The Lunar Chronicles - Oceans 11 AU

Prediction for the release of Winter: They’ll go all Oceans 11 on Luna and infiltrate the Lunar Palace (kind of what they did in the New Beijing Palace).

Wolf- The Muscle

Cinder - The Mastermind

Thorne - The *ehm* Distraction

Cress - The Hacker

Kai - The New Guy

Scarlet - The Damsel In Distress The Inside ‘Man’

Here We go again: Angered trolls start #FeministAMovie hashtag to protest all-female Ocean's 11 cast

11 AUGUST 2016 • 2:16PM

Ocean’s 11 is reportedly set to get a star-studded all-female reboot. Pop superstar Rihanna is allegedly set to star alongside Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, Nora Lum and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Many people have been very excited by this - the cast is  broad enough for everyone to be a fan of at least one person in it, and all-female reboots always spark interest in a world previously populated by scores of films which don’t pass the Bechdel test.

However, some have become very angry that this remake of a remake has ladies in it, starting the hashtag #FeministAFilm.

This has trended worldwide and is mainly populated by people who think all-female remakes are oppressing and ignoring men.

Here is what the anti-feminist trolls had to say:

All quiet on the kitchen front #FeministAMovie

Kill Bill, Dave, Steve, Mike, John, Andy, Del, Trevor, Arthur, Matthew, Peter, Neil, Bob, Charles, James, Gary, Edward ….#FeministAMovie

Honey I misgendered the kids #feministamovie

#FeministAMovie Fifty Shades of Oppression

Every 28 Days #FeministAMovie

#FeministAMovie James Bond - the spy who sexually objectified me

Of course, not everyone had this reaction, and a lot of people have made jokes about the reaction expected whenever there is an all-female cast.

Taking inspiration from the people who got upset about Ghostbusters, many have made jokes about people getting upset about all-female films.

great, now they’re ruining my childhood with an all female reboot of Oceans 11. smdh. can women even spy???????

Apparently the all-female #Oceans11 reboot only has 8 women because Hollywood still believes women only deserve 79% as much as men #Oceans8

I am sad that they are remaking Oceans 11 with a female cast while simultaneously banning movies that are targeted at men forever. Sad times

Production of the Warner Bros. movie, to be called Ocean’s Eight, is expected to start in October, with director Gary Ross, Hollywood websites Deadline and Variety reported.

News of the movie comes a month after the release of the all-female remake of the beloved 1980s action comedy Ghostbusters, this time starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, that prompted a hate-filled backlash on social media.


LOLL my super sexy movie memory skill jumped in today when I was watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [2005].

So this building is from Oceans 11 [2001] when Danny and some of the guys go to steal the “Pinch” from the science museum. 

THEN, while watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, this scene comes up and I’m like, “….wait a minute that looks familiar…”

Bingo. I win.