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Hopes for Utapri Maji Love Legend Star

My Overall Hopes

- have a better ending than maji love revolutions

- should it come to haruka making a decision of who to pick, don’t leave it as an open ended ending please I hate endings like those

- no love confessions like reiji’s in the 3rd season because we all know how that turned out 

- duets between “original ship partners/roommates” since this season is probably the last (ex: otoya and tokiya, etc.) yes I know they already have duets together but I can still dream 

- a not rushed story line and not squeezing huge character development into 13 episodes

Otoya - the cinnamon roll whom everyone loves

- relation with cecil is discovered

- finds out that saotome is his dad *ensue the star wars theme*

- ends up with haruka like please it needs to happen

Tokiya -  aka mr. perfectionist and ex-double lifer

- please stay out of the renmasa thank you very much have a good day sir

- needs to play an instrument in one episode becAUSE I KNOW YOU CAN

- flashback to when he was hayato maybe idk

Masato - that sweater wearing, secret cinnamon roll 


- more childhood scenes with ren 

- maybe, just maybe, have a different side of him show, like a rock side when he sings ‘Dream More Than Love’ oh gosh masa with a mohawk kill me now

Ren - the flirty saxaphonist  and part time shepherd

- more ponytails and different hair styles pleaaase his hair is just so amazing 

- what ever happens, do not bring seira into this, but I doubt she’d show up anyways ;v;

- since ren is basically the nickname master (ochibi-chan, cesshi, ran-ran, etc.), let him make nicknames for Heavens 

Natsuki - that one guy that practically breathes sunshine

- satsuki

- hey what about satsuki 

- guys I got a good one; how about satsuki

Syo - aka fedora wearing shorty of the group

- episode with kaoru

- um maybe kaoru

- yeah I agree with the kaoru thing

Cecil - that spinning cat guy

- discovers more info about his and otoya’s mom

- if Starish doesn’t win the Triple S, he should try to pray to the muses and seek advice from them or something last resort is singing a heart warming song and twirling in circles

- needs play the flute in one episode

Reiji - that guy who tries to hide dark past with jokes 

- someone give the guy a maraca microphone, I mean his seiyuu already asked for one at a maji love live stage so 

- needs to scat in one of the episodes since his voice would be good for it

- also needs to prank someone because I will not rest until he does

Ranmaru - that one guy who loves cats and rock

- really needs to be shown without his right eye’s purple contact during one of these episodes

- have a jam out session with Otoya because why not

- should maybe try a different type of hair style maybe slick part of it back with gel idk help me

Ai - the robot who’s a replacement of someone that needs to be introduced 




Camus - that guy who could be better

- please don’t push cecil around, come on, he’s a cinnamon roll

- less sass more nice person please

- bring his dog into an episode and I will accept him as a better person

Haruka - protagonist that’s probably hated by like half the fandom 

- should sing a song because honestly, when she sings, it’s amazing

- needs to pick someone or else the open ended ending is going to haunt me forever

- should also have more character development than any other character imo

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw the father head canons you posted earlier and I wondered could you do some father head canons for Otoya and Syo too? Thanks! <3

Okay, sure!

Otoya: Perfect father figure! He’s always trying to lighten to load for his S/O and help out. See the thing is, since Otoya was raised in an orphanage he would want to be what he feels a good father should be. He never really had a man in his life to show him. He’ll teach his son right from wrong, all with a smile. There’s never going to be a day when his S/O will feel alone in any of this child’s life. Not only will he be a father but he’ll also be friend. Otoya would be the type of father than would have plenty of open doors, his son will know all he has to do his walk inside. He won’t be hard to approach, he wants to have an open relationship with his kid. I strongly believe that once he has his first son and feels comfortable with his new role as a father he wouldn’t want to stop at just one! He’s probably the type of guy that wants at least four kids. He was raised around lots of kids and for him it was a great feeling. He’d feel that a household with only one sibling would be lonely. 

