spinners,

You gon need a dentist to fix the damage I did

Acupuncture with the functions of rage in the cage 

When I step on the stage people loose their place of well being

Like a fiending for weed I go green with my flow

Though sadly it’s not recyclable like bottles of Coke

Sniffin up cherry flavored syurp 

A flirt yet curt with remarks like Coolidge, in the fridge of silence

Fill you up with rhymes leave you, with the itis

Can’t fight us,

We soarin y'all penguins, flightless

Chickens of the sky it’s

Retarded how my life is

Glowin like Midas

Touched my sternum make my lungs gold 

So now even my breaths are priceless.


Here at Apollo 13, we love drugs, so check out the homie TK-FL0z’s new track “Scorpio” as well. Shit sounds like an LSD trip lmao


Tyler, the Creator ft. Hodgy Beats - French! (Instrumental)

I had to do this.  We have gone too long without this beat by itself.


“Spacecenter Love Potion” - giZmo

Love in a spacial sea….