Koseitai Sauravis / Sauravis, the Crowned Ancient Sage
Level 7 LIGHT Dragon-Type Ritual Effect Monster
ATK 2600
DEF 2800
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Fairy’s Blessing”.
(1) When your opponent activates a card or effect that targets a monster(s) you control: You can discard this card; negate that activation.
(2) If your opponent would Special Summon a monster(s): You can return this card on the field to the hand; negate that Special Summon, and if you do, banish it.

Shinryuuou Bahrstos Fuhrer / Bahrstos Fuhrer, the True Dracoruler
Level 9 WATER Wyrm-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1800
DEF 3000
You can only use each effect of “Bahrstos Fuhrer, the True Dracoruler” once per turn.
(1) If this card is in your hand: You can destroy 2 monsters in your hand and/or face-up on your field, including a WATER monster, and if you do, Special Summon this card, and if you destroyed 2 WATER monsters this way, you can banish up to 2 Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls or in their Graveyard.
(2) If this card is destroyed by a card effect: You can Special Summon 1 non-WATER Wyrm-Type monster from your Deck in Defense Position.

Destiny HERO – Divineguy / Destiny HERO – Celestial
Level 4 DARK Warrior-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1600
DEF 1400
You can only use the (2) effect of “Destiny HERO – Celestial” once per turn.
(1) When this card declares an attack: You can target 1 face-up Spell Card your opponent controls; destroy it, and if you do, inflict 500 damage to your opponent.
(2) During your turn, except during the turn this card was sent to the Graveyard, if you have no cards in your hand: You can banish this card and 1 “Destiny HERO” monster from your Graveyard; draw 2 cards.


I want to talk about the new support we got in “Invasion Of Venom” for my favorite deck from the last expansion, “The Dark Illusion”: Metalfoes

The archetype was pretty well supported when it first came out in the past set, and I’m happy to see that we’re receiving new support not too long after its debut: 1 Effect Pendulum Monster (the first Main Deck Effect Monster) and 2 new Fusion Monsters with one of them having been revealed during the countdown to the set’s release already, and one Quick-Play Spell Card.

Let’s move on to them:

Raremetalfoes Bismagia [FIRE | Level 1 | Scale 8 | Psychic/Pendulum/Effect | ATK/   0 DEF/   0]
Pendulum Effect
Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card you control; destroy it, and if you do, set 1 “Metalfoes” Spell/Trap Card directly from your Deck.
Monster Effect
If this card on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can add 1 “Metalfoes” monster from your Deck to your hand during the End Phase of this turn. You can only use this effect of “Raremetalfoes Bismagia” once per turn.

Fullmetalfoes Fusion [Quick-Play Spell Card]
Fusion Summon 1 “Metalfoes” Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Materials.

Fullmetalfoes Alkahest [FIRE | Level 1 | Psychic/Fusion/Effect | ATK/   0 DEF/   0]
1 “Metalfoes” monster + 1 Normal Monster
Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Once per turn, during your opponent’s turn: You can target 1 Effect Monster on the field; equip that target to this card (this is a Quick Effect). This card gains DEF equal to the combined original ATK of monsters equipped to it by this effect. While this card is equipped with a Fusion Material(s) listed on a “Metalfoes” Fusion Monster, you can use that equipped card(s) you control as a Fusion Material for that Fusion Monster.

Metalfoes Mythriel [FIRE | Level 6 | Psychic/Fusion/Effect | ATK/2600 DEF/1000]
1 “Metalfoes” monster + 1 Pendulum Monster
You can target 2 “Metalfoes” card in your Graveyard and 1 card on the field; shuffle the first targets into the Deck, and if you do, return the second target to the hand. You can only use this effect of “Metalfoes Mythriel” once per turn. If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 face-up “Metalfoes” Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck, or 1 “Metalfoes” Pendulum Monster from your Graveyard.

I like them all, to be honest. Fullmetalfoes Fusion kind of reminds me of the now banned El Shaddoll Fusion, that card along with Alkahest is very good combo: you steal one of your opponent’s effect monster and then use it as a material that same turn for a fusion summon. Mythriel is very useful to return cards such as Fullmetalfoes Fusion (that unlike Metalfoes Fusion, it can’t return itself to the Deck), Metalfoes Combination and Alkahest (since it can only be Fusion Summoned) to maintain the consistency of the Deck and to always have something to search with their pendulum effects. Bismagia is a very good searcher: you destroy it to set any spell/trap you need and then you add 1 “Metalfoes” monster during your End Phase; I’m a little bit annoyed of it being level 1, though, since it cannot be pendulum summoned, but there are other ways to get it back: Mythriel, Pendulum Reborn, Metalfoes Counter, just to mention some of them.

This new support is awesome, let’s see if I can make a very good Deck with it.

[SPDS] New Darklords

3 new cards for the Darklord theme in Destiny Soldiers.

Darklord Mastema
You can only Special Summon “Darklord Mastema”(s) once per turn. You can only use the (2) effect of “Darklord Mastema” once per turn.
(1): If this card is in your hand: You can discard 2 other “Darklord” or “Fallen One” monsters; Special Summon this card.
(2): During either player’s turn: You can pay 1000 LP, then target 1 “Darklord” Spell/Trap Card in your Graveyard; this effect becomes that target’s effect when that card is activated, then shuffle that target into the Deck.

Darklord Kaidan (name to be updated)
Normal Spell
You can only activate 1 “Darklord Kaidan” per turn.
(1): Special Summon 1 “Darklord” or “Fallen One” monster from your Graveyard in Defense Position.

Allure of Darklord
Normal Trap
(1): Send 1 “Darklord” or “Fallen One” monster from your hand or face up from your field to the Graveyard, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of it till the end of this turn.