Syo: Ochibi-chan, will freak out on the way to the hospital. He’s going to pass out while you’re in labor. He’s going to freak out when you hand him the fragile little creature. But he’s going to try dammit! He’s probably going to be afraid of being alone with him for the first couple of months because he would freak if he thought he hurt his son. When his son starts to walk and talk he’ll already be a mini Syo. (Please keep your son away from Natsuki. He can and will get kidnapped.) He’s going to try to act cool at all times because he wants his son to look up to with admiration. When his son goes off to school he’s going to encourage his son to play any sport possible and because his cool dad says so chances are it’s going to happen. They’d probably stay up late at night having action movie marathons. Syo would pretend to be bashful when his son suggests watching one of his movies and commenting on how cool he looks. When his son gets to middle school, he’s always going to be at the games and student held festivals. He’s going to get mistaken to a middle school 3rd year and his son’s going to laugh. Because of their relationship by the time he’s in high school people are going to mistake them for brothers. Syo will be the type of dad that his son would aspire to someday become… Sadly, his son might grow to be a lot taller than his dad.

Uta no Prince-sama 5th stage spoilers (Part 3)

Credits from Uta no Prince-sama Maji Rabu

Ta_2’s fracture
* QN LINE conversation
* 500 Empty Seats
* Pretty balloons
* Mamo’s abs

* Suwabe’s whispers
* Viola (The New World)
* Guitar + Terashi (Komorebi Diamond)
* Piano (Seien Brave Heart)
* Majestic descending from above

* “Thank you for being by my side” (Innocent Wind)
* Mamo’s sexy performance
* That red car, Mori’s driving (Every Buddy)
* Shimono’s cuteness
* 4th season’s release

* Toriumi’s organ joke
* Toriumi’s and Mamos’ elephant joke
* Toriumi’s “I AM PRINCESS”
* Aoi’s and Maeno’s color contacts
* Shimono’s cuteness

* Ta_2’s revenge plot
* DVD and BD making
* Suwabe’s “Hi… Hijirikawa”

* Shimono’s ‘explosion’
* Crazy goods sales
* Original Resonance’s display of backstage
* Morikubo’s joke on helping Ta_2 to shower
* Ta_2’s super long THANK YOU

Here’s an update on SuzuKen! (Like finally. LOL.)

In the ending part.

Suzu: Thank you for today. Thanks to everyone, my dam of the heart (referring to Masato’s famous line lol) has been broken. From today onwards, I might be somewhat off (behavior-wise ww)
Suzu: My dam of the heart (kokoro no damu w) is… broken…
Audience: Ohhhhhh?!?

Let’s see if we would see some Masato with weird behavior in the next season. I can’t wait wwww

So in the ending talk Suwabe was trying to call everyone else in their nicknames in the anime as the MC in Ren’s voice.

“Next it will be Baron.”

“Followed by Ochibi-chan….”

“Then next is… Hi…”

“Hijirikawa…” in a slightly disgusted tone lol

(FYI Ren and Masato are sort of like childhood friends and now they are 'rivals’ in the anime for reasons that is too much for me to explain in a short update)

Sasuga Be-sama

* In Pirates of the Frontier, everyone held a sword!
* Aoi’s contacts are for his BLOODY SHADOWS performance. They are in red.
* Maeno’s color contacts are just to match with Camus’ eye color. (He was not comfortable with contacts in 2015, Bravo!!)
* Morikubo drove the red car. On the stage. For real.
* Aoi insisted that Shimono is as cute as teddy in the talk. www

Additional detail for Mellow x2 Chu

So, Suwabe-san whispered in a very low tone that is very soothing to the ears /////

Since this is the best part of the performance I’ll keep it inside the DVD.

Detailed report for Secret Lover by Mamo-chan!

So the performance happened to be on a chair heart emoticon

Yes, Mamo, performing on the chair.

Then with a cane.

Then he moves his waist in a pretty erotic manner that most fangirls just went Kyaaa and ahhhhh and ///////////////

Details on the performance of Original Resonance.

They perform on the stairs. The vocals and the harmonies are just as beautiful as how it was on the CDs that it’s so great heart emoticon

Mamo and SuzuKen mentioned this after their performance for Original Resonance

“Saying ORIGINAL RESONANCE for more than three times and you might just get addicted to doing this www”

Also attaching the car that I’ve mentioned in Every Buddy’s performance!

