Joeanna 'Joey' Bailey is the tomboy. She is seventeen years old, and is a junior. Joey looks a lot like Brittany Robertson and she is a open role.

“And I choose guitar over ballet, And I take these suckers down ‘Cause they just get in my way.”

+ determind, tough, loveable.
- absent-minded, stubborn, rude.

| Personality

Joeanna had always been the girl who had been the odd one out when it came to girly things. Instead of liking heels or make-up she loved combat boots and mud. Instead of liking pink and eating next to nothing, she liked dark green and was always pigging out on healthy foods. And instead of being called Joeanna she got everyone to call her Joey as she hated her real name. All of these things lead to the fact that Joey was an absolute tomboy. All her friends had been boys rather than girls and the few girl friends she did have were also into more boyish things.All her life Joey had been the kind of girl who sat with the guys when there was sports game on the tv, she would lean forward in her chair, shout and cheer as loud as everyone else. And she loved everything about sports, especially team sports. Her passion’s were lacrosse and soccer. She had played both for years and they were an escape from the world around her. However Joey had always been forgetful and had often left her kits or equipment behind or at home. She was known to be very forgetful all the time, hardly remembering much that happened in her life at all.

| Background

Joey had grown up never really knowing who she was or where she came from. At a young age she put up for adoption after her birth mother had given her up. She had lived with the same family, the Bailey’s, since she was three year’s old. She had always known she was adopted and it didn’t bother her apart from the fact she wanted to know all about where she came from or what her life would have been like if her mother hadn’t given her up. The Bailey’s had always treated her as if she were their own daughter, seeing as they couldn’t have kids themselves, and she had a good life with them.

The Bailey’s had always accepted the fact that their adopted daughter was never going to be a girly girl and that she’d rather eat dirt than wear a dress. However the kids at her school’s had never accepted that. And she had been bullied about being a tomboy since she was a little kid. Luckily though Joey didn’t let them get to her, she always thought of what her parents told her ‘Just be yourself, you are a great person and you unique and no one can change. And as long as you accept yourself no one else’s opinions matter.’ Joey had built herself a high threshold that meant people’s words didn’t seem to effect her. However sometimes she wished that she could be like other girls and not just be seen as one of the guys.

| Relationships

  • Has and interest in Jesse Malone, as they share similar interests in sport and can relate to him.
  • Is also friends with Lucas Oakley and Hazel Williams.
  • See’s Cory Carter as a little brother figure in her life and loves being around him though she finds his sister Rowan Carter annoying because of her protectiveness.
  • Is growing close with her dorm mate Diana Heron even though the girls have such different styles.

| Additional info

  • Is a member of various sports teams including both Lacrosse and Soccer.
  • Knows she is just seen as one of the guys and sometimes wants to be seen as one of the girls especially at the idea of guys liking her.
  • Is very open about the fact she was adopted and is proud of it rather than ashamed.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.

Here’s Hôku.

She’s a small Tanuki from Laos.

She has three little brothers and an older sister. She’s the chubbiest and the most mischievious.
Even her little brothers looks like angel compare to her… And they have the excuse of the youth. They only think about fighting and bitting ears.

After the deforestation of their home, their parents sent all their children to Japan in relatives’s home.