ochi's edits

Saitou Hajime, from the Hakuouki manga. Cleaned/edited by Ochi.

It’s kind of fun to dig through my manga, since there are so, so many different Hakuouki manga I’ve acquired over the last couple of years, even if a lot of them adapt the same things, it’s cool to see different artist’s take on it. I like showcasing some of the nicer panels, although it means a war on cleaning jpg artifacts, ahaha.

池田屋に向かう // Toward the Ikedaya

I really wanted to do a slightly modified version of the edit I posted yesterday, this one with the Shinsengumi happi colored in. I only did Okita for this version, but I may post the version with Heisuke and Shinpachi heading towards Ikedaya later on (read: when I am not lazy).

From the Hakuouki manga, edited by me//ochimizu.

"I'm the one that can help you change. Won't you let me in? Let me into your heart, Amasawa."

Re-reading The Weatherman Is My Lover (Tenki Yohou no Koibito) for the first time in a couple of years and reminded of how much I loved this manga. It’s probably hands down one of the best BL stories I’ve ever come in contact with. There’s something about the relationship between Amasawa and Koganui that always just pulls at my heartstrings. So good.