Ahh I forgot to mentioned that SuzuKen was on the piano.

Natsuki, Otoya, and Masato, the A class are already on their personal best instruments!

Nacchan on Viola, Otoya on Guitar and Masato on Piano.

Shimono flies high and have been spinning around
* Maenu descends from the heights calmly that it’s too beautiful
* Morikubo and Shimono rode on some red car on the stage!! (*Check our future post for the image!)
* Shoutan dresses more like a man this round (but he’s still angelic regardless)

In Quartet Night’s talk…

Where Ta_2 was moving around in a lively manner except for that fractured arm…

Morikubo: Somehow, I think Tatsuhisa can stir Natto with what he’s doing right now!
Ta_2: I was trying to obtain some protein (Protein in Japanese is タンパク質 -> Tanpakushitsu, but Ta_2 said it as Tanpakushichuu)
Others: Shichuuuu?!?!??

p/s: Additional note, Ta_2 (Tatsuhisa) used to tell other people about his name in this way when he was a really small kid

“My name is Tachuuhisa!”

Isn’t he adorable?

After the announcement of the new season’s release on Autumn…

Toriumi: I wonder what will the title be…
Audience: *anticipating*
Mamo: Hmm… Toriumi-san kawaii? Ah, Shouta kawaii?
Shoutan: Chigauuuu (Nooooo)


Soo towards the end all seiyuus were thanking the audiences “Arigatou gozaimashita!”

and Ta_2’s thank was the longest.

His thank you speech is the longest.

This is the most memorable thing for both days.

Just looking at him and remembering this makes me felt like crying. ;m;

Ta_2: This round, there are so many people supporting me while I gave trouble. I’ll only say this much. Next time I’ll have my revenge. *fakes some angry look*
Others: Ehhh? Revenge? So for the next title… Maji love Revenge??
Ta_2: Ahh nonono, it’s a personal revenge wwww

Ta_2 you cute little dork www

Toriumi: It seems like this year everyone tried something new. I should also start something soon.
Audience: ???
Toriumi: Since canes are only held by peasants (referring to Camus, obviously ww)… Maybe we should link this to animals…?
Mamo: Something like elephants?

LMAO Elephants I’m so done wwww

Maeno: This time, I’ve worn color contacts for the first time.
Ta_2: That’s right. Which reminds me, Shouta’s (color con) look reeeeally natural. Maeno-san’s eyes looks blue! wwwww
Shouta: That’s not true!!

Audience: *burst in laughter*

The one funny part for the day is…

Suwabe: Lady! Gentleman!
Morikubo: My girl! My Boy!
Toriumi: My Princess! My Prince!
Everyone else: My prince???? wwwwww
Toriumi: Ah. I AM PRINCESS!!

I swear we laughed so hard for this. Toriumi I’m so happy for you to get comfy with the stage but this!! X’D

The final part of the first day was GOLDEN STAR!

Everyone singing so happily and everyone are just so adorable. heart emoticon

As the camera records Maenu poses pretty nicely and Shoutan + Shimono had a friendly peace sign to the camera together!

The final part of MC

Shoutan was twirling 360 degrees to show everyone on his look for the day. Then he talked about the stuff the QN members discussed in LINE.

Then suddenly the camera turns to Ta_2’s face and his face turned from ( ¯−¯ ) to

((( ;゚Д゚))エッ!? (Eh?!)

then everyone laughed so hard, and the camera shifts to Morikubo-san (and he was so cute omg please place this in the DVD I really hope the camera captured him well)

Then we also realized it when Maeno showed his hand that his fingers has all the light rings from the 3rd to 5th live!

Maenu then said he kind of wanted to keep this event going and fill all ten fingers with the event rings lol.

The final (actually, the encore lol) song is Maji Love 2000%!

Everyone danced and sang happily!

Then, towards the last part!

Mamo: I’m Miyano Mamoru, voice actor of Ichinose Tokiya, also as HAYATO!

Audience: Kyaaa~!!
Mamo: Then, just for a little… OHAYAPPU~☆
Audience: Kyaaaaaa~!!
Terashi: (in Otoya’s voice) Super!! It’s the real HAYATO!
Mamo: Ha! I tried..

Continuing from the previous conversation:

Terashi: (In Otoya’s voice) So cool… It really is as expected from Tokiya! It’s so great!
Mamo: (In Tokiya’s voice) Of course.
Terashi: (In Otoya’s voice) So cool~!

Is this heaven because *ω*

STARISH’s VAs performed Thank You after their talk!

“For UtaPri to be lasting until now, we believe that it is a gift from everyone. That’s why we are thankful and have placed all our feelings into this song.”

Mamo: Taniyama-san’s song is really great! When I listen to it for the first time, I was like… “Is this English?”
Kiiyan: Ah, it is~ w
Mamo: How did you do that?!
Kiiyan: Wait a sec wait a sec! I kinda learnt it from you! You did something like that too www

Also, in the conversation, Mamo was like…

Mamo: “This time, Suwabe-san has been reeeeeeeeally ero!”

Everyone were like “Yaaaay” lol

Then Mamo continued

“So erotic that even for us it’s mellow mellow~!”

Oh, dear. ww

Continue from the talk. Well we all know about bullying Shimono could be our tradition so…

Shimono: If the staff continues doing this it’s more than enough! Else I’ll…
Kiiyan: Blast? Will you be blasting (in anger, or some sort)?
Shimono: “Blasting… EH?! BLASTING?!?!”

Lol of course he wouldn’t www

So, after Original Resonance, STARISH’s VAs became the MCs.

So they went to the middle and greeted everyone! And here is a part of the conversation ww

Terashi: I really wanted to make sure that everyone enjoys the show that I’m feeling rather insecure…
Mamo: But!!! Terashi holding the guitar on the stage is really at the best!

Original Resonance!

The piano part 

And the best part is that in a part of the performance everyone in the backstage are projected in the Arena!

It resembles the anime where everyone were watching the TV for Tokiya and Masato!

So happy ;///u///;

Mamo and SuzuKen said that this song is difficult but they are both very glad that they sang this

Seien Brave Heart followed right after!

SuzuKen’s calmness in his vocals with the sea of blue rays is just beautiful

My friend was almost caught off guard on the intro of the song only to realized sooner that it was SECRET LOVER because the intro was in piano ww

Mamo-chan is acting all エロイ with not just the singing, but the dance, as well as his breath ////ω////

It’s a literal death. But a happy one. ///////

Next is Code: T.V.U

Shimono was so into the song then got overly happy about interacting with the fans he nearly forgot a line ww

And Be-sama’s covering it so beautifully

youzankiel  asked:

Hi! I just wanna say thank you for your translations so far! I really enjoyed them~ and If it's not too much trouble, can you translate this strip? illust_id=43736802

【HQ!!】いきなりの黒→日←及そして【腐】 by 月島

hello there!

i’ve asked the artist about translating their comics. sadly, they have refused and asked me not to post them outside of pixiv as they would like to avoid any possible copyright issues (since what they produce is fanart based off of copyrighted material (?))

if you’d like though, i’ve done a quick translation of the strip under the cut!

Keep reading

[161022] Jimin and Jungkook Fansign




A.マンゲットク(柏餅)! オチビちゃん♡ 

Q: To Park Jimin, Jungkook is?

JM: My baby

Q: To Jungkookie, Park Jimin is?

JK: A mochi! Ochibi-chan (a cute nickname for small people) ♡

Source: Rgrey | KRN-JPN trans: ガルボ | JPN-ENG trans: @kookedonyou 

anonymous asked:

Can I request a cute scenario with Syo and his really short s/o (4'10ish) where he is all proud and showing her off to the rest of STARISH and Quartet Night? (some teasing maybe some fluff?) Thank you! Love your blog!

The way I wrote it originally made Syo come off as really obnoxious, imo. So, I made this less about his ‘showing off’ and more about him introducing her to his friends. I mean, he’s still showing her off but it’s a lot more subtle. Lots of friendly teasing ahead. Please enjoy!

The boys had been chatting and laughing in the parlor for the past hour. It’d been a while since they’d all been in one room together. 

Natsuki had been patiently awaiting his roommate’s arrival but he didn’t seem to have any intention on showing up. 

“Has anyone seen Syo?” Otoya asked, as if he’d read the look on his face.

Then, almost as if he’d been summoned by only the sound of his name being spoken, he burst through the doors.

“Hey, you guys!” he said, the grin on his face was hard to miss.

Tokiya sighed as he massaged his temples, “Must you enter the room so dramatically?”

“Never mind Icchi. He has a bad headache.” Ren smiled, “Ochibi-chan, we were beginning to wonder if you weren’t going to show up.”

Syo rubbed the back of his neck. He could tell by knowing smile on the saxophonist’s face that he had an idea as to what had held him up.

“Where have you been, Syo?” Ai asked.

The blonde cleared his throat and stepped aside, revealing his shorter partner who had been unintentionally hiding behind him. “You guys, I’ve brought someone that I’d like for you to meet!”

A large portion of the room gasped, quietly. Was this why Syo’d been so odd lately?

“Oh man! I almost didn’t see ya there~! He was able to hide you behind him! I bet he’s proud.” Reiji said, teasingly. “He’s never been able to hid anyone behind him!”

“Except maybe Masato’s little sister.” Ranmaru chimed in, sinking a bit more comfortably into the sofa.

The other’s laughed causing Syo to slightly blush from embarrassment. 

“Yeah, yeah. Okay, that’s enough.” Syo said, glancing over at her.

“So, are you going to properly introduce us?” Camus asked, “Have some manners in front of your company, at least.”

The girl brought her hand up to her mouth as she hid her giggling from Syo. She could tell they’d all just been teasing him. It helped her relax a bit. Her boyfriend placed his hand on her upper back, giving her the okay to enter the room further.

“Everyone this is my girlfriend, ______.” Syo said, trying his best to ignore all the goofy smiles aimed toward him.

She bowed deeply, “It’s so nice to finally get to meet all of you!”

The parlor erupted with idle chatter. Some complimenting Syo, others teasing Syo and the remainder welcoming ______. Based on the volume, it’d seemed as if everyone had forgotten about Tokiya’s headache because of the news. Hell, even Tokiya himself.

Ren strolled over to Syo’s side and playfully nudged him, “My, my she is a doll, isn’t she?” 

Cecil smiled at the couple, “It’s amazing Syo was able to find someone smaller than him, huh?”

Syo rolled his eyes, “Enough with the short jokes!”

She giggled, “It’s okay Syo. We both knew this would happen.”

“Uwaaaah~! She really is adorable!” Nastuki hopped over to examine the new cutie in the room, “It’s nice to meet you ___-chan! I’m Natsuki, his roommate!”

“Nice to meet you too!” she smiled.

Masato noticed that the two had been dressed up, “Did you two have plans for this evening?”

She smiled, “Syo and I was going to see that new action movie, “Surrender!” tonight.”

Syo nodded, “Yeah, check this out. She actually really likes action movies too!”

“Apparently, Hyuuga-sensei co-wrote this film! Ehh! I’m so excited!” she squealed.

Ren chuckled, “Would ya look at that? They’re a match made in heaven.”

The others laughed to themselves.

“So, ____-san, what time is the showing you’re going to see?” Tokiya asked.

“3 o’clock, I believe.”

Reiji clicked his tongue, “In that case, you guys should hurry down to the station! Or you’re gonna be late.”

Syo checked his watched and nearly choked, “You’re right! We should get going! Let’s go Short Stuff.” he said, guiding her out of the parlor after they’d said their good byes.

Reiji waited until they were out of ear shot and smiled, “Ahhh, could you guys see how proud he was to be able to look down at someone for change?”




the-anime-sensei-deactivated201  asked:

Sorry I just wanted to ask one more question. I hope I'm not irritating in any way. How do you feel about haruka love wise?(Plz be honest)

Natsuki: I love Haru-chan~! She’s the cutest! Isn’t she, you guys?

Otoya: *red as a tomato*

Ren: The little lamb knows my true feelings. I suppose I’ll leave it at that.

Syo: *rolls his eyes at Ren*

Ren: Problem, Ochibi-chan?

Tokiya: Otoya, what’s with that face?

Otoya: N-N-Nothing!

Cecil: Why is it that none of you are honest about your true feelings aside from Natsuki and I?

Ren: I didn’t lie.

Masato: Omission is lying, Jinguji.

Ren: Then what does that say about you, Hijirikawa? You haven’t said a word!

Tokiya: What are you hiding?

Masato: W-What?

[All except for Natsuki begins to argue back and forth.]

Natsuki: Everyone, please! Why are we arguing about this? Isn’t the answer obvious? We all love Haru-chan.

Tokiya: The love they are talking about isn’t a playful love.

Natsuki: *serious voice* I’m not playing, Tokiya-kun.

[Tensions fills the room as the noise from their arguing goes silent.]

anonymous asked:

Can I request STARISH'S reaction to Cecil's neck being covered in hickies from his s/o?

STARISH had all been sitting around the practice room having idle conversations until Camus burst through the doors, startling them.

“Has anyone seen that fool of a prince?” he asked, standing in the doorway arms folded.

“Cesshi is out on a hot date with–”

“What Jinguji is trying to say is Aijima stepped out for a moment. He should return shortly.”

Camus watched Ren and Masato with an irritated frown, “When you see him. Have him report to me as soon as possible.”

“OKay~!” Natsuki said.

With that, the blonde count took his leave. Masato’s eyes could slice Ren into two by the daggers he shot him.

“Are you crazy, Ren?” Syo aksed. “You could’ve gotten him caught!”

Tokiya sighed, “It’s his own mistake for leaving out so late last night. It’s noon and he still hasn’t returned.”

“I wonder if Camus has any suspicions… I mean, Cecil didn’t have any work yesterday that would keep him out  this late did he?” Otoya asked. So innocent.

Natsuki looked over at Otoya and smiled, “Otoya-kun, Cecil is—-”

Before the blonde could finish his sentence, the doors were slammed open again this time revealing their missing bandmate.

“I’m home~!” Cecil sang happily.

Everyone fell silent, only exchanging glances until Ren spoke up.

“Welcome home, Cesshi.” Ren chuckled. “Busy night, huh?”

Cecil smiled, “Yeah, I had a lot done last night!”

Obviously unaware of what Ren question was hinting at.

“We can see that.” Syo said.


Masato’s cheeks burned once he’d noticed the marked on Cecil’s neck. There even some on his collarbone. “Aijima, please find a change of clothes.”

“What were you thinking?” Tokiya asked in a scolding tone. “What if Shining were to see you like this?”

‘Like what?“ Cecil asked, examining his clothes.

Ren lead his bandmate over to the mirror, “Do you see now?”

Cecil gasped at the marks that covered his neck.

Natsuki walked over to get a close look at what everyone was making a big fuss about and gasped sharply. “Cecil-kun, who hurt you like this?!”

Ren’s brow rose in question, “Huh?”

“Who did this to you? All of these bruises…” Natsuki frowned, “You can use my Piyo-chan bandaid to cover them!’

Syo burst into a fit of laughter, "Dummy those aren’t those kinds of bruises!”

“They’re passion marks Shinomi, not bruises.” Ren chuckled.

Cecil covered his neck, “What should I do? Camus will kill me.”

“Accept responsibilty.” Tokiya said.

“You’re so cold Tokiya! Camus-senpai isn’t like Rei-chan! He’d punish Cecil for real!” Otoya said, “We should do something to help him!”

“Like what? Cover his neck with concealer until they heal?” Syo laughed.

Ren looked at Syo with a smirk, “That’s actually a really good idea, Ochibi-chan. Are you speaking from experience?”

Syo blushed heavily, “N-no!”

Masato shook his head, “I agree with Ichinose. You were brave enough to let this happen. You should be brave enough to accept the consequences of your actions.”

Ren shook his head, “Yare yare. Some friends you all are. Cesshi come with me a know a girl who’s almost the same complexion as you. She can help you cover this up. Shinomi, we’re going to use you scarf to cover him up while we’re in the hallway.”

“Okay!” Natsuki said happily.

And with that, Ren easily became Ren-sama. Cecil’s personal savior.